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Opotiki, New Zealand


March 6

About Yourself

I am part of a family soul-group that has been 'told' that we are here to help with the ascension of the Christ-Consciousness. Our lives are dedicated to this purpose. As a collective we work with 'uncovering' family genealogies - the history of the many DNA patterns / species that were seeded to planet Earth eons ago. When 'rediscovered' our task is to resurrect and restore them to their proper place within the consciousness of the people / families that we work with - that in doing so they will remember their cosmic connnections and who and what they truly are. This remembrance enables them to start the reconnection process back to Christ-consciousness.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Our spiritual ancestors (I currently identify as Maori - indigineous peoples of NZ), spiritual guides connected with the Nibiru 4 Mission, Kryon, Christ Jesus, Mother Mary (many other female spiritual Mothers), Archangel Michael/Gabriel/,Jalaila Starr (Galactic Federation)

Faithe Hanrahan replied to 1qgwpve57pf1i's discussion a in Mahachohan Ragoczy
"Thanks for the post. Do you have an artist's impression of the shield?"
Jan 9, 2013
Faithe Hanrahan left a comment on Journey to the One
"Hi there! Look forward to sharing insights. "
Apr 20, 2012
Faithe Hanrahan left a comment on Ancient Civilizations
"Many are hearing the call to go to many sacred places around the globe. I recently returned from Egypt and am so glad that I listened and went. In terms of my 'spiritual' growth / remembrance of who and what I am about - the experience was amazing…"
Apr 19, 2012
Faithe Hanrahan left a comment for מלאך מרכל
"Hi Matthew

Welcome and isn't it great to touch base with others in search of their 'whoness'. "
Apr 19, 2012

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ET Hugger commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Serious Copyright infringement from an Author (important)
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"A beautiful church in Caen, France..
Note the unusual position of the organist's seat and location, half way up the side of an interior wall...Marvelously unusual...Most organs are sat at ground level..😄

Organist is David Cassan, playing Bach,…"
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"Yes, completely correct data on the Galactic Federation of Light....Thanks for posting this, SAN 不滅 ....I am also a Sirian starseed contactee, like Sheldan and am qualified to make one minor observational modification...The Lyrans wear ceremonial…"
6 hours ago
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"Greetings Reverend. I hope there is still something to be saved when Trump is back in power."
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