What is your "mission"?

It woud be nice, if we coud share whit echother our missions in life.


Oh, but not everyone call it mission... what is the meaning of your life?


What do you want to acomplish in your life?


Life is meaningless, we give it a meaning. What do you do or want to do in your life?


I belive that everyone is unice, and everyone have their own unice experiance of life and what they want to do whit it.


I am very curius to hear your stories and hope other is as well. Hope it's okay to be posting this... I belive that sharing things like this is wonderfull! :)


Another way to ask this question id "What is your highest exitment?"


Ahh, so manny ways to as this question^^  Please share~

And remember, everyone's mission is as important as your next!


I am shure you all have very intresting things to share!


Thank you~



Sending smiles and happiness to all of you~ Life is wonderfull<3


Here is mine:

My mission is to become an Author, I decided that when I was 11. Becouse for as long as I can remember imagination and creating my own world has been my greatest strenght.

Now I have my own universe inside my head, and wonderfull characters I want to share whit those who are willing to read.

This is my highest exitment, therefore I feel this is what I am supose to do, and it is the only thing I WANT to do.

And of course as some have noticed, I write alot XD My Dyslexia will not ruin my dream! :)


*I was not shure where to put it so I put it in "Spirituality in General", I hope it's okay and that Ben think its okay to post this thread :) *

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  • It is fine. I get your point, brother.

    Take care.

  • Hi, KiaraAres,

    Our mission here is to be good humans and be respectful with animals and things.

    By the way, I can see that you closed a post because you did not like it, after insulting me.

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you are pathetic and childish.

    This comments are from you: "he is miserable' or "my rabbit is a GIRL! XD Fail!". Fail?? What are you playing? Is this a game to be won? I win, you fail? That shows how immature you are.

    Veg? Then stop eating plants... Do you thing they don't feel either? Where world do you live in?

    Do you thing that everybody has your kind of life? While you are coming here crying for your tortured pet, thousand of children are dying in Africa. I am so sad for you rabbit :(

    Let's cry out for it. Buaaahhh!

    Now, we can cry out for those children too, right?

    You do not know me so do not tell me miserable.Trying to hurt me back? Are you looking for revenge? Where is that love you are talking about? When I don't like someone, let's attack him!. Yeah, right? Is that your way?. I did not attack you in the first place.

    I just gave my opinion in that post. If you do not like it, at least respect it.

    Ah, and try to correct your spelling. It is horrible.  :/

  • I only wish to give all of my existence to help others...
    • I want to live in a world where the old ways that govern the day-in and day-out happenings of our lives get replaced by a more organic and biological approach to living.Maybe a bio mechanical crossover or something of the kind.
      • <3
  • 8113578471?profile=originalMy mission>>> keep it simple





  • I agree with you, I think I haven't leave any traces of my many virtues in my life, that can help humanity and the Nature, except my engagement in some donations and petitions etc., and that's pity, and I never showed my virtues to World, and some spiritual abilities. Our parents and people around us always directing us, what we have to do, how we got to behave, and it's start from our childhood: to be good, to be humble, to be nice to others, to help others, animals etc., to be generous, decent ... My parents were workers (now I'm 50) and they send me to the Administration School, but I'm talented for the arts and charity; but some people now force me and they use some mind control, magic, influence, coercion and blackmail to do something (to be nurse!) and I'm vomit on it, 'cause of their attitude and I think it's the worst job in the Universe, I don't like hospitals and sick persons (ha ha they got to be cure, not sick!!!); so I'd like to ask you in the Universe, 'cause I think you're all smarter than me, can you help me, can you make some miracle, and give me some supernatural powers, that I can cure myself and others?! Now I got cancer, asthma, chron. bronchitis, and problems with my legs, and I'm invalid  20%. I got lot of confidence in you up there, and I think you can help me. Otherwise, we down on Earth got to work hard for our low pays and care about our families, so I can't leave my father for now, he's 83, but maybe later, I'd like to travel 'round the world, because I'm in all religions, and very adaptable, I like all the countries, and I'm a White Shaman Itsch IX. in Mayan Calendar, we like our home planet Earth very much and the beautiful nature and waters and lands, all around the World. REGARDS TO SPACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM ZAGREB, CROATIA! Kisses to all the Stars and Planets! I'm in Love with the Universe! Once I was cryin' when I see the Universe, and I look at the Moon very often, and I'm a sungazer too. I like Venus, always near to the Moon. (I'm astrologer). I like psychology very much and I'm happy when I see that people around me are smiling 'cause I made them laugh. Sorry, my English is not perfect. Sri Gurubhyo Namah Hari Hi Om (Teachers and Cows got to live forever!)
  • Here is our mission:

    The purpose of the Institute of Light and Sound and Our Mission:

    Awakening new frequencies within One's being  to prepare for Ascension and beyond, and also to present an opportunity of awareness in the healing arts of Light and Sound frequencies.                     .                                                   

    To defragment old programming and to replace it with the Light and Sound frequencies of the new Divine plan for 21/12 . Space, will then, be created to incorporate new harmonies in the body of the Human and through this, HEALING on all planes will occur.  

    Perfect Oneness through Light and Sound."Through CHADD & VIE"

    We have a very important book with powerful messages soon to be printed by Random House and more to come...Then we will travel around the world where ever our help is needed and specifically in Africa. And we are looking for a generous donation from another Angel to fund our lifelong mission.  


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