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Why it's best to abolish and demolish the so called places of worship on Planet Earth

Because they are mostly full of corruption, become big businesses and politics instead of for Healing Mind, Body and Soul like the Atlantian Crystal Temples.
Instead of Love, Compassion and Kindness these places of worship are full of Greed, Power and Control
Go to any of the temples and they have a big donation box in front of the altar like telling you to put money in first. The donation box should actually not even be in the temple room but outside in a corner room.
We have thousands of religions, each one believing that their God or god-story is the only true and unique version.
Have you heard of child abuse in places of worship??? Very very sad world we live in.
I believe Michael Ellner said it well in his quote:
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” -


Regard all humanity as one....We are not this body... We are beings of love and light ...heard them all but mostly not put into practice.
I recently visited the new Swami Narayian Temple opened in London. Had a alter made of gold but what good when some of their staff were rude and abusive to people...not worth all the gold in the world.
This particular religion has divisions like so many as different class of people go to different Swami Narayan Temples.
Actually most places of worship lack kindness, compassion and equality.
They charge £12 plus just to go into St Paul's Church in London.
These places of worship have become business empires and places where they make people who join do free service while the heads live in luxury.
They ask for donations yet they travel first class, ride in flashy cars, have properties and big bank accounts.
Some preach SIMPLE LIVING HIGH THINKING .. But lead a luxury lifestyle ...CALL THIS RELIGION???

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"Some religions have been hundreds of years around but just watch 99% of the congregation members/visitors do not wash their hands before eating or serving food"

And as a result, humans now have a most resistive immune system.
In places where they disinfect almost every day, allergies, astma and other awful diseases are becoming almost epidemic. The cleaner you be, the sicker you get.


But you still need to TRAIN it to do so. He doesn't have that behaviour with him naturally.

"There is a big problem here as they also eating germs and bacteria which are on their unclean hands"

That is not a problem. That is what our immune system adaptability is for.

Furthermore, the first thing that an ingested lifeform meets in a human, is a hot acid bath with an incredibly low PH-level and which kills far more than any soap on the market would ever be capable of. :)

In the churches you have gloomy images of Jesus on a cross WHEN IT WAS NOT JESUS WHO WAS HANGED ON A CROSS ... What fools.
Some wear the sign if the cross around their necks to protect them BUT WHAT FOOLS AS JESUS WAS NOT CRUCIFIED ON A CROSS

A fool is only a fool if he follow a truth he suspect is a lie.

Have you proven beyond any doubts to the christian community that Jesus did NOT get crucified?

What were their reply?

Yea, let's nuke the pyramids. They're nothing but trouble. ;)

Places of worship have intentionally been placed on key, critical ley lines so the spiritual essence of the planet has been hijacked. Transmute these places by going in to each of them with spiritual and loving intentions, take them back from the dark forces that now control them. The buildings are beautiful and they too can be transmuted to higher, loving intentions. The people who are possessed by these dark religions too can be transformed by our love and spiritual essence.  

We need not personally know these people nor visit these sacred places but if we can work with those in and around where we are, meet with them in person or go to those spots, all is connected.  Do not try to convince. Just be with them and visualize them transformed by love. 

We are in position in the galaxy for these loving energies to work like never before. If every one who is awake works on a soul or spiritual level with one person a night when you sleep, then soon all is transformed and the veil lifts, we wake up and realize just how unconscious we were when we were mind controlled by the perverted matrix.  

The time is now.  We each do our part and each day it gets easier till one day, amazingly, it's a done deal and we're all free. We're on the home stretch.  Keep it up.  Maintain. Stay the course. Soon all will be free.

There is a lot of difference in Atlantian Crystal Healing Temples and the Big Heavy material temple buildings we have now. Still some of the buildings may have good vibes but most need demolition work.
The important point is that most are run/controlled by low dark vibes beings more closer to mafia types beings who will love to mess you up more rather then heal/help you. The committees are mostly corrupt to the very core and their main motive is money that comes from donation. You will find most commitee members are well off having properties and travelling first class although they say simple living high thinking they themselves follow high living low thinking.
Most places of worship are run by beings who's motives are greed, power and control.
Few are those holy places that actually heal and help you left on Planet Earth.
A new temple that I went to see recently:
Green’ Swaminarayan Temple Opens in London
A Hindu temple, claimed to be the world’s first “eco-friendly” one featuring solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system, has been opened in northwest London. There was much talk surrounding the temple as it represents architectural changes to building structures that will be continued in the future. The ornate Swaminarayan Temple in Kingsbury has been built at a cost of 20 million pounds.

The temple blends traditional Indian architecture, intricate carvings and masterful artistry with green technologies.
My Verdict: Eco Friendly Temple which is good but I found some of the staff and security were arrogant and rude plus their philosophy is a bit out of order.
They claim Akshardan Swami Narayian is the highest abode in the spiritual world.
More @

I once knew this punk-ass dude in Seattle back when Kurt was alive and happinin' in the 90's. He was a real pain, but I gotta love him anyway. He had this jean jacket. yeah this awesome, hugely embroidered and decorated jean jacket that he used to wear with his umbrella hat and dreads. On the back of the jacket was written: "Eat the Pope".

I'de say that's a step beyond destroying churches, but what can I say? Seattle was ahead of the times back then, or some of us thought so, at least... peace out, yeah



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