All early mornings I and my wife go beach to see dolphins play in the waves. Today we see a group of maybe four dolphins swin near the shore line. The sea are very strong and many sea gulls catch fishs on the waves. It is a signal, for us, this day will be a good day.

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    • We love dolphins too, my friend. They are our spiritual brothers in the sea. We have some friends-dolphis in Barra Nova Beach, were we live.
      Love and light.
      Carlos, Giselle and Kadu.
    • Hello, Robby,
      Thanks for your reply. Happyness is the place where we live.
      Blessings and light.
  • Is there enough room in this ocean for 1 more dolphin? Or, should i go swim somewhere else!
    • Oh, my friend..! Thanks for you reply.

      Our sea is wide and peaceful and the ocean´s rooms are enough for all of us.
      Blessings of the mermaids and of the Children of the sea of Barra Nova Beach.

      Please, see our page in "SpiritMythos Ascencion Hologram Network".

      Carlos, Giselle and Kadu
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