Which ET group do you think has invested the most for our planet?

There are so many groups I see on the internet who are connecting and gathering information stating they are in direct communications with Et’s. I do resonate with some; however, many seem to want to keep us in the continuous cycle of the old time constraints, the time lord’s game.

To me this involves many things, for example repetitive old information and religious bias or other belief systems which may or may not be held by those transmitting the information.

I realize many have different opinions and I can respect that, so please feel free to comment, but please be respectful.

We are in a time of disclosure of sorts and much in coming out on the internet/tv for example the History channel, H2 channel, American unearthed, Ancient Aliens and The Lost Giants series. Now I am not a big TV buff, however these documentaries have captured my attention because they are bringing forth new evidence in which involves so many races on and off this this planet. It can be very intriguing along with being refreshing for the ones who are involved in the research.

So, I wonder… what are your views or perceptions about connections or prophecies of people or groups like; keeping in mind my original question of “Which ET group do you think has invested the most for our planet?”  Just a few to comment on here....

Yellow Rose for Texas
David Wilcock
Cobra (Rob Potter)
Veronica & Montague Keen
David Icke

In closing, it seems David Icke presents a very good case against the reptilian agendas, however I feel at some point he would need to find some peace within and a knowing that he has made so many aware of what they have done to our planet and that we as a collective are making changes with the depth of understandings we are receiving.

Thank you for your consideration or discussions.


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            • I have seen a few Bashar YouTube videos, and there are many... but he seems very positive to me, and giving very good advice. He likes to incorporate humor in his talks, more so than any other channeled being I've seen. He definitely seems to have his own almost nonchalant 'style', and I can understand how many don't relate well with his 'delivery'.

              Excellent discussions going on here, thanks for starting Crystal...

              • Great Tally!  He sounds interesting to say the least. smiles. Thank you for your comment and consideration. Blessings

        • Thanks for you comment Pet Rock.

      • Hmmm... I have no idea what messages Bashar brings forth. Is it? Perhaps not all greys are pest for hire??

        • Ghost seems to have a good bit of experience or understanding about the Greys... Ghost perhaps you can tell us whether you feel that all the Greys are a negative influence or if there are some here with a positive influences?

          • For all intents and purposes, the Greys are evil, plain and simple. There are only two groups of them that act slightly better than the rest and even those really don't care that much. They are in the business of conquering and or otherwise doing whatever they want/can.

            As for anything else, according to the Government, there are no good species. All appear to want to destroy us or otherwise take us for all we've got which in itself is quite depressing. Naturally this could just be BS though from my point of view none of them were decent. Apparently we are not supposed to be here. We were created by another and because of this the mainstay of the universal entities look down upon us as scum.

            • Wow,  thank you Ghost for your comment. Definitely something to ponder.

              • You are welcome.

    • James Gilliland I believe has been on the Ancient Alien (history channel) shows... very interesting indeed.  What would you say that Bashar is most accredited for in the influences for us?

  • Don't forget
    Alex Collier
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