The need to grown your own food, due to the obsessive control of governments, provides the public with the opportunity to take back freedom and self love.
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  •  The weather has been very good for my garden this year. The cold weather and drought over the last few years made things very difficult. This year my garden is the jungle that it should be.

  • I want to grow my own food this season. How should I begin? I live in Portland, Oregon and I want to grow my own food this year. Any suggestions as well for me too.

  • Hey Stargemz

    This is Seb. I haven't been on the site for a long time, but I wanted to say that I'm a good friend of Marty's who started this group. We talked on the phone every day for about 6 years. He lived about an hour's drive from me. He actually died on May 24th this year whilst in a coma. He had some heart problems but they weren't too serious. Unfortunately he fell out of bed in the hospital 3 times and the 3rd time put him in the coma as he suffered a stroke. I still miss him greatly. I know he's be so happy that people still visit this group as trees and healthy eating/organic foods were passions of his.


    Blessings to you and bon apatite!!



  • We never heard about what happened to Marty-who started this Group. Blessings to him-whatever level he is on now!  and his family ..........

    I have put my raised beds to sleep for the season Except for the leeks,carrots,kale,beets and a few others that will last all winter covered up and will be great joy to me pulled at need.

    My third year growing vegies and we didn't have to buy ONE vegetable for 5 months! It's been SO rewarding! To Anita-It just gets better with every thing you learn!!!

     Yes I have failures but I plant several possibilities for each each category to keep food coming. Like I plant for greens-lettuce,kale,chard and spinach. If one has problems I can eat the others. I plant beets,carrots,potatoes and rutabags so if a root species fails I still have some other alternative. This year my melons all failed but I had plenty of berries. My chard got some fungal disease but the kale and celery grew next to it with no problems! The whole 'grow food' thing is a great and fun experiment for me but it is leading to true self-suffiency IF an emergy happens I won't be in fear of starving. When a crop rots from too wet, I add perlite to aerate the soil for the next year.....if a crop dries up in summer I add compost and straw mulch to hold water in the soil....etc etc. Every year the weather is different and moreso with climate change and so we must diversify! I'm just thrilled to learn over a few years what varieties always 'make it' for me and my property and where I need to seek new varieties of seed.

    Great blessings to you all! Chemical free food is a great vibration for our bodies!


  • Hey everyone. I thought you'd All want to know that Martin (Marty) is in hospital in a coma after heart problems and a stroke yesterday and isn't likely to pull thru. I have spoken to his sons today. I'm totally gutted and so very sad. He isn't expected to make it thru the night. I shall keep you All informed.

    Please light a candle for him and keep him in your thoughts.

    One Love.


  • Hello Everyone! (and greetings to annaja again!)

    This is year 2 for me learning all about growing food. Lots of my crops are first trys but not too many fail since I did great soil mixes in raised beds.I did a year of reading before I started! I don't grow enough to be sustainable but I'm learning all I can ASAP so I'll be ready if a food shortage ever happens around here. 

    This year some of my raspberries got a fungus. It's a wet climate and I'd never had a sick raspberry before! It turned out to be a root rot that only got into the middle of the bed.I guess drainage was better all around the outside.OR one of my three kinds of plants just was not suited to this area. SO MUCH TO LEARN-always-I'm having fun though.

    Eating a salad most days now unless it's cold outside and it's more a soup day! Our grown food has so much exotic flavor and energies!  We have plenty of lettuce spinach, kale, chard, pak choi,radish,pea tendrals that taste almost as nice as the future peas will be(first flower yesterday!)!!!  I discovered edible flowers this year; marvelling at how good English-Daisies are!-DoNot try "regular" daisies tho-.yucky...English daisies are more tiny petals and puffy looking flowers---very nice tasting! Chive flower buds are real nice too.

    My garden has become a magical place this year and seems full of nature spirits.Twice a face of light has come out of a plant as if greeting me.One a simple dandylion and one a lupine.Reminded me of the Findhorn Garden book!

    LOL Annaja,No I do not have alpacas but get manure from a nearby farm! Lots of people nearby are striving for sustainability. But others are the weavers and livestock folks,not me. We just have cats,dogs and 3 chickens! 

     My work is adding more raised beds as often as I can! I take a lot of pictures too. Today I put up tripods for pole beans. It's not "work" for me because I love all of this so much. I love the cooking too. Lots of quiche these days with our chickens so "happy over the warm weather! hahah  :))))) 


  • I feel your happiness Annaja!

     We have rhubarb and daffodils too! And overwintered kale and lettuce. My new sprouts for this year are all up with many peas,spinach,beets and more. Our season is similar but the daffodils are not wild but cultivated. Here we have wild iris a month from now in the woods surrounding our cultivated area.I look forward to the pretty "gifts" of our wild perimeter no matter how much "farming" I do! 

     Three weeks ago I turned over the straw and rotted cardboard covers I'd put on three raised beds for the winter to prevent all the nutrients from leaching away. The beds  were teeming with earthworths!!!!More worms than I'd ever seen! The covered organic alpaca poo over the soil beds , and overwintering time, created my own worm farm! I was SO happy that they will enrich my soil forever-after now! This place was so very barren 3 years ago.Dust soil and rock. I am so fullfilled seeing this place become a "baby" permaculture food forest! Last week I went to the side of the house where nothing is growing yet and planted  2 new walnut trees there.I wanted to diversify the bounty of food here.

     I HURT so bad from the work(I'm 57 and all that shovelling is good exercise but hurts after!) and that was just planting as I had a young man worker dig the big holes first! I have currant bushes and a mulberry to plant nearby and have studied what other plants grow near walnuts. Walnut tree areas are toxic to many plants but many other food plants will still grow near them. It's so rewarding to learn about all this and know that long after I'm gone these 2 small acres will yield food for people!

    HAPPY days!  Bless you all and Grow Food if you can! If an old lady like me can do all this stuff then anyone can! It rewards me with such JOY!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

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