Based on the fact that the food we eat is so laced with things that don't belong in our bodies and that for anyone to be healthy, one needs to eat more natural, unprocessed foods that are organic, wholesome and nutritious, I see no choice but to become custodians of our food by growing it ourselves and making sure that what goes in our body is pristine!


So, I am putting together a joint venture in sustainability at the 22 acres that I have. 

I am looking for certain individuals who are interested in actually "doing something" about

becoming self-sufficient and growing "beyond organic" food. I am offering collaboration in this project so that those that choose to be a part of this will also benefit. 


I am planning to start growing year-round, organic food. We will be able to live off this food and grow enough to also feed those that can't feed themselves in the local area and also to sell in markets and restaurants. There are many income streams available. Those that become a part of this can specialize in any income stream potential that best suits their liking. 


We will become synergistic with nature and grow our own "beyond organic" food, raise our own livestock, create our own adobe homes and partake in raising our vibrations and fraternizing as spiritual beings. Once we make this model work, we can then create other sites for others to benefit from as well.



What's in it for you? 

With world events getting tenser and our food supply being compromised, it is imperative that we make a decision to take action now! If we don't start preparing our land, planting seeds and getting "our house" ready, we won't have good quality food, if something were to stop the flow of this food from coming to your store shelves. Also, the quality of food in the store shelves is getting many sick, including myself. 

By being a part of this self-sustainable community, you will end up with incredible first-hand experience as to how to become self-sufficient and become a permanent part of the community that we form. We will also be generating income from various income streams as well as being able to become self-sustained by what is grown on the land, including growing our own natural healing remedies.




The property is located in Tennessee. I am looking for a select group of people that have the skills sets and desire to be part of something like this.

Some of the skills I am looking for from individuals are:

1) Serves the Light and Supreme Creator

2) Has a clear Knowing that their life has a greater purpose and that they're on a mission to help the planet

3) Must be open-minded and without judgment

4) Must be Aware of the things that are affecting the planet 

5) Have backbone and be resolute about standing up for Humanity

6) Light Warrior Qualities*

7) Ability and/or desire to grow and gather food

8) Ability and/or desire to take care of Livestock

9) Ability and/or desire to cook and can foods and preserves

10) Knowledge and experience in repairing and building

11) Resourcefulness and intelligence - can think on their feet

12) Honesty and integrity

13) Willingness to work hard until the job gets done

14) Ability to see the Big Picture

15) Leads by example

16) Humility and desire to learn

17) Ability to get along with others, being tolerant of differences

18) Peacemaker qualities

Not everyone will have all these skills, but I am looking for those that have a good amount of them.

The ones in Bold are a Must! 

The property:


The Land: 

22.3 Acres all fenced in 
1 creek, 2 streams 
Possible springs
A pond that can be stocked with fish 
An old, rustic Barn needing work 
Pens for animals 
Minutes from TN river 
Has a well that may need re-drilling
Property has access to city water, electricity and gas 

Main House for temporary shelter: 

2 large bedrooms and 2 roomy baths 
Approximately 1350+ Square Feet 


On this property, we can raise horses, chickens, goats/sheep, bees, tilapia and other livestock, as well as grow food year-round. It will also serve as a teaching facility for others to become self-sufficient as well as a place where people can come to detox, by eating natural foods, healing ourselves and others holistically and receiving spiritual food.






There is plenty of meadow to put greenhouses and to plant crops or grow fruit and nut trees. There are also wooded areas... 



Plenty of Wildlife roams the property: 

Wild Turkey 
Ducks (in the summer) 
Wild birds 
TN River has Trout, Bass, Crappies and other eatable species 



Homes for those that wish to participate and that are selected, will be constructed as a collaborative effort, so that each family/individual selected will have their own home built from materials found in nature - Hobbit Homes, Adobe Homes, Cobb Homes, Geodesic Domes, Earthships, etc.






If this sounds like something you've been thinking about but didn't know how to do it or didn't have the means to do it, then this may be the opportunity you have been looking for. 

There are areas on the property that do need fixing and repairs: some fencing needs to be repaired, a dirt bridge that goes over the main creek needs reconstruction, the barn needs to be re-vamped, etc. This is a collaborative effort. Individually it is hard to do, but together we can turn this into a beautiful, abundant community!



I received my certification for Commercial Urban Agriculture from Growing Power, and I am experienced in aquaponics, greenhouse and integrated growing and water capture. I am seeking 5 to 10 families or individuals to become a part of this project. I would like this project to start in April 2013.


If you think this is for you or if you know someone with the qualities I have described above that would be interested, please contact me at my private email for 2012 Emergence. Just go to my page and underneath my picture you'll see a link to send me an email.


Please let me know who you are - your real name - why you would like to be a part of this project, what you bring to the table, If you've ever been a part of a self-sustainability project, if you are an individual or a family, how many in your family, the ages of each member and your real email address.  I will then email you back an application that is more thorough and will allow me to be able to select those that I sense would be a better fit for the project. Then, I will contact those selected and go into more detail as to what this project entails and how this joint venture can help us Thrive in a world that is changing...






* Light Warrior - 

A Light "Warrior is one that is busy working, as defined by being immersed and "involved" in the planet they chose to come and help. This person is one that:


1)does not bury their head in the sand,

2)is not afraid or paralyzed by the doings and accomplishments of those that do not serve the Light, nor the chaos that ensues as a consequence,

3)is busy informing others, speaking to others, sharing information, attending meetings and workshops in their local communities - doing something to help shift consciousness on the planet with respect to planetary situations ( as most of humanity find themselves in this reality and not anchored in the spiritual as of yet )

4) perhaps serves as a public servant and works in the public sector, hoping their Light and wisdom helps to change policies and injustices.

5) makes it their business to know what is going on in the world that they have chosen to help and does not sugar coat, nor pretend that things are better when the are not,

6) takes a stand and is well grounded,

7) is not squeamish when having to deal with the realities of this world, especially with respect to the negative aspects and consequences of actions perpetuated by human beings that do not serve the Light,

8)does not allow ANYONE to get in their way as they are wielding the Righteous Sword of Justice and Truth.


Contact me at the private email on this site, if you're interested in having  an abundance of year-round, nutritious food.







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