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Understand The Grays And Their Agenda -- A Message From Ezekiel Memchat

I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

I am the Head of another council which oversees Reptilian operations, meaning it is in charge of finding out the plans of the Reptilians against primitive races as well as peaceful races. I am also what you would term here, a general. I have extensive military training.

This would come as a surprise to many individuals because I am a peaceful person and it would not seem like a career choice for someone with my beliefs. However, it is imperative that the Reptilian race is not allowed to destroy other races which cannot, at this point in their technological history, defend themselves, and it is imperative that those who are able to stop that kind of tragedy from occurring, to put an end to it.

We are doing all we can to ensure the freedom of other races primitive in comparison to us, by keeping races with a harmful intent at bay. Still despite our efforts there are many ways that your society continues to be controlled by Reptilian and Gray forces, and this is due to the law of non-interference that we cannot act against them, not in an effort to allow them control, but because your government knows about them and they not only know what is happening, but they allow these other races to do everything they are doing. The government is in on it and we are, because of our own law, unable to interfere with that. We cannot interfere with your government’s choice to trade with them.

Your government is afraid of these alien races and wants to stay at peace with them. Those races know that you are unable to say no to them. But there are things that these races need from you and so they do not wish to terminate the human race. That is not their agenda.

The Grays need human beings for many reasons. The Grays are not all evil, as they are not all the same type of Gray. There are many races which you would call Gray and so to prevent any confusion I am only going to refer to the race which is corrupt as Gray. There are some within that race of Gray who aren’t corrupted, but they do not come to Earth as they could be captured by other members of their race.

Some members of races that have a common Gray strand of DNA do come here with good intentions, but they are not of the same species at all anymore. They have some similarities, but they are not the same as those Grays. They are a different race now altogether.

Human beings are still unchanged. What I mean is, your DNA... you haven’t altered it. You haven’t made changes to it. Some Grays have changed their own DNA codes in an attempt to improve themselves but they are finding it difficult to perfect what they have done imperfectly. They need the human race to regain certain functions they have lost. They also wish to create a slave race which will act as they are directed. This is why they are not overtaking the planet and it is also why they are abducting humans for experimentation.

What we do not yet understand is why they are controlling the food supply and why they are making people sick, since this goes directly against, or seems to, what they wish to accomplish, according to the data we have encountered and collected.

Some people speak of good Grays or believe that they have encountered benevolent Grays, but this is confusing and we wish to make it clear that the benevolent supposed Grays that people may be encountering are not of the same race at all. They have a common DNA strand or maybe, depending on which race, more than one strand, but they have entirely different DNA except for that one common strand. They are not of the same race as the others.

Of the corrupted races, there are no good Grays coming to Earth that we know of. They stay away so that they are not captured or killed. They would be targeted if they were to visit here.

Another thing you must understand about some of the aliens coming here, is that they are not all from the present time. Some are coming from the past and even more come from the future. They wish to undo something or to repair something that was done.

What we present here is not to alarm anyone, although it will alarm some. Some people on Earth enjoy negativity and love hearing about it and passing it on to everyone near them. And then there are other humans who like to simply ignore it completely and live in a protected sphere where they only come into contact with beautiful, happy facts and they deny any others as true, if they even come across any others. We believe it is best and healthiest when human beings live in the middle, seeing both the negative and the positive, living their lives with joy, but also with honesty, admitting what is happening around them without being afraid to live in the midst of it. Being objective.

Objectivity is the state where you know everything happening around you, or at least when you find out new facts about what’s happening, it doesn’t really surprise you, and yet you are mostly unaffected by it, unless it involves your mission here or your life personally. Being aware and yet remaining still within.

Learning meditation techniques to acquire stillness as well as breathing and humming exercises, or other rhythmic sounds such as chanting, help bring the mind into a calm and peaceful state while at the same time, increase awareness.

The mind is the vehicle which empowers the person or disempowers the person, based on what the mind chooses to believe. And not accepting negative facts as true can actually disempower you, because then you are more likely to be affected or controlled by what is happening around you. Being aware of it helps you step fully out of it. That is, if you are not afraid of it. Fear must be passed through.


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interesting post,also what about the Invasion of ones "Free Will" there have been many people around the world who have endured goverment,and ET Grays who would come into peoples homes,paralyze them in there own bed,to do some experiements on them,it is a Violation of Universal Law,does this still go on around Terra to many souls? or has this finally be stopped? blessings eve.



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