Free will is disconnection to God's Will so the shift is to surrender to Gods Will.

God's will means what God would like you to do which is:

Doing no harm to Mother Earth 

Doing no harm to other living entities


Each individual to work in achieving a higher personal soul development ...higher consciousness.. evolve to a higher spiritual level ...unconditional loving attitude to all .. increasing good vibes .. this is what awakening and ascension is all about.

Sorry but all your bad habits and bad addictions have to go ...a lot of beings need to be put in rehabitalitation centres where they teach you to give up your bad habits and addictions meat eating, drinking alcohol , smoking and taking drugs including pharma drugs ..softening up your violent and abusive nature here abusive language should no longer to tolerated and those who use abusive language need to be put in rehabitalitation centres.

The Shift means SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT 

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"I find pple look very ugly in masks. Women appear as though they have beards"
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