When is it time for Open Contact with our brothers and sisters from all over the Galaxy? How will you celibrate? How will it effect our world? Share your Enthusiasm about this event and transformation within this group.
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  • Hi Shashi, in my experience, a sincere intention to connect with Star Family combined with love and peace in our hearts opens a 'frequency match' across the dimensions, with Beings who are of love and peace. There are a few suggestions in this post, if you feel to read it:

    With love, Joanna. :)
    Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact
    Dear All, I’ve received a few questions from readers recently about connecting with higher dimensional benevolent ETs, so will set out some guideline…
    • Thank you so very much Joanna, you have confirmed my gut feeling that I'm vibrationally not ready to try for benevolent ET contact. My inner heart was telling that I have to do a lot more of inner work to raise my frequency to resonate with theirs', lest I may have to face a pitfall. Your article on the subject is full of information not known to me. I honestly feel that your experience will guide me through. Blessings. Shashi.
  • Shashi, one way to see them in the night sky is to lit up a flash light and point it to the sky to a big star and turn it on and off...Preferably one that is long range...And ask them to show themselves...They will fly across in the night sky...I did this a couple of years ago.. had a very potent flashlight but I don't know where I put it..Blessings
    • Thank you friend!
  • Happy to be with like-minded people. Longing to see a UFO in our area. I only witnessed sometime ago, on request, a.very fast moving cloud which I'm given to understand was a spaceship in disguise.
  • Hello and thank you for having this group. Much is happening within, insomuch, I am having a difficult time understanding all that is happening to me, which tells me I am on the right path. I am very intellectual and analytical, yet I am also highly intuitive and emotional, but it is my cognitive side that brings conflict, so when confusion comes I welcome it. LOL. I know this much, even though I am terminal, I am more alive today than I have been since I was a child. Furthermore, sites like this one bring a wealth of information and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. What an asset!
    Thanks for allowing this broken, hard living, stuck in 3rd density but wanting to ascend to 4th, kind of guy... :~)
  • Love to all Star Family on the ground and above....I see and feel the momentum for Open Contact with humanity coming closer into alignment every moment. 

    Holding the vision of peaceful contact and openness of minds and hearts to our higher dimensional family and friends of love, joy, kindness and wisdom.  <3

  • I speek to angles in my sleep
  • blessing to all these wonderful beings.....

  • All I can say is, I've been badly wanting my own contact for quite some time! All is moving forward though, so there is no reason for worries. Unfortunately, we've been taught by the movies that "first contact" will be a jarring, sudden experience, but in actuality, its an event that has been in progress and will remain in progress for some time as people gradually awaken. Even when 80% of the world believes in and embraces our star family, there will still be a few who want to be "skeptics", they'll say the news is fabricated CGI, or some such. There are a million ways to affirm or deny something regardless of truth. At any rate, when its finally time for me to meet an ET face-to-face, I can't even imagine just how excited I'll be... but I will surely be prepared to greet them with love and acceptance! I think "first contact" could even possibly be a personal event rather than a global one. Underground news channels have been showing us the evidence for years. If a lightship appeared above your head, would a vicious and low-vibration person in your presence even be able to see it?

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