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The Six Basic Steps

The Six Basic Steps

1) Doing the Mental Prep-Work

2) Increasing dream recall

3) Keeping a dream journal

4) Becoming familiar with your Dreams

5) Adding Awareness to your Waking Consciousness

6) Linking your Awareness to your Dreams

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  • I have a question...or its an experience i had a while ago and I wonder what it meant. I am highly interested in everything out of our world, anything that can help broaden my mind. I asked for this before taking a midday nap. While 'asleep', I felt very much awake and the dream was real to me. this had never happened before. In the 'dream' it was horrible. My face was distorted and cutted, the feeling of anxiety and horror was unexplainable. Suddenly I woke up and felt like a stranger in my room. How did I attract this negative vibration when I asked for guidance and help? The dream was nothing but paralyzing and horrible.

    Okey, my other episode. I am waking up in my room by my alarm. I have to get to work, this was not a dream, this was my daily life and every morning my alarm went on. The only thing different is that there are walls all around me. This is impossible as my bed is just not put this way. I get a bit scared but use the light from my phone to see in the dark (winter in Norway, dark 24/7). The walls are still there, I get out at the end of my bed and reach for the big light. When I finally can see my room, it is back to normal. I put on my clothes and go to eat breakfast in the kitchen. My point is that I was conscious the whole time, not between dream-reality or feeling fuzzy and foggy. I just dont get what this can mean.
  • Hi David & Fellow Dream Weavers! <3 Would it be ok to post my experience here and then we're able to decipher and also we can get more feedbacks? I even ended writing a some poem so to speak after I "awoke" from this experience! It will stay with me as so many of my other amazing dream experiences! LOVE is all I am! Hugs .... <3 Melissa <3
  • Hi:)

    MelisaDolphin:)my brother just put here information that you will love:) Please explain your experiences in details. No worries... I think it is important to understand that there is nothing strange or unusual in experiences like that. We were told to thing like that... we were told to forgot about our nature...
  • Hello to alllll :)
    I thing that a lot of you would like to know something about “Hemi-Sync”.
    On the website:
    all of you can read more about idea and work of Robert A. Monroe.
    This guy spend 40 years in the work on brain waves and sound frequency. He prepared a lot of lessens- training learn to be conciseness during the dreaming stage.
    Now I’m working whit Lucid Dreaming Series part 1-4 but there is more like:
    Mind Food
    Journeys Out of the Body
    Between Worlds
    The Gateway Experience and more, more and more….
    File are big because sound need to be in a perfect quality. Only file whit lucid dreaming have around 3gb
    All files what I have it’s around 40gb but it’s worth to download that form internet. Here you have 2 ways buy or not buy found and download. It’s yours chose :P
    If somebody is interested I will be more than happy to work together and share experience about this. If you have some question ask me or my sister Basia
  • Hi! Thank you!! I would love any input oh yes please!!! I had the most intense amazing experience the other morning! (535 am) I can only compare it to being touched by some mystical light from afar.... I can try to explain it but it would probably sound so darn crazy but it lasted for what seemed a few minutes and when I "awoke" I felt like I was about to explode a bubble of LOVE and Light vibrations........ so any input to better help me in this journey is so much appreciated!!! ;-)~ <3 <3 <3 Melissa <3 <3 <3
  • Hi MagicaldDolphin I can direct you to tehniques. Would you like that. You will need good headphones. :)
  • Michel I like this waht are u writing here. I will not use knowledge that i have form books but form my own experience. Astral world and dream world are different... defently conected if you can use dream to get out of your body... but different.
    Sibjest is vast. And as a wiese man said it is all conected;) But, please think about that... i will underline this wat Michael said abut relaxation. You have to be graunded if you want to travel there. for myslef... when i was going trough something heavy times in my life I had experiences that were nice at the begining but than some beings... not nice beings picekd my fear... sadnes bueried under happines that i held in my hart to flay around... And this that i was flaing there was not planed just happend... Always bring love to yourself if something will atack you... eh... you guys know that anyway.
  • Since the astral world is already there, that itself tells us that it has certain parameters which are constant. Being able to create your own reality there would hinge on those parameters and would be restricted by those according to which astral level you are on.
    If when using a human body, one wants to fly in the air, it would not be possible to do so unless one builds an aircraft or uses a balloon or rocket system while a simply bird can fly almost effortlessly by using wings.
    To the bird moving about in the air is almost as if it has some lucid dreaming ability on the physical level.
    When we move to the astral plane, it is more about observing the various abilities of the subtle body there, rather than trying to exploit them. At first if you relax there many things will happen which will be self-evident and if you just observe what occurs with an open mind, you will learn how to create there.
    Release the mind from the pressure of I-want-to-create-my-own-reality. Instead just be willing to learn the psychic functions which occur there naturally. If you do this you will learn much faster.
  • One of the best feelings while in a lucid dream for me when I've been able to mentally to do so - is to consciously know you're actually dreaming! (while in dream I tell myself - you're dreaming - you can do or go experience what you want!) I would love to learn to focus on this ability and experience the freedom to create my own dream reality!
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The Astral Dirt Road

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