What the heck is going on?

Hi All,


Hey guys I don't particularly like psoting this kind of stuff on here (because of the great vibrations) but I need your guys help with something:


Something is going on with me and really need help!?


I can't seem to find a job, but it's not just that I keep getting caught up in some of the wierdest things like I'll get a job interview or a job opportunity but then I'll find out that its like wayyyyyy to far away and would take me like three hours to get thier by bus or I don't have the money to ride the bus and I loose the opportunity!?


Another thing is like I've gotten caught up in scams like this is the third time I got caught up I thought I had this cool job and the (money orders) the guys sent me are counterfit!?


Things just DON'T WORK OUT for one reason or another!?


Now I want to interject that I am a VERY POSITIVE person so this is NOT law of attraction or anything like that because I think positive and feel very positive, I pray to God every night and use creative visualization and all that good stuff....it's like


Something or someone?.....is keeping me from getting a JOB and/or bettering myself financially???


I almost feel like I'm cursed or something but curses only work if you believe in them and I don;t belief in that stuff!?


So please help me....I'm going crazy with all of this!?


Thank you in anticapation....


I love you guys.



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  • Don't worry, everything is going to be all right! I am sure you kow that nothing happens by chance. What you are going through now is exactly what you must go through in order to improve yourself. Trust that there is a perfection in everything and that it's just a period that will certainly pass.
    It's very good that you are a positive person - keep that way :) and no, you are NOT cursed. Not always life will work out the way we want or expect it to work out. Take the process as a lesson, everything in life is! try to relax and take the learning with serene mind.
    We are not meant to know all the answers at once, and the teachings will come in the right moment, when you are ready. With time you will see that somehow it was how it was supposed to be, and that it was for your better.. and you will rejoice with the added experience and growth to your life.
    Keep trying and in the meanwhile take the extra time to meditate and to know more of yourself :)
  • Hi Sashia :) I have encountered similar situations in my life, very frustrating for sure. But yeah I like that, there is probably something better waiting, I know there was for me. I was like, "how did I get turned down for a job cleaning toilets? what kind of experience are you supposed to have???" but then a month later I got a job running a radio station :D Also there is this thing about law of attraction and such, we are part of the collective consciousness and that has it's own will and attractions that we are not completely aware of, which explains a lot for me in that subject :) Blessings and hugs!
  • Hey my Friend,
    Your Job is on its way!!! It will be perfect for you, you will be able to use your God given tallents and gifrts. Just raise your vibration with continued prayer and GRATITUDE, know I mean Know in your heart that You are loved and all is well. This could be a learning experience, Hang on, and be grateful for everything you have. Be grateful for things not yet here.
    Happy Trails
  • Yes, I agree. I think that there is something better out there for you. Meditate on this!

    The creative visualization should help too! You are not cursed, this is just one of lifes curveballs!

    Keep us posted :) Good luck
    • I am a similar situation.I just finished school in the health care field and I can't find employment.I did have a call about a month ago for an interview, but the lady on the phone was very abrupt and I couldn't make it for that same afternoon on such short notice.I didn't hear from them again.I just think that it wasn't the right job for me;when the right job comes along for me, I will get that job.There is a reason for everything that happens and it is for the best that it turns out that way.
    • Health care....that's a job field that's not affected by the bad economy, you should have loads of jobs to choose from??? WOW hard to be lieve you can't get anything? I always see those ads on tv to go back to school with all the statistics and you're in a great industry.
  • Thanx guys,

    I think I was a little depressed and just anxious. I'm on unemployment and its just not enough, I really want to work and get out of this financial tough spot!? I don't know if my benefits are going to be extended and I'm anxious over all of this. I'm tired of having no money and just want out of the hole!?

    Katt you always have something great to say and you are so encouraging, thanx girl.

    Love you guys, thanx^_^
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