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I ran out of room on my other topic so i am just starting a new on. This is a link to pt.1


In every moment you are experiencing god. And god is this..

In time all that is ever gained will be lost and yet there will always be this. Simply just this.

There is no difference between what you are experiencing and what you are for this is you.

The mind is a facade to truth. Allow me to explain in a step manner. The mind is a collective mass of language, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and so forth. It is like a mass of garbage floating in the ocean. As it drifts it picks up more trash slowly growing and adding to its self. Your mind is sound and nothing more. Ypu are awareness. You have come to identify with the mind. The mind is uncontrollably focusing out into the world looking for more to add to its self. In a result of identifying with the mind one comes into the experience of a chaotic flow. Analyzing, judging, pushing away and pulling into. If one focuses on all that could be, all that was, all one wants, then they will never see what they truly are. Look past the noise to see truth. To look at the world through it is like looking through a kaleidoscope and expecting to see clearly.

All opinions and beliefs holds no truth. Truth is what is, not how one sees what is.

This is what always has been and this is what always will be. simply this. Unnameable, unidentifiable, never solid, and always changing. This is. I am

Never try to be someone. Not even who you think you are for a personality is the a temporary limited collective construct of thoughts, ideas, desires, and beliefs. Every aspect of a personality at one point came from the out side world and is not you. You are much greater. Be as you are. Be a nobody. To try and uphold any such form will hold ones self is a direct experience of limitation, stress, and suffering.Be as you are.

Before this life was eternity, after this life will be eternity. One day I will die. I say this to my self frequently. Not in a negative manner but as a reminder that this body is temporary and thus not who or what I am. What all is, is what always is. And that is this, simply this.

This that is here is it. It simply just is. Never to be greater or less.

one who believes in limitation from time to time is amazed when the world of form exceeds expectation. One who does not believe in limitation is for ever amazed .

Walk this world with love and joy, not looking for love and joy. It is with in you.

Mental association and identification is the foundation to the facade of limitation and separation

The collective standard of beauty is impossible to maintain. It is always changing and so is your body. Yet so many enslave them self by chasing after something that can truly never be achieved . Here and now you exist as you do. All opinions of you are inaccurate. You simply are and no opinion dictates this. there is no quality. All forms are neutral. One can change their personal direct experience by placing opinion on the forms before them but that never changes that the form simply just is. When the dimension of thought is let go from your focus you can see past opinion and see all for what it truely is.

Everything that has come into your life will leave as it came. The flow of the universe can not be stopped. That is why I surrender and give up my attachments with a smile rather then have it torn away. Either way all comes and goes. It is your choice how to react

Nothing of form is consistent. there is nothing of form that one can hold up and say "this is me" because the form will change and fade. What will there be then? What is it that contains all forms of experience? What is between each thought? What is between each object? What is between each sound? Look to what always is to know you

Many people ask me if I believe in reincarnation. I respond "I see it in every moment" I say this because in every moment a change is experienced thus the conscious awareness shifts from form to form. There is no true consistency or solidity to form. It can never be the same as it was even such as a moment in the past. At a sub-atomic level there is change. It is only ones chosen perception of time that emulates the experience of timely progression to manifestation. Reincarnation is the shifting of awareness from one experience to another. You are not limited to this body.The body is only a small part of you. You are the moment that all experience is contained with in. Everything here and now is connected as one being. Death and birth is known in every moment through change. The death of the body is only a change most have come to signify. But truly is equal to all change.

You only need to be loved by you. You need not to try and uphold an identity or try to be perceived in anyway by others.You are you and you exist. Who is to say you are not worthy of love. So turn your awareness with in and give your self the love that you have longed for. Embrace your being. Come to know you. What more do you need

Crying is not signified by sadness or joy. Crying is the overwhelming of an emotion. Man has come to mostly associate it with suffering. That is only because that is what man has come to focus them self on

Life becomes seemingly dead when one holds to an idea

No matter the intentions, the imposing of ones will on another will only cause turmoil and destruction

There is no reason to look back. The universe is in a constant state of change for eternity. In every moment is a profound change at a subatomic level that can not be quantified or perceived in human perception. What was does not exist now and to look for what was in the moment of now will only blind you from the beauty that is here.

The only certainty is that you exist here and now. Follow what you know. Not what you think you now. What I speak of is innate. it is always known through feeling what is. There are infinite ideas to what is based on a collective perception of form. None hold truth. Truth is what is here and now. Stop, close your eyes and just feel your existence.

I may seem like a complicated person. That is only a reflection of the analytical mind trying to under stand. The truth is I am of the simplest to understand. Though you can not understand me with the mind no matter how much effort is placed, simply feeling my presence you will know me. You will know I am.

The grace of god is the flow of what is. Surrender into this to know what you always have been and always will be, love

Love can not be created, limited or destroyed, it only can be recognized through acceptance

Insanity is is going against the flow of life thinking you know what should be here and now more then the existence you appear with in.

The moving of your hand is an instant profound change of the universe.Looking through the mind one can not truly comprehend how powerful they are

Take life as it is or forever chase after a mind made idea of what should be. Thinking "once I get this Ill be happy"Yes happiness may be achieved but only shortly then you continue on looking for something else to make you happy. One who never stops to love what is will never see the true beauty of what is


A relationship between two is a wonderful opportunity on learning how to love the world. Typically people find it easier for them selves to feel love for another then other aspects of life. But rather finding this love and placing limitation and isolation on it ,look and feel it. Come to understand this love beyond concept. Realize that this love you have allowed your self to feel for one can be felt for any aspect to manifestation. It is only what you choose to judge that you limit this felt love. Heaven on Earth exist, it is only when you allow your self to feel it will you know it.

Together we create the current image of the universe by projecting what is with in on the forms of this world. Holding judgment and resentment to others like so many do can only manifest a world of hell and war. Rather then being so quick to judge what is perceived as good or bad , take time to come and understand what it is that your perceiving. And when you come to understand you can accept. Collectively we create the world that is. Take up your responsibility as a co-creator and manifest from the heart not mind.

Enlightenment is not something special. It is of the most mundane. It is you

What appears here and now in all its totality is the ever changing image of god. And you as a human are a co creator of this image. When i say god i speak not of an individualized entity but the Universe its self.

We suffer because we lock away the love in our heart to other forms in this world. through the mind choosing what is worthy to this love, but see ,the mind and body you identify with are only temporary forms with in eternity. All your opinions, beliefs,judgments, and ideas mean nothing and in no way dictate what will always be. They will rise from emptiness, change with in emptiness, and dissolve back into emptiness. Relies that all is of the same being, existence, universe, what ever you may call what simply just is. What I am saying is ultimately everything with out exception that you will come to know in this life is not separate from you. Every form is just another aspect to the unified eternity all is.There is no point not to unlock your heart to every expression of existence. Everything is a part of you



The human experience is an act of perception in the process of universal self awareness.As a form is known though perception so to is the formless and so being is known by being it is through the collective ego one projects quality upon what is perceived rather then simply experiencing it. This causes an experience of judgement, separation, limitation, and suffering. To bypass the filter of the mind simply sit and feel. That is all. Here you will know true freedom






Why isolate all your love to one rain drop when you can swim in the ocean





Between every thought is peace.Between every breath is a pause. Between every sound is silence. Between every form is space. Your direct experience comes to match what you focus your awareness upon. Place awareness on form and you will know chaos, Place awareness on the emptiness between form you will know peace





The world may never understand the love I have for it in all its totality thus it may never understand me




……………………………..I am eternity…………………………………







Many people have asked me what thoughts are going through my head. I usually respond with "there are no thoughts" But there is a thought that does frequent my my mind" it is "I am eternity" And from there I rest my awareness on the silence with in the absence of thought until the next thought comes. There is no thought that dictates your being but instead lets being be known.





There is no becoming a spiritual master. There is only letting go of self created confusion



Keep awareness with in your self and allow the world to come to you. From here rather then living for your self you live from your self








There is nothing needed to be done to be







Relationships with out language are that of the purest




Enlightenment is not of becoming but to unbecome




I am sure of nothing other then that I exist here and now for eternity. Regardless of what shape, form, or experience that may come and go with in me. I am aware that I am.




Love simply just is with out any condition. it is when we allow our self to accept what is around us we feel love. it is when we allow our selves to connect to what is around us that we feel love. It is when we allow our selves to be one that we feel love. let go of all thought and belief on how things should be and just feel. Feel and allow this experience in all its totality to be part of you.



meditation is not the act of seeking a higher state then what is now. There is no higher state for each is =. It is the act of allowing your awareness to fall away from mind, body, and emotion. To simply be aware



Before this human form that you have come to identify your self with ,there was eternity. After this form is gone there will be eternity. Time is an illusion created by the distortion of the analytical mind you are currently consciously focusing on. The mind is only a temporary dimension of experience with in the conscious eternity you truly are. What you place your awareness on becomes your experience. What I say here can be proven to any ones self through meditation. The act of meditation is to bring ones awareness away from the limited ever changing forms and place it back upon self.Cultivate silence, do this by focusing on the emptiness between your thoughts, the stillness between your breaths. Listen to the silence between the sounds of this world. Do this with dedication and over time you will create space between your awareness and form giving you a more clear understanding of who and what you truly are. Infinite eternity

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it's sounds like it came from you heart. Beautiful:)

Within each Heart - lies true Revelation.

When Pure at Heart the Beat is Balance

The Energy does flows with ease,

The Sense of Being is all that Present,

Encompassed - with commodity of life.


It's like to live within the eye of big tornado

Untouched by all bizarre events,

To feel allured to follow one true purpose,

Within each Heart lies Seat of Power - SELF.


One has to find the strength,

Forgive the past and present.

Let go of judgments, Show true mercy to one self.

Embracing Love with knowing, understanding,

By making conscious choices;

To Live and Act within First Source and Center's Heart.


Love and Light


what you truly are. Infinite eternity

aye, lovely wording

hehe, yes, you may call me geo : )

my "name" used to be geonic form, hehe, I'v just been an artist too long, thats all : )

and I like your comments recently on the site, you kind of woke me up hehe, I was falling asleep watching "war of the worlds" on ashtar for past while, hehe, thankyou for such a grand display of grace, is truly commendable

Ooo ... an artist ... me too:)




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