Ancient civilizations are the basis of the world as we know it today, built on the ruins of 10,000 years of advanced cultures such as the Greek, Roman,Mayan, Indus, Egyptian, and others that we know primarily through archaeology and written records.
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  • Yeah nighteyes I'm still around, but I got sick of all the political dribble going on a daily basis in activity feed,just going no where but round in circles,plus I felt the sites energy plummet & it lost all inviting positive energy..still its there but maybe it takes someone with an alternative attitude to turn it around who knows..good to hear you've been a tripping out in nature and getting out from behind the technology PC also..glad you enjoyed the videos below..Brian Foerster has some interesting vid's on his channel to check out,hes a seeker for sure..& so has vlad9vt but his are more on imagery than detailed information.. being that he's Russian he may find it hard to speak English or translate them all IDK....

  • hey darling!  great to see you're still around!  sorry I fell off the face of the earth after my trip.  that's a whole story unto itself - the trip story- but i'm back.

    looking at your inca videos.  I always wanted to go to Macchu Picchu.  but after my trip, I think I've changed my mind.  the first time I went to Tikal, there were not a lot of people there and I could really get a feel for the energy of the place.  this last trip, there were literally thousands of tourists there and it was like the place was holding it's energy close.  protecting it, almost.  so now that I know that's how Macchu Picchu probably is, and I have turned my sight toward one that is a little more difficult to get to.  I believe it is a 3 day mule ride through the Guatemalan jungle.  Probably much "cleaner," energy there.

  • Ancient Cataclysm: Apocalyptic Egyptian Site In The Nile Delta

  • dang vlada.  i keep forgetting you're a kiwi.  there are few places outside of my own continent that i would love to travel, but new zealand is on the top.  but you're right, air fare is outrageous!  it would cost twice that just for a round trip ticket to new york (and that's not much more than 3 hrs. direct).  

    so, puttering around a little closer to home is good for me for now.  if i get to all the places i still want to go on this continent, that will be an ambitious bucket list. i need to work on my astral travel skills.  seems i can only do it in a crisis.  lol

  • Ireland land of the pharaohs

    332 pages

  • Wow what a score indeed,there wouldn't be anything like that from down under here, it would cost more than that to get to the country where the cruise left from for starters. in fact it costs more than that to get to Australia even,and that's only 3hrs flying away,crazy aye..were ripped off when if comes to travel costs from here.

  • well my dear, i would be happy to pack an extra suitcase for you.  but for the deal we got, you could probably afford to plan a trip of your own.  we're going on a cruise - 5 days in belize and mexico for $349/person.  hell. . . . i can eat more than that on a cruise!  lol

  • Got enough room in those suitcases for mauh nighteyes!!, I'm able to be a contortionist, I'm used to curling up into a ball,also I'm capable of keeping my mouth shut and I'm able to shapeshift so I can become invisible when needed..lets face it I'm in envy I WANT TO COME TO DAMN IT !! for energies every where over there is full of the most magnificent energies and many visitations of the ancients also,much interesting history..please do fill us in on everything when you return I'd be most interested to hear of your amazing journeys..:)

  • i am planning a trip to lamanai (belize) and tulum (mexico) next month and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the energy in those places or any other spiritual mythos that may be connected with them.  help?

  • Many are hearing the call to go to many sacred places around the globe. I recently returned from Egypt and am so glad that I listened and went. In terms of my 'spiritual' growth / remembrance of who and what I am about - the experience was amazing and connected many dots / unanswered questions. Gives working and saving a whole new meaning and I can't wait to honor the next call!

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Sacred Symbols of Mu - A must read book!

Forget about Sumeria being the cradle of civilization, and forget about the Out of Africa theory - we're talking a whole expansion of the horizons of history when talking about Mu. A couple of days ago, I bought a book called Sacred Symbols of Mu by Col. James Churchward. So far, it's a really great book. I cannot wait to show you guys this book (to those who may not have read it). If you want to look at it yourself, though, then click here. will be doing a…

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Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon?

Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon? Did an ancient civilization live in caves below the Grand Canyon? This is as vague a statement as wondering why some of the ancient Mesoamerican people depicted their gods as white men or the Olmec gods looked African. Stretching the imagination ... perhaps whatever was found in the Grand Canyon caves discussed below, is linked to Ancient Alien Theory. It is interesting to speculate on ancient Egyptians or Tibetans flying to the Grand Canyon in Vimanas, but,…

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Ales Stenar, Swedish Stonehenge

  An ancient megalithic structure shaped like a ship in Sweden seems to have a similar geometry to Stonehenge, and may have been used as an astronomical calendar, one scientist says. CREDIT: Steffen Hoejager | Shutterstock Ancient Scandinavians dragged 59 boulders to a seaside cliff near what is now the Swedish fishing village of Kåseberga. They carefully arranged the massive stones — each weighing up to 4,000 pounds (1,800 kilograms) — in the outline of a 220-foot-long (67-meter) ship…

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Newgrange Ireland

The people that built this passage tomb were highly advanced around 3200BC the Sun shines into the centre of the tomb on the Winter Solstice, this article has a lot of information:

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Forget about Sumeria being the cradle of civilization, and forget about the Out of Africa theory -…
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Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon? Did an ancient civilization live in caves below the Grand…
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  An ancient megalithic structure shaped like a ship in Sweden seems to have a similar geometry to…
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The people that built this passage tomb were highly advanced around 3200BC the Sun shines into the…
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"Hybornea was also the name of first Galactic 5D human civilization 2 million years ago"
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