What's SATURN all about?

Saturn and its energies have not wanted to leave me alone for the past 2 years. I myself have not wanted to loose focus on this amazing planet either. Its as if my energy bodies have been merging with Saturn and its consciousness. I have discovered a multidimensional life within this sphere and it has opened me up beyond anything among the stars. If anybody has anything to share about Saturn please do...I want to know as much as i can. any correlations or correspondences including myth and races of Saturn. Help me uncover more about this mysterious planet... 

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  • Saturn is "Scrooge" in the best sense of a description of his energies. Everybody hated Scrooge, but Scrooge was a needed component in one's life (outside of Christmas Eve) since Scrooge kept everyone on their toes with their chores and needed contributions, and thus teaching the importance of self-responsibility. Saturn is also the very old kung-fu master/instructor in "Kill Bill 2," the one who all the pupils despised because he was so intolerable and strict. But like Scrooge, he brought out the best in them after they separated from each other.

    Saturn rules financial restrictions, limitations of travel, job firings or refused promotions, back pain and problems, knee pain and problems, authority figures, older people, buildings, cement, land, the color black, the stone onyx, the number 3 (Quabalah), the day of Saturday, gravity, and "that which is real or needed."

    Saturn takes 29.5 years to return to the same spot of one's horoscope, otherwise called the Saturn return. It is why people who are 30 are so much different from people who are 27. Edward Snowden had his Saturn return while getting promoted in the ranks of the N.S.A., and responded with deciding to take a fall from such promotions due to the nature of his work. Thus, Saturn energies can cause crisis and depression but can also have a maturation effect that can elevate the maturity of one to high levels, no matter how badly they've been brainwashed.

    One must learn to work with Saturn. He is an old bastard that you will love to hate, but he will bring out the best in you in ways that teaches you not to speculate in life's ventures and to stick to old methods that are known to work. 


    • thank you. More pieces to the puzzle have found there fit :)

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