• Thank you for this info. I have had my son vaccinated during his check ups until after 6 month old. Around that time I have found information about harmful short term and long term effects and have done intense research about it since. Bill Gates during a conference, referenced vaccinations under the context that it can act as a depopulation tool (you can find on youtube). Here is a site I often visit also if you click on the link, "vaccine dangers" at the top of it.
  • Vaccine-program is deceloped by the Dark Ones !.. Its humbug, Earthly Shit.
  • "There is also
    scientific evidence linking
    the MMR vaccine with the development
    of autism in some children"

    That is intersting because these children are multidimensional and are evolution in motion, a good thing.

    Most people think they are sick or mutated people that need to be hidden and given drugs to suppress their higher intelligence.

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