Firstly, my message to all particularly those who did not apply for the said funds and only the site visitor, you are welcomed to read but if you feel this funds do not resonate you or you feel there is no such funds, then nevertheless, please do not give negative or attacking comments. Otherwise, please leave this blog. As I want to vibrate high, I cannot tolerate any negative energies that might damage my vibration. Take notice this post is my query and not a debate and I just want the answers from the people I want to approach. I verily hope our free will is fully respected at all times and my intention is understood at the highest good and highest good of all. 

Now let get back to our main topic. May I bring you to my blog I posted in Voice of Altair Command section here:-

A week later, one Grant Facilitator posted his comments described hereinbelow:-

Reply by Grant facilitator on January 4, 2013 at 9:25pm

To all concerned with receiving a financial grant after having sent a grant request:

The grant program is real.

The grant program has been closed to the enormous number of grant requests already received to allow time to process them all.

Everyone who has already sent in a grant request will receive a grant, but the grant program is now closed and we are not able to accept or process any further grant requests.  Any further grant requests will be deleted.

I cannot tell anyone exactly when the grant disbursements will begin, or how much the grants will be because it is against the law, as to offer such information is considered by the government to be an "enticement" and therefore a solicitation and that is illegal.

Nobody has received a grant yet.  Not one.  The intention is to provide the disbursements of the grants to those who are homeless, destitute and in extreme financial and/or personal hardship, which thousands whose homes were destroyed by hurricane Sandy and the one in New Orleans because the government has not as yet released any funds to help them.

The government has apparently released funds for disbursement, but has NOT stated exactly when this will happen.  I have requested to be told when the funds will be released, and was given the answer "soon", whatever that means.

It is the intention of the grant organization to re-open the grant program sometime later this year, but it is entirely dependent on how much funding the government actually releases, and when.  Please do NOT count on this because nobody can rely on what the government says or actually does or does not.

If you receive ANY information for any other source other than myself contrary to the above it is NOT TRUE and ignore it as it is possibly speculation or miss-information.

This grant program has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with the NESARA farm claims program in any way, shape or form, period.  Do NOT allow yourself to speculate or to accept anyone else's speculation about anything to do with the grant program under any circumstances.  If you hear it from me, it is the only information that will be released, period. so disregard anything else you may hear about this particular grant program from anyone else or that you may read or see on any blog or web site on the Internet no matter who places these alternative comments or information.

I have been told there are at least 70 other different prosperity programs up and running now somewhere in the world.  Other than the so-called NESARA program, which is still being blocked, I personally have absolutely no idea what those programs are or who the people behind them are.  I know nothing about them and am far too busy to check them out, even if I knew how to find them, which I do not.

I personally offer everyone reading this my very best  wishes for a truly wonderful NEW YEAR filled with fun, adventure, success and prosperity!

Best regards to everyone

Clayton Hanna

Grant facilitator

I would like to forward my enquiry to all those who applied for St Germain Trust Fund wayback in November, 2012. Have you received the funds? Please let me know, just yes or no. 

I would also like to forward my enquiry to the Grant Facilitator who posted his above comments on my said blog. Have the funds were released already? Is it being consigned yet? Grant Facilitator, if you can hear me here, I would be most grateful if you could update us the status as at now. There are many people in need financially and we are worried, we need to know what is going on, please. Let us know your favourable reply, please and I would be most obliged to welcome you in my blog here.

Thank you.


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  • I also applied that last year and still awaiting .....

  • Cool I received two emails...jan 7th & Jan 8th this year....still waiting.

  • OK I will study it carefully...

  • well i am glad that i seen the post hehe never knew of anything that exist at this moment but i will say have patiences because even if it comes or not i believe it too still come in any other forum not necessery grants. i am also waiting on something and i notice my up and down thinking with it but than i observe how things just happens to me when i allow it. so basically allow it too happen n have plenty of good thoughts that it will come. and who knows it might be in your front step in no time. right at this moment only thing i can care about is my highest vibration because that true me will comfort and allow with ease. and show me the wisdom and understandment in every moment. good luck


  • I also applied and didn't receive, but didn't really expect to.  You cannot tolerate any negative energies here that might damage your vibration?  I would suggest that only you can "bring yourself down" by taking any "negative" to heart.  The trolls may try such, but you need not "go for the bait".  Ignoring certain comments frequently is the best approach.   

  • Hi, I applied in November and I haven't heard a word. Thank you

  • Applied.  Didn't receive.

This reply was deleted.

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