I'm really not sure what is happening but during the past 3 days I have experienced so many blessings which is very unusual cause the past couple years have been tough. A couple days ago my husband was offered a perminent position and a raise at his work and on the same day we were approved for this beautiful 3 bedroom house down the street we wanted. The next day we won $800 dollars at the casino. Then I found out on Dec 13th my brother finally gets his kidney transplant he has been waiting forever for. Today I got a $350 dollar Christmas  bonus check handed to me at work. Also my daughters kindergarten teacher notified me that she is going to receive the KINDNESS award Dec 20 and that she is reading on a 1st grade level and has the highest comprehension in the class. Also I am looking forward to a paid weeks vacation this Christmas. I wonder what going to happen tomorrow? I am loving me some December 2012. Something magic is in the air I promise!!! Any other good news out there? Oh yes yesterday driving my kids home from there babysitters house (AKA) my mom's we saw 6 maybe 10 pulsating lighst twinkling  around each other in the night sky, not sure what they were cause they weren't very big but very close together, they they suddenly disappeared?

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  • Good for you may your luck continue on. I love to hear these kind of good things, pass them on.

  • Loving the gratitude!

    Thanks for sharing you bliss with us!


  • Man thats cool all I got to see was green flashing this morning but no one else seemed to notice,why? Oh and they fsiled to notice after calling me crazy,but hey thats cool too I know what I saw,glad you saw something of similar nature thank you for the reassurance in my sanity.
  • My children, I love them sooo much and I am so proud of them.Without them the rest would not matter.

  • Keep the feelings of gratitude going and you'll keep manifesting more things to be grateful for! Nice work! :D
    • Thanks today I found out that I was accepted for the new position I applied for at my job. Things are happening for sure, be sure to open yourself for blessings so you may recieve.

  • Thank You for sharing This is very great bask in its glow God has blessed you keep in the light and continue the good work love and light

    • Thanks Sally! Have a great weekend. Sending love & blessing your way!

  • I wish I had your good fortune.  So far December has been a disaster for me and we are only 7 days in.

    I found out on Monday that I have breast cancer, I buried my 14 year old black lab yesterday and today I just found out my last day at work will be December 28th which of course means no health insurance for my cancer treatments.

    Ride the wave Mariposa, never know when your world will come crashing down on you. 

    • I hope your path toward Healing is speedy Lucy... & not met with unnecessary drama from the Medical system. Without doubt, you are a strong person & you're going to get through this. Sorry to hear about your dog & job as well. For what it's worth, I truly believe we are ultimately defined, not by our greatest victories, but by our ability to get through our greatest challenges. I know it's not in keeping with your beliefs... & please know I don't intend to offend... this is coming from the Heart: 

      Sending You Love, Light & Healing Energy!


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