*HILARION* - Welcome Back, Beloved Lightworkers

October 11 – 18, 2009Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,This week I would like to have discourse with you about what is happening in your daily lives, in your countries, happenings in the World. There is much that is changing on a daily basis, there is much information that Is pouring forth across the Internet, information that sounds credible, information that has the ring of truth, but I tell you now, Beloved Lightworkers, there is much coming forth that is not of the Highest truth and it behooves each of you to go within and connect to your own Higher Self, your own God Self within your heart space, and there you will know the truth of a thing. If you read, or hear or see something that has a ring of truth, give it this test. This is the time of illusion/maya. This is the time of all energies flowing and spiraling around you, this is the time to walk with care and caution, and to call upon your guidance, both within and those of the Light who surround you. Know that each of you are guided and protected, but it is for you to stay grounded and connected to your Higher Selves. Call upon us whenever you need to, we are here for you.On a daily basis in your daily lives life will continue as it has for awhile longer, most of the changes are being made on the Etheric levels at this time. Most of the changes are behind the scenes. Most of the changes are energetic in nature. As your days go forth you will be guided to do what is the right thing for each of you at the right time. As we have said before, each of you are situated in the areas where you are needed most. This will become clear to you at the right time. Many of you have wondered why you keep staying in an area when people are unfriendly or treat you as though you are invisible. It is because, Dear Ones, to the people around you who are yet unawakened, you are invisible to a certain extent, for you are vibrating at different levels and when you talk about what is happening in the World around you, they literally cannot compute what you are saying and actually blank you out. This can be very disconcerting to you, if you are unaware of what is happening so this is why I am addressing this now, so that you can become aware and be prepared. There will eventually come a point of connection, but at this moment in your time, this is what you will be dealing with more and more. Try to stay in your heart centers at all times and let your Love and compassion flow from you. If people around you don’t seem to hear you, let it be, just send them Love.All continues to unfold as it should, the people of Earth ARE Awakening and this will become more evident as the next few months come forth. Many of you have been worrying about your unawakened Loved Ones and what will happen to them. Know that there will be many events that will inspire each Being upon the Earth to awaken to the truth of who and what they really are. This is not necessarily going to happen through drastic changes and events. The Beloved Lightworkers of the World have been steadily growing in numbers and the Light that has been generated continues to affect the mass consciousness which has been cleansed of much dross and continues in this process each day. This is why your daily disciplines are so important. We need the Earth team members on task. Remember that we all are working together in unison to raise the frequency levels of the Earth and all upon Her. We continue to do this. You are the unsung heroes of this time. You all work unceasingly for Love of your Creator, the Earth and your brothers and sisters. You inherently know the need for it. It is the reason you are here at this time.Continue to stay on your Path, and walk ever in the Light of God that never fails. You are ever the Shining Beacons of Light walking the Earth and your efforts are much appreciated. You are the bridges between Heaven and Earth and even though this is a difficult task, each of you are well qualified to succeed. Many, many of you have done this before so that you know what to do. Your greatest challenge at this time is to find yourselves unfocused and distracted by the World around you. It is the New Energies ever increasing in intensity that creates this anomaly within you. If this has been happening for you, then you must find the will to become more disciplined in focusing on your task to raise your Light quotient, for as you do this, so too, do you raise the Light quotient of every man, woman and child upon the Earth.From the Higher Realms we see more of the whole picture and you are doing far more good than you can ever know in your present circumstances. Keep on keeping on, Beloved Ones.Until next week….I AM Hilarion©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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