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why I do not beleive i have such a thing as a twin flame or soulmate

when i was younger much younger i said to myself nah its bullcrap as if i am ever going to meet a girl get married and have kids and full in love NO NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!


I have even said to myself several times that would be the last thing that could ever happen in my entire life and i give you several reasons why i think its immpossible for me or either too hard to happen.


everyone has a soulmate no one is single no one.



i have lived so many years enough to know love for me is not capable of happening to me.


and all the years i have lived met girls been hanging out with girls none of them wanted me as a boyfreind and i would not take them out anyways.



its been several years now since i have never had a relationship ever in my life I avoided relationships at high school was not interested in anyone and stayed on my own.


i still feel like that now and really i dont care anymore at all...


i am at a stage of getting older now and i really doubt anyone would be single as i get to 30 years old i feel that my mark would be too late for love and too late for finding a relationship.



and now I am almost 27 and i feel its too late for that kind of thing as if i am ever going to find any girl who will like me as if no girl will like me anyways even if i get older.


I would be alot more happier breaking out of this atraction state in the mind and moving onto living a solo life and i have been saying it since i was 16 years old and now i am almost 27 and you know what its finished its over im done.i know love will not happen to me i knew it from the start since i was 16 years old because it never happened in years so its over its too late for that.

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Never lose hope.
In one day i think you will find the right girl.

Soulmate is the only person in existence that IS IN FACT YOU, you are eachother's better half, equals, complete, lovers, etc. Earth has been restricted from LOVE for a very long time, and that's soon about to change, and people will hear the call of their other half, regardless of relationships anybody may already be in, the love of one's self is the same for the other.. Even if you've never met this person in this lifetime (You both were together before coming here to Earth), the end times that we await will show that we can find our missing half. As far as I understand, many are separate from their other half (remember we are always spiritually connected to our soulmate, psychically, sharing all emotions regardless of location)...

So when we all meet up in the end, it will be like a magnet pulling you two together. Then we can all party together in Inner Earth and finally love right, live right, and be with our family. Together as one, we always have eachother :)

Yeah I think you're so right !!! I'm married for 16 years now but I can really feel/hear the call of my other half in my heart ever since my energy has risen to a higher frequency for about a year now and is getting stronger every day ....I really can't ignore it anymore's just too overwhelming ..!!!  it's not easy though, not many people understand how I'm feeling and most of them don't even know about or believe in twins...but I know what I hear and feel in my heart and it's the MOST Beautiful thing ....nothing will compare with that I'm sure ;-)

not in my visions beleive me i dont care at all because i just know it wont happen.

wont be in this lifetime never happened in the last lifetime wont happen in any lifetime and i am proud of that.

i am not that kind of spirit who falls in love i am a spirit of galactic justice and i am an intergalactic intendent i do not need sexual attraction or love i just need truth thats all i need is the truth not love.

I refuse to put attraction on my aurau because i will not do it nothing could tempt me either way im happy being single for the rest of my life.

Hey jonathan,
Women are trouble, nothing but trouble.
You're better off this way.
Two marriages, two divorces. That's how I dare, so there, nyah!
Neither one was my fault, too. Women are evil.
I asked a friend at work, "hey, Steve, how long you been married?"
He said, "I'm 34 years into a life sentence!"
Keep flying solo, jonathan, that way you won't go bananas.

I dont know what im saying i guess maybe living a single life would be a terrible thing I have met girls but never had the chance to actually go out and date them I dont know why I wonder who the next female freind i will meet i know there has to be another one but it does not always mean a relationship could just be a freindship.


in my life i have met 3 asian girls all asian I asked one out for a date no actually two but just because i say this now i wont have a relationship does not mean i mean it from my heart and soul if i did it would not happen.

When you start living in love and loving yourself unconditionally you will attract all kinds of partners/soul mates, it tends to attract people like a magnetic force.. :)

I did not meet my husband until he was 31, I was a mere 18 and in March we will have our 40th anniversary so it is never too late.  Do not confuse your twin flame with a mortal as your twin flame was separated from you when you dived in to have your earth experience and count your freaking blessings... my son is now 33 and his choices have screwed him over more than once.  Lust does NOT equate with LOVE.  Too many times men think with their wrong "head" and you do not have to be a sour old man just because your heart strings have not been strummed yet.



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