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April 21

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dana b left a comment for Angel_of_God
"da sunt de poti vedea pe site-ul unde sunt traduceri si poezii
cu drag ..numai Lumina sa te scalde..dana"
Jan 23, 2010
dana b left a comment for Angel_of_God
"HI..SALUTARI DIN vazut ca ai o conexiune si cu Pleiadele ..
Jan 22, 2010
dana b replied to Apocalypstick's discussion I don't know why. in Member Diaries
"i had many times before such feelings about spiritual information sites and all...first was the exaltation and everything was pink and shiny..then the indeed..balance and a greater and wider understanding is the key..ask for guidance…"
Nov 15, 2009
dana b replied to Captain A's discussion The Difficulties Of Living On Earth - How Do We Deal With It?
"i feel this completely true..i made those mistakes..i have learned my lessons..i really feel that homesickness and it is stronger then helps spiritual movies,music, gardening, loving little children and carrying for animals..all what shows…"
Nov 14, 2009

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Indigenous Alien posted a status
Instead of stopping at Starbucks, or some other bitter coffee pit stop, all I gotta do is come here for a cup of Spiritual Java... no nerves
24 minutes ago
Indigenous Alien replied to Sirian Starlight's discussion My Plan For The Future
"I gotta say, thanks, thank you for your service."
30 minutes ago
Sirian Starlight left a comment on Comment Wall
"If anyone is interested, I started a telegram group to organize live meditations and help discover soul memories. We also talk about news of the day in the paranormal, starseed, lightworker, ufo and conscious ascension subjects.…"
4 hours ago
Sirian Starlight posted a discussion
Suffice it to say, that so long as there exists a gateway to Anexos from here, be it through their veil that holds us prisoner or some other means, I will do whatever it takes to end its influence. And that does and always will include fighting if I…
4 hours ago
Sirian Starlight posted a discussion
This is what is referred to as the Anexos deep state mission. By transforming things from the negaverse into the posiverse, they were able to create their ultimate power structure. Shadow dimensions offered them the best way to create the framework…
4 hours ago
Sirian Starlight posted a discussion
Anexos inhabitants do not understand emotion or spirit at all. They only hate home because it's isolated and they know everyone else in creation hates them because they'd try to isolate them. They don't realize that they only hate others because of…
4 hours ago
Sirian Starlight posted a discussion
Some new soul memories have come to light regarding the existence of Earth (as a shadow dimension, one of many) within our universe.I take you through a journey regarding the nature and heart of the Orion war. What it means to the ascension process…
4 hours ago
Sirian Starlight posted a discussion
I've been deeply unsettled by the way things are so isolated in this world, and am inviting you to participate in a plan that can, and has proven to work, in restoring our values of life to rights.I'm planning a couple of in focus events this…
4 hours ago