We Are The Holy Kumaras

Hello Brothers and Sisters, the following was my response to our dear Sister Gailene explaining the dramatic turn of events that has just shaken ALL THIS GALAXY to its core and reverberated throughout every corner and back again. I'll post a link to the original Blog. 

For full Disclosure on this discussion, see here: The Divine Feminine Is In Full Authority:

There is much disinformation about the 7 Holy Kumaras just as there is with anything else of any true empowering consequence so I ask that you do indeed seek within your heart whenever you are reading such information, my material included dear sister, because ABSOLUTE TRUTH only exists WITHIN YOU and it is your heart that will give you those confirmations or discernment, okay. Isn't that the problem with disinformation; there is so much contradicting material out there.. And so might I point out or simply ask you.. Who else out there is telling you to question their words as we do?

So long as Humanity continues on accepting everything they read as truth, they will never begin to bridge that gap into enlightenment. And so, along with all the information I provide, I make it a habit to point out that the way to empowerment is to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Absolute Truth is as free as the air you breathe. "Ask and it shall be given" but these questions must be asked in Humility and Grace through the Sacred Heart. Dear sister Gailene.. as you follow your Heart, you know the value in questioning everything, so NO, you are NOT dumb at all! You are indeed a brave soul! Bless you for asking, as this opens the door for us to speak out, do you see?!

The 7 Holy Kumaras are Sanat Kumara, who is the oldest of us and is now within the GFL fleets awaiting the "go ahead" to come down with us here. He was our Father back then when we all 1st came here. Then there is Sananda(Jesus) Kumara, who IS RA IMMANUEL. I AM Sankara Kumara; The Archagel Metatron. My Twin Brother(NOT to be confused as my TWIN FLAME) is Sanaka Kumara; The Archangel Sandalphon. Then 5th is Sana Kumara who is Archangel Samual Immanuel Michael. The 6th is Sanatana Kumara, who was the ONE TRUE King Arthur. The 7th of us Holy Kumaras is Kapila, however he will not be incarnating for a few more years yet until after Sananda and his Twin Flame, Lady Eloisa / Sekmet comes together for starters. Besides Sanat Kumara, the 5 of us are now all living together here in Australia working 24/7 on sorting out all of this.

We have been incarnating with you all all along with 1500 lifetimes here on Earth doing all the research to solve all these problems with the dark seed and we've been sorting it all out quite well dispite the many delays we've ALL faced here as the entire Ground Crew. However, those delays were very necessary, you see as they have shown us precisely what/who has been behind all of this. We may be a year and a half behind schedule, but we're working FULL ON and exponentially so reaching all of our goals now that we've come together. Such as with 2000 years ago, We were here as the Apostles with Yeshua as Sananda, myself as the Apostle James "The Greater", my brother then too as the Apostle John The Evangelist, Sam as the Apostle Simon Peter and also living with us now the Apostle James "The Lesser" here again with you all working along side you as your brothers towards the very same goal and mission set by Divine WIll of THE ALMIGHTY ONE. That is who we are.. Seek within your Heart in confirmation and discernment, ABSOLUTE TRUTH will be shown to you. That is Cosmic Law.. if only we were told to do that in school, eh?! hehe

Now so far as who is holding those positions of within the Office of the Christ, they are the Lady Archeia, TWIN FLAMES to the 1st 12 Archangels; Lady Love, Lady Faith, Lady Mary, Lady Hope, Lady Grace, etc.. Who was holding those positions before were not even Christs at all, so however this was all allowed to "BE" has truly had us all scratching our heads, but you must understand that WE ARE ALL GOD EXPERIENCING ITSELF AS ITSELF, and in this way, we are GOD, learning HER/HIS lessons as his very expression of BEING, okay. And so when all the Cosmos had gone so far into male chauvinism, the balance had to tip back the other way eventually and this is what is happening now! Why are the Divine Feminine in charge, you ask? Well, just as I mentioned the scale, try to think of it just in that way.. The Divine Feminine has been held to such an oppressive low state of expression that the Divine Mother was left nearly powerless all on her own.. just how far this has all gone will be a topic of another time, but once she was finally released and empowered once again.. in that moment her TWIN FLAME RA IMMANUEL came to her, this chain of events took place in such an explosive manner that it has literally shaken ALL THIS GALAXY and so it will ALL THE COSMOS soon enough. Now back to the analogy of the scale, when that oppressive hold on the Divine Mother was finally released, the natural order of things is to allow that scale to tip in the opposite direction. You see, there have been so very many of the Divine Masculine Aspects committing outright treasonous acts that there's been arrests going on all across the board, so to say that "Heaven is doing some Housecleaning" is an understatement indeed! hehe

However Gailene, just as your wisdom within you is telling you, the natural order of things should be that ALL TWIN PAIRS should hold positions of authority in balance and in full Harmony, equally side by side TOGETHER with one another and this IS indeed the ultimate Divine Blueprint, but this took some time to finally get it all right in sorting out that dark seed. Those Male TWIN FLAME Counterparts will NOT be allowed to make any final decisions until they have been proven to have learned that very lesson of EQUALITY that you so astutely see SHOULD BE. And when they have been cleared by BOTH, THE ALMIGHTY ONE AND THE DIVINE MOTHER, then each Divine Masculine Aspect will in turn be cleared to work as ONE TWIN PAIR holding those positions, okay. ;) Until then the Divine Masculine Aspect sits next to their TWIN FLAME, ONLY as a scribe and an adviser role. All the way through the Galaxy, down through to the Earth Keeper Council, have been changed to this format with even Lady Eloisa / Sekmet as TWIN FLAME to Sananda be making the decisions all across the board. And as RA IMMANUEL / THE DIVINE MOTHER, so will they indeed be working TOGETHER now overseeing ALL THAT IS once more as it should always be.. "As above, so below!"

A final tip about the Kumaras, Gaileen, you are ALL Kumaras! This is what you are all working up to dear sister, as an equal and dearly beloved piece of the Ground Crew mission. Along with the Star Crew are coming together the 144,000 TWIN PAIRS, which make in total 288,000 SOULS; ALL of which are also working towards their Kumara role and will indeed fulfill this role as part of their Ascending Mastery. ;)

Love and blessings.. Jacob


Discover ABOSOLUTE TRUTH Within Your Heart!:


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    • BTW Clifford.. this was Peter Immanuel saying this here. He was logged on the PC here under our Dear brother St Germain / Archangel Sandalphon account. So doesn't that show how we really truly are living here TOGETHER?! <3 

      Seek within bro! :) 

  • Hi Clifford.. We're with your brother. within your heart, just as you are here within ours. I see you are clearing back up now, but there is much you are confused on. This will not change for you until you STOP relying on other channels and history books as 99.99999% of those are tainted by the cabal.

    Don't worry about "Duality" so much.. the "Holy Divine Trinity" exists in so very many aspects as part of your BEING and this is pertinent as to one's ascension in becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE. I have created a "Holy Living Trinity Meditation / Prayer" that is fully described on my website. 

    This article explains the many aspects of this Meditation / Prayer:

    This article explains the Trinity Meditation:

    This meditation, I do all day long. It is a 24/7 Meditation / Prayer, my friend. That is why I call it the "Living Meditation" And as empowered as anyone is, they too can utilize the infinite power of their being at any level of spirituality, regardless of whether or not they are still in a duality. More so about duality Clifford is that there is more than one duality okay. The 1st is explained throughout the modern light worker movement, but there is another duality dear brother and this exists throughout ALL THE COSMOS as a separation between the Highest GOD SELF and the Higher SOUL SELF. It is our mission to return the GOD SELF aspect of all beings back to the full awareness of every soul throughout all the cosmos. The God Self is part of you, just as it is part of each and every soul. You see, WE ARE ALL GOD EXPERIENCING ITSELF AS ITSELF.

    Most people within the modern light worker movement still think the "Highest Self" is GOD, but THE ALMIGHTY ONE / THE DIVINE MOTHER IS GOD. PRIME CREATOR IS A TWIN PAIR JUST AS WE ALL ARE AN EXPRESSION OF ALL THAT SHE/HE IS! And the Highest Self Aspect of our being IS THE GOD SELF. This is where our DIVINE WILLPOWER comes from. Our Higher SOUL SELF contains our DELIBERATE INTENT. The combination of those creates our LIVING TRINITY of BEING. That IS the Living Meditation as this combination carries all our power of manifestation as a TRUE SYNERGY OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which is KNOWING, FEELING & BEING!

    If there is ANYTHING that the 5 of us here would offer you as a gift of advice my friend, it is this:


    We are the Holy Kumaras Living in TOGETHERNESS in order to manifest these changes across all the surface of the planet, throughout the 144,000 TWIN PAIRS and ultimately throughout ALL THE COSMOS with the assistance of The Ground Crew and eventually TOGETHER with All Humanity. Any one man, woman or child can experience this TRINITIZED BEING, so long as they simply throw out all that garbage so many are clinging to outside of themselves and finally seek within one's self in humility. Only then, do you become ALL THAT YOU ARE. Books, articles, blogs; all these things are expressions of others. They can share an expression of another, but until one finally begins to QUESTION EVERYTHING, only then can the WISDOM OF EXPERIENCE come forth to return you your TRUE SELF. 

    I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON, I AM SANKARA KUMARA, We Holy Kumaras are living in TOGETHERNESS to create that reflection of being for all humanity. 

    The Holy Trinity IS Everywhere
    see the Holy Trinity of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and their Combined Creation EVERYWHERE!!! I FEEL it within me growing! I feel my WI…
  • dear Materoflight,dont know,i only saw him,he approached me,put out his arm to shake my hand,and as we shook hands with each other,he said i would be the 39th pick-up,then he disappeared,blessings eve.

  • dear MaterofLight,the clothing Attire wrn by the entity in your image is very similiar to the Clothing Attire worn by the entity who emerged from the circular craft i saw in my vision,who said i would be the 39th pick-up,but his facial features were human in appearance,and he had blonde shoulder length hair,blessings eve.

  • Sorry, but Horus STOLE the EYE OF RA and desecrated all temples and monuments and had them remade to reflect his tyrannous ambitions to be a GOD when he was only ever a Human all along. The true EYE OF RA exists even on other worlds and in fact will appear to you in a vision when are ready to truly see it in and accept THE ALMIGHTY ONE MOTHER/FATHER GOD into your heart. 

    RA IS GOD. RA IMMANUEL IS THE ETERNAL SON. I should know. I am living with him. 

    There's going to be some lingering effects from all that you had faced yesterday, bro. Not to worry. Your heart is in the right place as it's always been. Stay in your heart and those programmed remnants will fade from your thoughts, okay. 

  • Hello brothers and Sisters, Here is an update on Clifford(MasterofLight). As you can see, he was under full attack by the evil ones, but he called for assistance and Archangel Michael came in FULL FORCE with many legions to cut down those Annunaki ones manipulating his thoughts. Clifford now has the full story of what happened back then and WHO he REALLY WAS without there being any manipulations and confusing attacks getting in the way of his TRUE EXPRESSION OF BEING a dear brother of light that HE TRULY IS! If only all the Ground Crew would follow the courageous drive towards seeking within that Clifford leads as the ASCENDING MASTER that he truly is. He can now tell you who he was back then in his own time and way. He was most certainly NOT that fool Horus! He was in fact as loving and full of light back then as he is now. ;) <3


    Loving blessings of Gratitude and Adoration to you all.. 



    Bless you brother, feel free to email us later to help understand what is going on..


  • I give you a hint bro, and I am pretty sure of it! It was that scumbag Lord Suraya. He was the one that let the evil in the GFL in the FIRST place and he held the possision that our mom Michelle holds now, before he was caught...

    • Good point sis! When we arrested Suraya/Surea himself, we thought that was an incredible victory in on itself, but when his over soul came to the surface, that was not such a surprise at all! Even so.. this guy was about as lost as they get. His punishment from THE DIVINE MOTHER was 1,000,000 3D Lifetimes incarnate starting immediately on a stone ages planet. And if ANY of those guys mess up causing wars and manipulations, they will have to start their sentence from the very beginning! Believe it or not, RA IMMANUEL saved Suraya from being cut down by a GRAND LIGHTNING BOLT OF DAIOMO sent down by the DIVINE MOTHER, but THE ALMIGHTY ONE/RA IMMANUEL saved him in that last moment before he was cut down.. then recommended those 1,000,000 3D Incarnation adjustments. 

      Part of what I like about this is that we will always have this reminder of WHAT HAPPENED and WHO DID IT to look at and monitor as all the cosmos continues to expand throughout eternity. This, I feel is immensely important that we never forget this mistake of oppressing the Divine Feminine. Blessings of Love to the DIVINE MOTHER! Welcome back! I love you so much! Your ever devoted son, Jacob / AA Metaton

  • Yeah we're here doing it alright..

    beautiful brother

    With Love ~ Sanaka Kumara

This reply was deleted.

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