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February 20

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Writer, photographer, paradise maker, lightworker, spitirual-son of Yemaya (Umbanda Religion), tantric alchemist, a taoist soul and a free spirit of the Nature. * I live in Barra Nova Beach, near Rio de Janeiro, in a multidimensional paradisiac place, abode of dolphins, whalles, sea gulls and other beings of light.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Lao-Tse, Chuan-Tzu, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Inari, Krishna, Yemaya,Omulu, Oxun, Iansã, Nanã Buruku, Danbala Wedo, Aida Wedo,Krishna, Shiva, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Maat, Tupan, Yara, Caboclas-Sereias, the Princess of Jurema, the Enchanted Masters of the Kingdons of Juremal, Vajucá, and Manoa...

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  • Oops, I meant much Love and Light to you! Cheers : )
  • Thanks Carlos, It's an honour to be your friend! Much Light and Light to you always : )
  • Dear Carlos,
    Thank you for the friend invite. Nice to meet you !
    Love ...Light...Cosmic Enlightenment to you dear.
  • Parabéns Carlos acredito que você já encontrou a Felicidade, ou melhor, construiu a sua felicidade, rodeado de pessoas que te amam e um trabalho lindo.
    Eu amo fotografia e vou olhar tuas fotos sim, eu moro na região metropolitana de Porto Alegre em Viamão, em algusn mapas nem aparece, tenho um casal de filhos e até uma netinha.
    Me formei recentemente em Massoterapia e vou fazer Florais e Radiestesia para montar meu espaço de Terapias Holísticas.
    E então a Internet aproxima pessoas que seria pouco provável de se conhecerem de outro modo, Tenho um blog http://euescolhoaluz.blogspot.com
    e vou ficar feliz com tua visita.
    Paz e Bem,
    Namastê !!!!!
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Carlos Medeiros left a comment for Alice Simone
"Hello, Alice
Thanks for adding me.
Endless heavenly blessings.
May 27, 2010
Carlos Medeiros posted a photo
Giselle, my Divine Wife
Nov 2, 2009
Carlos Medeiros left a comment for KellyB13
"Thanks , my dearest friends.
You are a nice family, with beautifull childrens.
Carlos, Giselle and Kadu"
Nov 2, 2009
Carlos Medeiros left a comment for Sharon Walker
"Hi, Sharon,
Happy birthday to you.
Love and Light."
Oct 28, 2009

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