John Lash about the origin of the gnostic teachings, how this knowledge suppressed throughout history, how can it relate to, and empower people today, the birth of the archons and the bigger cosmic picture, and how it relates to what is happening today. We also talk about addressing fear and creating from a place of ecstasy. Check this article out for more backround:

Also: abiogenesis of acari insects- explains how an insect species can be generated from stress in an electromagnetic field -



Sophia” is the divine entity who made a mistake and created the universe and the Archons.

God's enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic Divinity and with it, a life filled with health, love, respect, peace and harmony for all.

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  • I hate pretentious titles, and theres nothing more prententious then Gnosticism. It is the total opposite of everything good, and by its own doctrines condemns the material world as inherently evil, and seeks eternal escape into spirit. "All who hate me love death."

    Yes, the Gnostics hate the God of the Bible and worship eternal death. So do the easterners in their idea of Nirvana and Samsara. Instead of looking to build happy lives, they overload on discipline and ego death, and seek to annihilate their personality so deeply as to never live again.

    Even the Buddhists have their Sokushinbutsu ritual suicide mummification.

    And you people are so spiritually degraded that you think life is a bed of roses, yet at the same time like Gnostic teachings, and fail to see the hypocrisy of it. Gnosticism is for people who are miserable in life, not newagers. Gnosticism denies the Truth of Reincarnation, and will have no place in the new age. Gnosticism was sex cults who worships EVE the queen of heaven, where they drink menstrual blood and semen.

    This is not the most powerful spiritual intel, that will be ZION and the New Jerusalem Truth Collective.

    Whatever is not part of ZION is part of the Matrix, wherein you are slaves to machines and your own delusions.

    • Good luck with that. Jerusalem and Zion are the problem, not anywhere near "the Truth Collective". Obviously, to me, you are passionate about your belief, but I must differ and I do suggest you lay off of the patriarchal, Judeo Christian kool-aid for a while. if you want to toss out such uninformed and unresearched opinions, you are going to meet a lot of push back these days because many people aren't in the mood to support such delusions of exclusivity anymore. The "God of the Bible" REQUIRES a symbolic ritual of blood-drinking and cannibalism. That "religion" has nothing to do with Truth and everything to do with mind-control, fear, and is little more than a Death cult that thrives on ignorance and will never stand in the light of Truth. Obviously, you haven't read Lash's book and your attack is uninformed and reactionary because it threatens your comfort zone. It isn't easy to let go of the egotistical pleasure of the delusions of righteous grandeur so common to locked down minds like yours. Again, good luck to you and your teeny tiny fear-ridden life.

  • Reachable only in a state of "cognitive ecstasy".  The single most relentlessly and thoroughly repressed knowledge in all of human history.  I can't argue with that. 

  • If you aren't aware of John Lash's unique work, do yourself a favor and with an open mind give him and his words some of your attention. 

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