Selamat balik dratzo,


I would like to clarify that when I mention earth surface nations, such as Russia or America I'm not trying to place one above the other, or shaming one, while praising the other....That is not my purpose...My purpose appreciates and suppports the goal of achieving the truly ONE HUMANITY, in the outer, as present already in the inner....A perfect mirror is the final goal, as above so below...


However, my knowledge of the seven rays, which is part of my ongoing training by the Mahachohan, enables me, as a serving "White Magician," to utilise the rays in much the same way that astrologers do...Predicting what alignments make for optimum opportunities...We may complete this task, with the rays of nations, too....


Russia is evolving, in much the same way as a human being and usefully possesses rays which comprise energies that are in alignment with a growing cosmic pulse, from the constellation of Aquarius....


This means that as Russia grows in soul realisation, as per the esoteric truism that all nations possess a soul....(even Hitler knew this.) Then Russia will become a greater and greater magnet for planetary evolution impulses from cosmos, through it's own solar resonance with the SEVENTH RAY OF MAGIC, ORDER, ORGANISATION & RITUAL, which is the Aquarian above, so below.


Thus we see Russia take her rightful place of responsibility upon the global stage, as advocate for the true spiritual challenges of uniting east and west, as opposed to those artificial concepts of change, imposed upon humanity by the little wills of egotistical men, such as those of the Black Lodge, who attempt to maintain a material paradign at odds (necessarily) with planetary advancement.....Evolution does require the dark and material challenges, and the old reactionary orders we see in modern crony capitalism and the financial order based on an increasingly obsolete dollar reserve currency, are fulfilling that dark role, which Russia has been assigned to oppose, on behalf of the light of AQUARIUS...


The Mahachohan deems this to be the course for history to take, in these present times...Thus you will indeed witness a re-emergent Russia on the world stage...


This is not just politics, but esoteric astrology.


Master DK listed the rays of the nations, which I'll include for your perusal and contemplation.




Personality Ray

Egoic Ray



4th ray of art

1st ray of

"I hide the Light."





3rd ray of intellect

1st ray of

"I indicate the Way."





1st ray of power

4th ray of art

"I preserve."



3rd ray of intellect

5th ray of

I release the Light."




Great Britain

1st ray of power
or government

2nd ray of love

"I serve."



4th ray of art

6th ray of idealism

"I carve the Paths."



6th ray of idealism

2nd ray of love

"I light the Way."


6th ray of idealism

7th ray of

"I link two Ways."


Magic and Order



5th ray of knowledge

4th ray of art

"I serve the Lighted Way."


7th ray of order

6th ray of

"I disperse the Clouds."



2nd ray of love

4th ray of art

"I hide the seed."


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


dramu kas….! (much love)


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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  • Our beautiful Russian maiden, Elina Bakunova, makes a visit to Kaliningrad, the former (Prussian/German) Königsberg, to enter the foreboding fortress of Baltiysk....Amazing expedition...
    Worth watching.....😊

    Also congrats to Eli for being accepted by the Russian Geographical Society, in spite of the map reading/navigation skills/tent construction, test problems...Still, great you got in....Your coverage will give them positive win win...

    This fortress assignment was hard work and it is always amazing to find secret rooms and artifacts from decades past.....German items, such as helmets, cups, rifle bullets and leather belts...The historians will identify and verify, then place in a museum and the fortress site itself, will one day offer tours for visitors, no doubt...🇷🇺👏

    Этот видеоблог является отличным способом продвижения доброй воли между Великобританией и Россией. Давайте наслаждаться душой матушки-России.
  • Sorry I think I might have suggested that the 2nd ray cycle started in the 18th century, when it should have read, since 16th...
    I do know that these are approximations, and that date of 2025, for the 4th ray, is not exactly applied..

    As the rays are noted in connection with the evolution of individuals and in Atlantean times, very few human beings had escaped the genetic manipulation, that process of cycles had less relevance, until the time of Moses, when corrections were made to the genes, allowing the evolutionary process to commence properly, again...
      • I have to remember that Atlantis was a long long time ago…
        • Plato did write a fictional story, around 330 B.C. with a fictional character named "Critas." And in this story he includes information he had received from Solon, in Egypt, who told the story of a wonderous, though corrupted civilization, 9000 years before his time, named Atlantis.
          This story from Solon was factual and was contained in the Egyptian priest's records...
          So the flood destruction would have been indicated as 9,330 B.C.....Which was about right, according to others...
          The geological glacial meltdown, of the last ice age pleistocene epoch...
          • Of course I am now wildly speculating in which eras I may have lived and other soul rays as well.

            I expect that the 7th ray may have been around when the temple cultures of Egypt, the Middle East and Greece were at their height.

            I read many historical novels, but no adventurous medieval past life for me. And let’s hope that I escaped the Inquisition 😬

            Sorry I was too slow with my reincarnation to buy you a pint at the Levington inn 🍻😄

            Which is one the most intriguing stories I ever read.
            • Hehe...!! Thanks love, glad you enjoyed that story......Drekx x 😊
      • The dates and years are not exactitudes...Like, a runner...marks, get set, go...!! lol
        More like seasons, which slowly trend into being...Approximating the months, for certain temps....Like August is damn hot....Yep, melting...
  • I am curious about the cycles in which souls incarnate. Also the cycles before A.D. but I haven’t been able to find it. This is from Esoteric Psychology 1 - p.26, it shows the recent cycles.

    - Ray One: Not in manifestation.
    - Ray Two: In manifestation since 1575 A.D.
    - Ray Three: In manifestation since 1425 A.D.
    - Ray Four: To come slowly into manifestation after 2025 A.D.
    - Ray Five: In manifestation since 1775 A.D.
    - Ray Six: Passing rapidly out of manifestation. It began to pass out in 1625 A.D.
    - Ray Seven: In manifestation since 1675 A.D.

    Source: Alice Bailey - Esoteric Psychology Volume I:

    This table shows that Second Ray souls already started returning in the late 1500’s. They weren’t around during the crusades or when Jesus was walking this planet. This sometimes causes misunderstandings with 6th Ray soul Lightworkers. Not all of us have the same soul energy or were on this planet at the same time.

    Thus it would be interesting to know which soul Rays were incarnated after Atlantis.
    THE RAYS IN AND OUT OF MANIFESTATION - Online Books • Lucis Trust
  • Welcome Agarther! But you are probably already an initiate for a while.

    I believe that the second ray is also the ray of the Buddha and Buddhism (I need to check this) and simple Buddhist meditation techniques that can be summarized as sitting, breathing and observing is what works for me. I also have a liking for Stoicism, as long as it’s balanced.

    Every religion and spiritual tradition has its beauty depending on how it is applied.
    • Yes, there are actually six buddhas, or kumaras, who work alongside the Planetary Logos, one of which is known as "THE BUDDHA" and he is directly above the 2nd ray department, sending stepped down logoic energy, via the Christ-Boddhistva, and his department, to Humanity...

      These highly evolved beings are Logoi in training.....They were all Ascended Masters who chose that path of logoic training, at the 6th degree initiation....The "Decision."

      The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi...
      The Seven Paths -
      Read More
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