You Are Not The Mind

There comes a moment when a person realizes they're more than their physical body. This is when they start seeking answers from beyond the mainstream materialistic society. This could be considered the beginning of Spiritual Awakening, but there's much more to Awakening than simply realizing you aren't the physical body. When people stop associating their self with the body, they usually associate self with the thing that caused them to think they were the body in the first place, the mind.The mind is the only place illusion can “exist”. In fact, it is the illusion. The mind is consciousness disconnected from Source, which isn't really consciousness at all, but unconsciousness. The mind isn't connected with Truth, God, which leads to misinterpretation of experience. In this one is able to ignore their Higher Senses and believe the physical senses are the only connection to reality. Now, the physical senses don't lie to you. For instance, your sight is only a translation of vibrations of Energy. It's the assumptions one makes about what one sees that are the illusions, and this only happens within the mind. Everything is One, it's not your eyesight that makes things appear to be separate, it's an idea inside the mind. In associating self with the illusionary mind, one is able to ignore the Higher Senses, where they'd be able to directly experience their Oneness, and instead focus on separation. The mind is able to fool itself into thinking the physical senses actually prove the illusions of the mind.When one begins to let go of the physical, they usually feel emptiness, nothingness, void. Compared to the franticness of the physical, this feels peaceful, so they begin to think this void is the Spiritual Realm. In Reality, the Spiritual Realm isn't empty at all, but the Essence of Fullness. Not darkness, but a Light beyond light. It's Peacefulness in motion, not static like the nothingness. It's an overabundance of the Love called God, overflowing into Everything. The void one feels isn't the Spiritual Realm at all, it's the mind seen for what the mind really is.One must go through the void to reach the Light at the end of the tunnel. Within the limitations of the mind, it's easy to fool oneself into thinking they've reached the end of the journey or to believe one is stuck and can't move forward. The mind, the illusion, is just a thought that runs around in circles. You can tell you're stuck in a loop because you keep passing the same point over and over again. Your experiences keep repeating themselves. Within the experience is the key to breaking the loop, you just have to be willing to let go of, and see outside the boxes of the mind.Within the mind is an image of what is believed to be the self, this is called ego. You already have a self, what do you need a self image for? The Core of Who You Are is Love and you're already One with God, it's simply a matter of remembering this. What keeps people from realizing this is that they believe they already know who they are. The ego is what gets in the way of the True Self. For the mind to be in control, it needs the host to associate their self with the illusion, and this is the function of the ego.To the ego, the mind is god. Now, I'm sure this is going to rub some people the wrong way. One might say, god is the one in control of the universe, god is everything, or god is mysterious and unknowable, but as long as these are only your beliefs, your god is only your beliefs and your beliefs only exist within your mind. The god worshiped by most people is only in their minds. Rarely do people equate the mind and god. When it's put so simply it's easy to see it's not true, but the connection is there unconsciously. The illusion wouldn't have lasted as long as it has if the mind wasn't a master at fooling itself.People believe if they change their beliefs, they can change their reality and they believe this shows the power of beliefs. Since what's in their minds controls their reality, and god is the one that controls reality, the mind must be god, right? Well, there is no “their reality”. Reality is not something you control, it's shared Equally. If “your reality” doesn't include Everything and Everyone, expanding Multi-dimensionally, “your reality” isn't Reality at all, but illusion. One can change their beliefs all day long and their whole world shifts accordingly, but that doesn't prove that their beliefs have any effect on Reality, only that the world is an illusion. Your world is an illusion. I can prove this quite simply. Look at a map of the world and compare it to a picture of the Planet. See the difference? See how the world is divided up by lines while the Planet is whole? See how the world is flat while the Planet is a sphere? I couldn't hope for a better illustration of how the world is a 2-dimensional dualistic understanding, an illusion.To those that can't see beyond the mind, things like beliefs, knowledge, needs, desires and fears are their whole world. They can't imagine other people experiencing a Reality beyond beliefs, beyond knowing, so they just pretend it doesn't exist. They see how they are able to manipulate their illusions, and that their illusions aren't the same as their neighbor's illusions, so they reason that everyone must create their own reality and that a larger Reality doesn't exist, or is somewhere outside of themselves. These are people to watch out for. They've created a world they believe they're in control of, and are usually quite eager to share their illusions with others. These people will read my words and call me a hypocrite because I'm sharing my beliefs, but if you really understand what I'm saying here, you'll realize I'm breaking down beliefs, not building them up. Beliefs are the mind are the illusion. Of course, if you can't see beyond the mind, my words will just appear to be beliefs.In your Heart is your connection to Reality. Everyone has a Heart, everyone is able to feel Reality in any Moment. Few are choosing this though, because the Truth doesn't match up with the illusions in their mind, so they discard their experience and go with their beliefs. Reality is a big place, it's quite intimidating to the mind. The mind lives in a tiny world that it thinks it understands, but when Reality is Present, it's easy for the Being to see this world for the illusion that it is. So the mind builds itself around ignorance of Reality, so it can maintain its illusions of control. People feel safe when they believe they understand what's going on, and the gap between illusion and Reality is so big that few are daring to make the leap.Now, many believe that thoughts are a function of the mind, and without the mind they wouldn't be able to think. This is putting the cart before the horse. The mind is made out of thoughts, not the other way around. Thoughts are a function of Consciousness, not the mind. The fact that you can be conscious of what's going on within the mind should be proof enough of this. Who's the One observing the mind?The mind is actually a very limited device for thought. In fact, it's only capable of dualistic thoughts. The mind can't see thoughts beyond words, so it's necessarily limited by language. This is great if you never want to move past the illusionary world, but if you're searching for real Love and happiness, the limitations of the mind are going to quickly become obvious. Higher Thought is feeling. Often one is able to translate feelings into words, but within a language based upon illusion, the words are always going to come up short. Art is a good example of feeling beyond words. Look at a piece of art and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You could probably think of words to describe the feeling, but do the words alone encompass the piece of art? This is a good reference point to Higher-Dimensional Thought, it's a feeling that transcends words.To move beyond the limitations of the mind, one simply breaks down the belief systems that make it up. At the beginning, this can be tricky as it can seem like your whole world is falling apart, but if one keeps stubbornly moving forward, the Light starts shining through the holes in the belief systems. Higher Thought is a reward unto itself and this makes letting go of the ways of the past much easier. When one beings trusting their Heart, what they feel, it gets easier and easier to move out of the limited fear-based thoughts of the mind and into the Higher Thoughts of Love. Just let go and trust in what you feel.Love,

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  • Hi will, thanks for sharing your information.

    You said, "These are people to watch out for. They've created a world they believe they're in control of, and are usually quite eager to share their illusions with others."

    That statement concerns me. This sure sounds like pushing fear and division.

    There is nobody we need to watch out for, unless you are suggesting people fear others?

    Otherwise, have a peaceful day.


    • I'm not suggesting anything of the sort. I was saying to be very conscious around people who do spread fear and division, that's what I mean by "watch out".
  • 8113839263?profile=original
    • LOL, I was just told my new shoes look like clown shoes.
  • If the physical isn't Spirit, what is the energy that makes it up?
  • 2=1+1

    It's still all One.
  • Yes, and to "win" the game of illusion is to realize we're All One/Won.

    In illusion you're alone.
    In Reality We're All One.

    One must realize the difference between Reality and illusion to transcend illusion. The two aren't interchangeable.
  • "Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM. Please use the back door." ROFL

    Thanx Sister, just goes to show not to be or take shite too seriously lol, it is supposed to be fun, and perhaps I should go to church more often, sounds like they're having a ball :D

    I'm doing good, finally got my PC working again, wich means I can get back to doing some real work again instead of messing around with things I dont understand, and you?

    Big Angelic Hug, and cascades of good wishes for the weekend ;)

  • What is what?

    Where is what....especially when I need it?

    What is illusion, and what is real? Mind, consciousness, the brain...the body and the soul...hmmm, how about this, isn't it all "real" since all is one and the one is all? So if it is all "real" then isn't it a matter of perception? Coz either it is all real...or it all is an illusion...take your pick, it wont be more than a mere definition in this "now" anyway ;)

    The term "being", what does that imply? Just to be? Or is it to be....what you are now?

    Is a state of pure consciousness a desired state, a state where you can't feel, touch, smell or taste or any of the other things you might enjoy in the now, as a physical being?
    Yes I am sure it is an xperience onto itself and I am certainly not degrading any state of being nor favouring one over the other

    Seeing that we are all one and the one is infinite, right now I am in no hurry of just being he he hehe he, I have done that in the "past" and I will in the "future" but right now-now I'd like to do what I do now, it's not like time is running out or anything, in fact, I got all the time in the world to just be...and also to be the me-me...and perhaps be something completly different down the line....everything being a grand illusion wich is fine by me, I dont mind playing.

    However one wishes to xperience "all that is", be it through just being or being someone who does something, or xperience something in the 3D, in this dimension...the next dimension, yes even a state of unthinkableness, I think is OK.
    If some other part of me wishes to meditate in a cave that's fine, coz that means that part of me is doing it so that I dont necessarily have to do least right now he he (on the other hand, I would be doing it "now" although poor me wouldn't be aware of it...speaking in terms of oneness of course), that means I can continue funking around minding my own business, xperiencing the things I do....and perhaps one day when I gather (or join) the rest of myself, then I can take share in my otherselves xperiences.....see? I am...I mean you are...erh...we are multitasking right now:)

    So what is mind, what is consciousness...isn't it all the same, just different aspects of it, and we wouldn't want to discart any part of we?....coz, would we be complete if we did? Question is, even if we wanted...could we, would it at all be possible?
    I mean, there is nothing xistence but one, what doen't xist dont xist...what is is...perhaps we are just talking about different facets of the same illusion?

    Who knows? (of course I know, but I won't tell lol heh he hehehe he he he)

    Be Blessed Bewildered Ones....and Be Good
    • In response to Pasiel:

      All is Real. One is Real. All is One.

      Why doesn't everyone experience this? Because they've been taught otherwise. What they believe is their illusion. Either there's no such thing as Oneness, or some people have limited awareness.There's an illusion somewhere and it's not within the physical body, Spirit or their Heart. The mind's the only place illusion can appear to "exist". To some people it is "all" illusion. That's because they don't really understand what All Is.

      Everything is One, and this doesn't include the illusion because that isn't a part of Everything. The very word illusion means something that isn't real. It also holds the connotation that it appears to be real, but isn't. The mind is the illusion. Nothing "wrong" with it, but Who You Really Are Is So Much More.
This reply was deleted.

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