What is to be an empath? do you think or suspect you are one?

How can we handle the energies we absorb from the other people, and how can we heal them without taking in too much of their energies?

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  • Hello,

    I like the comments made by "Awakening Archangel" on June 8, 2011. Working things from the mental plane is a great idea to help you cope with the issue Empaths go through each and every single day of our lives. What he shared about sending the negative energies into the universe can and will help someone out when they are experiencing negative energies around you or being sent to you. But!!! There are moments where one does not notice what is happening all the time while we are going throught the process of enjoying our own life. For me, it always helps to have what I call a solid 'backup and push' in this highly negative world.

    I have suffered this all my life, and now after decades of suffering the issues empaths go through, I have found protection using healing crystals. I have been researching the benefits of the healing properties of the crystals. What I am learning is truly interesting and I am finding them to be true. Here is a small list of the crystals that have great healing properties and have helped me greatly. Yes! The web site I have listed below is just one of the many web sites that I am learning from, but please confirm by researching the metaphysical and healing properties of healing crystals.

    1. Nuummite (aka. The Empath's Stone & The Magician's Stone) - "Builds a protective shield around Etheric body to protect you from other people's negativity. Shields & Strengthens the Auric Field. Protects Emotional and Physical Bodies. Great stone for grounding energy and centering the ethereal body."

    2. Black Tourmaline - "This is a very powerful spiritual grounding stone that protects against negativity of all kinds. It sucks up any negativity it encounters. However, it does not absorb negative energy. It actually transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Therefore, this stone offers two great abilities anyone can benefit from. It offers amazing protection and has the ability to purify at the same time. What more can one ask for?"

    3. Black Kyanite (aka. The Revival Stone) - "Black Kyanite DESTROYS NEGATIVE ENERGY and never needs to be cleansed."

    As Empaths, we all should also be looking into obtaining High Vibration Crystals as well in our Ascension process. Here is a list of them here...

    NUUMMITE “The Magician’s Stone” NUUMMITE is a great stone for grounding energy and centering the ethereal body NUUMMITE is the stone of the Black Ray…
  • how to hone my emphatic abilities? Thank you

  • Realizing that you're north, south, both and neither, is an important part of the self-realization of an empath. :)






  • "How can we handle the energies we absorb from the other people, and how can we heal them without taking in too much of their energies?"

    We can't.

    What we CAN do however, is to transmute the energies we recieve, and then send them back to the sender.

    An Empath is basically an "Energy Processor". We process energies so that others won't have to.

    Personally, I'm quite happy with it since the world in my neighborhood would be a living hell for everyone if I didn't process the more inflating energies of about a thousand people every day. :)

  • I hear you Helen, picking up on people's vibes and energies and being highly sensitive is sometimes so very draining emotionally and physically too.  I have to confess I have a family member that sucks the vitality right out of me.  I love him dearly but the minute I am in his presence a heaviness just weights me down because his outlook on life is so pessimistic and his energies hit me like a gut shot to my spleen.  I am so exhausted being around him but love him so much because he is my son, so I just give thanks that he loves me and that he has been a part of my life and keep telling myself I chose him before I incarnated to be my son for a reason, which I am sure is to learn patience and compassion.  But honestly I have to shield and steady myself around him because his energies are so intense sometimes that it is like getting sucked into an undertow and dragged out to sea to drown.  I love him with all my heart and understand him but it is exhausting especially because of my deep love for him and knowing I cannot change how he is.  Yup it is draining being an empath, I totally agree....It seems I chose all sorts of energy vampires to be in my life, and I hope I have gained the soul growth I needed because I don't think I would survive another lifetime like this.... 

  • Hello yes I think our energies are constantly mingling with others in day to day life. I was taught to imagine my/your own wings wrapping around you in the morning and saying or intending that your energies are protected and used today for your highest good and the good of all. I have only recently made the connection with feeling quite tired a lot of the time due to depleted energies. Archangel Michael is always a winner when protection is needed. But I find it a hard duality at the same time to mentally try to protect you're energies from depletion by others especially if your a healer/light worker as in a way if your healing something/someone without being conscious of it that's natural too! but mostly I think that by being responsible for your self first you are able to give the best of yourself to others. Sorry a bit long winded my husband is always saying I am a bit long winded!
    Lois xxx
  • Thank you for this meditation 7thdimensionergy.  I tried it and it worked  awesome.  I felt lighter at the end of it by far.  I have to deal with some very heavy negative persons in my life and this helps so much...

  • Friends this is a very practical way to deal with this issue. It will also assist to attract more positive energy to you. The moment you are effected by another persons energy, Ask the question. Does this serve my higher good. Then trust the answer you receive.

    A very powerful meditation to try. This will assist you to move to higher levels of energy, where you will attract less energy that drains you.

    Assume a normal meditation posture. Imagine a gold triangle in front of your third eye. Now from your third eye area see the colour gold projected out through the triangle. As it moves out see it moving upward then back through your crown chakra. Now let it move out again, this time seeing it extending further above you. Keep doing this and extending it further and further outward with each cycle. With each cycle it covers your entire body.

    The image here i received in a dream. It will assist with activating Christ Consciousness.8108863896?profile=original

  •  Blocking energies is a big thing I find hard. I have found especially where I work, to have integrity and not conform to behaviours that do not have good intentions towards others is challenging especially when you have people and supervisors that put you in that situation. I have been feeling very disheartened about how people can be so cruel and uncaring and I cannot fathom why this has to be...It upsets me to see how hummanity is so divided and yet I know I just have to keep faith about changes. I know I will be leaving my job...but to where... that will come about. I just keep saying to myself it's okay Sue just hang in there, all is good, dont take it personally/take it on, stay positive. Im sorry guys n gals I just needed to release some emotional energy... 


    Love Suzexx



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Thinking Outside the Hourglass

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how to block others energy from taking you for a spin

for a long time i had a real problem staying grounded in my own energies and feelings! this is what i do to remedy the situation first things first, law of attraction that being said transmutation through understanding why did you attract that person around you that is upset or violent it could be something as silly as they are there to trigger a memory that you must regain your energy from. next thing next ok you just cant figure it out right now and its draining you....do you have special…

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