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Weekly Messagefrom the AscendedMaster HilarionSeptember 6 – 13, 2009Beloved Lightworkers,This week I come to speak with you about preparing yourselves for the great influx of energies that have even now started to pour down upon the Earth from the Highest Light Realms. The frequency of this Light is extremely high and each of you are doing your utmost to ensure that you accept and allow this energy to enfold you and permeate all aspects of your Being and your life. Continue to do this, Dear Ones, for this is of great importance in your own spiritual progression. The more you could work this before 9-9-9, the better your integration and I wish for each of you to know that the 9-9-9, even though the energies will be at their greatest height at that time, the energies will still continue to pour forth in the days ahead.This is the new way of Being, as each of you, the Lightworkers, and all of Humanity and all upon the Earth move upward in frequency and vibration, for this needs to be accomplished in the quickest possible time in order to move into a higher space, in order that those who have plans and who do not have the best interest of Humanity or the Earth in intent, will not have a chance to implement their plans fully. Now, each of you inherently know all of this and that is why you continue on in your work, that is why you continue to do your utmost to bring in and anchor the Light every day and we thank you, Dear Ones, we thank you for your dedication and the purity of your purpose. We thank you for diligently maintaining your daily disciplines and we realize that it is a difficult challenge for each of you, as it seems that the more you rise in the frequency levels, the more you have to clear and so you are continually faced with clearing the old energies from your entire Being, and also being the representative of the higher energies, being the bridge between Heaven and Earth. This is very challenging for each of you at this time, but we say to you, Beloved Ones, it is well worth it! Know this, and continue on keeping on.You have heard for so long that the change is upon you now and so each of you waits for the NOW to happen. Well, Dear Ones, the NOW is happening. Stay in the NOW moments in your lives, this is what will stand you in good stead in the days ahead, for by staying in the NOW and being alert and Aware of all that comes before you for your Awareness, for your processing, for your discernment, is that which will serve your highest and greatest good. We, as the whole of the Ascended Light Realms, are endeavoring to clear the greatest of the densities from the Earth in the quickest possible time, so that is why each of you are experiencing an acceleration of your Ascension symptoms. Whereas before we tried to make it as comfortable as was possible while working on each of you, we are now moving ahead in quantum leaps, and in some instances, your physical bodies will be striving to catch up, to raise itself into the highest frequency levels along with all the other bodies that you truly are. Your physical bodies have been adapting admirably to this great influx of the new crystalline energy.Your bodies ARE transforming into crystalline Light. Soon your consciousness will start remembering, it will allow you to visit timelines of your past as well as timelines of your future, and paradoxically, you can do this while being in the NOW moment, in full consciousness and clarity and Awareness. There are those out there in your World who are proclaiming cataclysms, Earth movements and changes and we say to you again, Dear Ones, that all that has been prophesized has been surpassed exceedingly up to this point and that what occurs from this moment on to the Earth and all of Humanity is subject to the will of each one of you. Each one of you are the Creators and you are creating your New World as you go forth in each NOW moment. Know this and never cease to focus upon the Highest Vision that you desire for yourselves and your Loved Ones and all of Humanity and the Earth, for this is what you are creating, and indeed, have already created, as we are fast approaching the time when there is no time, and when that occurs, the New World will manifest and come forth.Know that your Earth is transforming, just as you are, and that you are in a symbiotic relationship, as I have said several times before in other messages, so become more Aware of the energies and the sounds and the vibrations that are coming to you from the Earth through your feet, through your auditory channels. This Scribe hears the Earth’s hum, which is a low, thrumming sound, that she had a hard time adjusting to, in the beginning, but now, it is a part of her everyday life and she is becoming synchronized with this and this will help her in the times that are just ahead of you. The Earth recognizes each of you who work with Her, each of you who anchor the Cosmic Light into Her crystalline core every day, or as often as you are able, for there is no rule set in stone about this, all is voluntary, but the Earth acknowledges and honors each of you for the service that you are rendering to Her, all the kingdoms upon Her, all the Kingdoms of Nature upon Her and to all of Humanity, and do not be discouraged, Dear Ones, for Humanity itself, as a whole, has responded to the Light. Humanity as a whole, wishes to live in a World of peace and harmony, where there is enough for all, where everyone has all of life’s basic requirements.There are many suggestions for taking part in certain ways and methods on the 9-9-9 and I strongly urge each of you to take part in as many as you are able in order to lend your energies to the overall effort, to the overall picture. We thank each and everyone of you for all of the efforts that you are so earnestly performing. At this time, most of you are not Aware of the great good that you are contributing at this time in the Earth’s history, but that time is coming, Dear Ones, when each of you will know the great good that you gave, each of you will be honored for your efforts, each of you will be acknowledged for all the Light that you have anchored into the Earth.I’d like to bring to your attention that you will know when you have been infused with more than your accepted daily quotient of the higher vibrational frequencies, and this will show up in your life as sleepiness and the need to rest your physical bodies, to drink more water, to become passive and nurture yourself, in various ways which were discussed before. Remember that, if you are decreeing and you feel the energies swirling around you or through your spine, through your feet, through your crown chakra and your heart chakra, know that that usually means that it is time to stop for this day. Honor this within yourselves, Dear Ones. Do not try to move ahead of the capabilities of your physical, denser bodies, for you require your physical bodies to continue with your Mission.Life is continuing along a Path of no return, life is speeding along on the Earthship called Earth into a greater Light, a greater future. Greater possibilities exist around each of you. You have but to ask, you have but to conceive and it is done. Do not be afraid to voice your intentions, for whatever Earthly desires or goals that you wish to accomplish, this is the time to set the bar, this is the time to go beyond, this is the time to create miracles. Use that time, you can do this by creating a joyous, playful attitude and decreeing, invoking and affirming that which you want without feeling self conscious about it. Realize that you have been heard whether your thoughts are voiced or not throughout your entire lifetime, so this is nothing new, you are merely now synchronizing the inner with the outer, and by voicing this through your voice, you are setting those waves in motion to the Universe and the Universe responds to the same degree as the intention, clarity and focus that you have sent out with your thoughts and intentions.So do continue to practice this, Dear Ones, although the forms on the Earth are changing, there will still be a need to meet your daily requirements, there will still be a need to draw to you financial resources in the form of money. That will not disappear from the Earth in a drastic manner. It will be a gradual affair, so do practice your Invocations and the voicing of your intentions for that which you want to create in your life and make it so.On 9-9-9 we ask each of you to see yourselves standing around the Planet Earth, expanding yourselves into huge Beings of Light and Love and holding your hands out to the Earth and sending forth your Love into the Earth, into Her core, into all the grids of the Earth, assisting in the activation of the Crystals that are now ready to come online. If each of you could take a few moments to do this during your other activities, to see yourselves as greatly expanded Beings of Light doing this, Dear Ones, for that is truly who you are and we know that those of you who have the capability of doing this can greatly add to the energies and intentions for the moments of this time. Know that we from the Ascended Light Realms, the Galactic Realms and the Cosmic Realms, are all adding and magnifying your energies, for this is how we work in unison. Enjoy the celebrations, Dear Ones.Until next week….I AM Hilarion©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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