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"Who are the 144,000 people mentioned in the book of Revelation?" - HIGHLY RECOMMEND*****

by ARI

Hector Vazquez
“Who are the 144,000 people mentioned in the book of Revelation, chapters 7 and 14?”

The Book of Revelations and The Emerald Tablets both predict and forecast the incarnation and arrival of 144,000 Lightworkers who will save Earth from the “Forces of Darkness” during the END TIMES of the Kali Yuga. Most of the 144,000 Lightworkers are now here and in the process of “Waking Up” to their Divine purpose and mission on Earth. The majority of the 144,000 are advanced incarnated Starseeds from more advanced planets, although some of the 144,000 are advanced local souls of Earth. Most of the 144,000 are now in the process of “Waking Up” and coming out of their long mental and spiritual hibernation, slowly but surely realizing that they are here to assist in the great transformation of Earth. The Cellular Memories of the 144,000 were programmed, timed, and triggered to “go off” at this time and awaken them to their true identity, mission, and purpose for incarnating on Earth at this most crucial time in Earth’s history.

We have reached and entered the 11th hour of the Great Change that is taking place on Earth, and the time has come for any and all remaining 144,000 to wipe the sleeping slumbers of half-life from their eyes, smack their forehead to dislodge the dream of materialism, wake up and smell the coffee, roll up their sleeves, put on their Thinking Caps, and be about the Himalayan task of saving this planet!

The ignorant masses of Earth will not save the planet. Only the 144,000 Lightworkers can save the planet. But ALL 144,000 Lightworkers MUST assume their post, and assume it NOW! The time for confusion, hesitation, and procrastination are over! There is a planet to save. And We are the One’s who signed-up to save it! ONE member who fails to find and assume his post can jeopardize the entire Mission. If that sounds galactically serious, it is. If you think We are on just another “routine mission,” think again. This is the biggest Mission The Great White Lodge has undertaken in the last 200,000 years. The eyes of the entire Galaxy are upon Us. Watching to see if We succeed or fail. Watching to see if Earth is saved or blown to bits, when the Warriors of Darkness meet the Warriors of Light.

Kali Yuga

Earth makes one 360 degree trip around the galaxy every 25,920 years. The complete cycle is known as a Yuga. There are four parts to the Yuga. Two parts (180 degrees) of ascending consciousness and two parts (180 degrees) of descending consciousness. This cyclic rise and fall of consciousness on Earth has been going on since its creation, and that explains the rise and fall of great civilizations on Earth. The Kali Yuga is the last quadrant of descending consciousness within the Yuga. The Earth is now at the tail end of The Kali Yuga. The Biblical name for The Kali Yuga is the END TIMES. The END TIMES will not be the end of Earth, but the end of darkness and evil on Earth—and the dawn of The Seventh Golden Age of Enlightenment.

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Talk about being put on the spot!

Yes Bonnie Smith this is it ..time is running out are either in or out ...ha ha ha ...told you be good long time ago


Ha ha ha. Missed you babe.

Could the 144 be a qualitative rather than a quantitative "number", representing a way of being and thinking? 

I like the concept. What does 144 mean? I believe threes mean creativity as in 000.

144 is 12 x 12, this is why it is important, 12 being important to anciencts, its math its months its hours , 360 degrees divided by 12 is a nice 30 30 degrees for each constellation in the zodiac,

in sacred geometry/biology 144 is magic with the oh what is it, tetrahedron i think, anyways 144 cells in the fetues growth looks just like the tetrahedrothingy.

i cant remember what it was but i think i also remember several magical spell type 12 x 12 squares and other things but it really has beena  lifetime since i read those types of books.

here is a site i found talking about 12,  12 is plenty other places too, 12 disciples or apostles, 12 main gods for greek/roman mythology. and we often the "the square" of things being mentioned, the power of something is equal to its square, not square root, which the square of 12 is 144.

the correlations between #'s in nature and #'s in history/society is difficult to distinguish which is causing which, either way there are very neat correlations with the #12 many more than this site ill post shows.

The big problem here is Lightworkers should not drink coffee but herbal drinks like from yogi teas or pukkha herbs is a short term fix and the bad effects are long term is an addictive drug ...SO I ADVICE THE 144,000 Lightwarriors to drink pure water, pure juices or herbal teas ..if you want to cure others then start on yourself first.


I think that's just culture talk. I don't think it even matters how we do it. We just do. Because we are. All earthly things are unrelated and overrated. Our bodies will heal. We are given the chance to live in two realms simultaneously. I try to be as pure as I can be. But I like earth things too. And it will not stop me from anything I do. 

I hope never to stop walking barefoot in the wet sand, or stroking a human face with my fingertips, or smelling fresh bread baking. 

The Books and the teachings do all give directions for specific rules.

BUT yah know what

I'm a revolutionary

and I'm not sure if its valid to impose outside rules on disciples.

Otherwise if were all honest we are just all going to hell in handbasket



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