I don't know why.

I'm a very open minded person. I love spirituality and alternative views. I love discussing theories with intelligent, well researched people.You'd think I'd love it on AC right?Yet every time I come here, I feel annoyed, aggravated, depressed and disillusioned with the New Age movement.I am made to feel like I am wrong, negative, evil, aggressive. When in reality I am none of those things and it is REALLY getting me down.I'm contemplating removing myself from AC and this makes me really really sad. I was one of the first to register here, and I loved it in the beginning. Now it just seems there are too many "holier than thou 'lightworkers" who refuse to discuss and debate. They seem almost afraid to let themselves be human and to the 'un enlightened' (and I use that term extremely loosely) it just makes them come across as closed off, and in denial.I'm disappointed that so many of the spiritual websites I knew and loved have turned into bubbles of un-wavering thought.The more time I spend here, the more UN-enlightened I feel. WTH is up with that???*pouts*

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  • Here is what I am thinking we can tune into: humans that are immortal. Interesting information came through on the 11:11:11 portal.

    I am feeling like it benefits me to upgrade my thoughts to the Divine while I am being human. Here is what the Avatars that I work with had us be with:

    The eleventh day of the eleventh month of a year that adds up to eleven numerologically. 11:11:11. So the portal opens.

    We met last night in front of a crackling fire with a room full of quietly contemplative practitioners. We were reminded that this was the first step of a journey of thousand steps…namely the next three years, if we were able to take one step towards our immortality each day.

    The Avatars wanted us to know that while we may think of immortality as designating one’s ability to live forever, in this context They wanted us to reflect into our past to see that we have always been. The Avatars indicated too that during these Energetic Portals, the molecules that make up the 1% of matter begins to shimmer and are more conducive to transformation. That is why we focus our concentrated efforts around these openings.

    During our time in meditation, we used the Re-encode of these last 10 days as a focusing agent to entrain our molecules to the imprint of immortality. It is like learning to walk again and each time we move with this long encode, especially in activation, we are able to program the imprint of immortality. Therefore, the Avatars suggest that if you have not taken the time to do this Re-Encode, then it is important to do so to continue on our journey together.

    The Avatars first brought us through our chakras, beginning by opening the Crown chakras, connecting with the Soul Star above the crown and then moving downwards through the chakras, ending at the earth star below the feet. We then were instructed to connect our Soul Star to the group Soul Star 100 feet above the property. From here, we connected to the star of Sirius, then Alcyone, a Pleiadean star that assists in the transformation of the vibrational rates of matter. We then proceeded to Galactic Center and from there, we aimed our consciousness towards Cosmic Central. This was a very powerful link and this frequency was used to boost our efforts in re-encoding our DNA (that 1%!)

    We then ran the “Am I Immortal” encode of Treyen, Shekinah and Gaia while asking the opening question, “AM I Immortal?”

    Now we were ready to re-encode. We began with Zhe-In who opened an inner chamber for us 90º to the left. Zhe-In is master of reality and has many portals into various aspects of possible realities. These portals open into energetic training “rooms”, where we can be infused with frequencies that will entrain our physical matter, our unconscious mind and our soul matter.

    From here, we turned left again into a deeper chamber to be entrained by the Gaia frequency. Gaia reminded us that She is the custodian of our matter and that She is transforming into a crystalline frequency. We also were reminded that some will do this work and others will not and this will have to be reconciled.

    We then turned again into Athabascar where we were instructed to lay down the constructs of time and space to consider immortality. We opened the tablets of our awareness for a new code to be written upon by the Avatars. We did this by opening our palms forward in the Fati mudra. We then resumed the Athabascar mudra in an open stance and radiated this new encoded awareness into the left body, then the right body and finally into conscious awareness.

    Now we assumed the mudra of Sibalin, breathing the frequencies of passion (heat), power (electric) and love (union with the Divine). Sibalin’s frequency makes our immortality real. In time it will manifest as a surge of feelings that allows the program of immortality to penetrate into our physical and emotional realities.

    From here we connected with Ta Tou, visualizing that all aspects of this new reality be coherent with the reality that we now manifest. This means that in time we will walk on the edge of time and space, living in this current reality, yet not of it.

    At this point we again were asked to turn 90º in our awareness and use Ka Ten to bring to life the physical awakening of our immortality. We want this new state to be viable and feel real and alive! The mudra was held to the left of our bottom sternum while we affirmed out loud “ I AM Immortal”, then whispered it and then brought it silently into our hearts. We then transferred the mudra over to the outer rib cage and repeated the affirmations. Finally we imagined turning again and placed the mudra right below the sternum, repeating our affirmations.

    Now, we were back in the “room” with Zhe-In, having turned 360º (plus 90º into the room.) We bowed to Zhe-In and turned back to our starting point. Here we bowed to the Master of Reality and then held the mudra open while we listened for any guidance from Zhe-In.

    At the end, we dropped into Sanat Kumara to connect through to Source and Cosmic Center, allowing this powerful frequency to download through Galactic Center, Alcyone, Sirius, the Group Soul Star and finally to our own soul star. The Avatars then installed an energetic formation into our group energy so that we could connect with it at any time.

    We were reminded and I remind you here that you must be diligent in watching and speaking your thoughts, for they will program your future. Watch your references to illness, aging, time, limitation, death and negativity. You may say “I AM Immortal” with impunity and are encouraged to include it constantly in your thoughts and to register all noticeable effects from this work. Your subconscious mind must be retrained to release these forms of limiting your reality and instead must embrace the truth of energy – eternity.


  • I was having doubts for a few days this week too, but I have never doubted the Galactic Federation or what is to soon take place.Maybe I was getting short on patience because life has just been the same lately, like the same old 3d humdrum experience, like it has always been.The headlights on my vehicle didn't go out this week after I locked up my vehicle and we had to charge it overnight with the battery charger; it's been fine ever since.On Friday, my computer came on by itself and I had to reset the clock on my stove today because it was flashing like when the power goes off. The power didn't go off; it was just this one thing.Coincidence,no, I think they are trying to tell me something.By they I mean entities beyond our understanding.They are telling me that yes, everything that is happening, is happening, even if it isn't apparent at times.I have felt better since those incidences, more alive and more understanding of what is happening.I don't run across many people in my day to day life who are like me, a lightworker. I certainly don't talk about it because the majority of the people wonder, where is she coming from? Someday, this will change and we will meet more people like us.If I hadn't found Ashtar Command, I wouldn't be a lightworker, but because I did find it, there's no doubt that I am.I am glad I found it; there is so much understanding and information you wouldn't find anywhere else.
  • It's nice to share ideas. This website has a lot of information that helps you to activate your spiritual awakening.
    The job must be done inside. It's an inside job. Be of good courage friend. ! It is a battle and you should emerge victorious.
    In this site and in all communities there are also polarities.
    Live your hard transformation.
    Do not let people who are confused, confuse you. Everyone must go his own way and learn their own lessons.
    We are all in learning.
    Do not give up

    Love and blessings
  • I too feel this way at times, it could be the alignment of our present planet Earth, and also, if i just do a bit of deep breathing exercises or try to clear my emotions, i find that i am centered and better grounded. The questions that you may want to have answered or within you. Search inward and then the outwardness will be able to search for any other answers still needed. Do clearing and deeep meditation and see if that helps. Peace be with you
  • Hi Lilitu,

    This is a negative world we live in. Take a look at how this world has treated the saviours, savants, and positive leaders?
    That is because being spiritual, we are like a splinter in the bannister of life, and so the negative people want us removed as soon as possible.

    Our job, is to rise above the slop and attitudes of those buried in the mire of negativity.

    Do not let them drag you down into the hole they are in.

    We all have a purpose, and those very negative people can always serve you as a poor example.

    Balance is the key.

    Balance in all things.

    Have a wonderful day. I know you will.

    • i had many times before such feelings about spiritual information sites and all...first was the exaltation and everything was pink and shiny..then the opposite..so indeed..balance and a greater and wider understanding is the key..ask for guidance and help and they never miss you...love and light dana
  • I think you are at the place, you need put across your ideas and intelligent theories, members will eager to share! isn't this what's its about?
    you have already had responses to your request, that's just shows how much we want to discuss and are concerned for each other.

    I have recently joined and have learned so much already, and One this thing about this site is that we can say whjat we feel and share and help!

    Tell us what you want to discuss and we will response and share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps their those that are holier but i'm not and open and eager to learn and enjoy the process. you should feel bad but think it as opportunity to learn anew and love the process

    Take it easy

  • Hello!
    You brought up something important. I talked about it in the video "Embrace your human nature".

    We are humans and we all have a personality which we should embrace, the same with the ego. There is no holy people. Creating a image of something holy is "just a image" and it will always be broken.

    I know, discussing things is good, but it will come to a point where we just have to share, because there is no ultimate wisdom.

    On AC we share and build a library of energies, for many people, where they can find Friends, Learn from many reflections.

    THE NEW AGE IS NOW, and all things are labels within the mind. If we can see that, we can focus on the CORE THINGS such as love, Its all about vibration.

    TO FEEL UNLIGHTENED IS GREAT MY FRIEND =) TO feel really empty and wondering where did the LOVE and spirituality GO? Spirituality is not a concept. Its LIFE.

    SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I know beyond the knowing, and understand that there is nothing to know
    than this moment, right now, right here.

    Ps, You know this already, but its fun to share....
    And we all know that the mind Loves "drama" and Dive into things, we love to add things
    to simplicity =) Many people arent ready for Simplicity.

    • Thank you Ben, for your love and support.

      As soon as I'm back on dsl (i'm on dialup on the moment) I will watch the video you recommended.

      Many Blessings.
    • Once we doggedly believe something - anything - we create an us versus them. This is what the elite want. They don't care what we believe as long as there's a them and us component i.e. separation, ego, judgement - you know the drill. If you want to know just how insidious this theme is, now and throughout the whole of our hybrid human history, read two books: Magical Child by Joseph Chiltern Pearce, and Gods of Eden by William Bramley.

      Best - JJ
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