Divine Mother and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

The One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 22, 2015

Divine Mother

You are love, you are being love, you are exhibiting love, you are sharing love. This is the new reality upon this planet. My love has been flowing more and more and more and the floodgates have been opened days ago so that the love that has been flowing upon the planet from the galactic sun through your sun. All of this has been planned previously and all of this is coming to fulfillment, a crescendo as the James shared earlier. We would invite you to less and less look upon the world with eyes of criticism or concern or fear. That is not where you are called to look, loved ones. You are asked, and you have been asked, to continue to believe in love, believe in the manifestations of love, believe in the cleansing power of love. These are the times for you to show up, be present, be the ones who speak for love. These are the times to not wrestle, as you have in this discussion today, with who is the one side or the other. This is the time we have called you to be in unity. Yes to know that you have in other lives played both sides of the game. But this is the time to be called to unity, to love.

My love, given to you freely and completely today, for you to feel it in every cell of your body, every part of every aspect of who you are is love. And manifesting that love in this world without judgment without concern. Not holding on to the cares of whether this one comes along or that one comes along. You are called to be in the place of love. And in love there is full acceptance. In love there is no judgments, no concerns. In love everything is in perfect order exactly the way that it is. Yes we have been with Susan this week. We have been reminding her and calling her back to love in times where she stumbles. And we are here to be with you as well. If you but call upon us we will be with you in any moment where you feel you have perhaps stumbled on your path. We’re part of the whole, of all of that which is here to work with those on this planet. To be love, to be loved, to be loving; to know love deeply and fully, for that is the truth of what you are and that is the truth of what is upon this planet.

So look upon these things that you see and you use for measurement and evaluation, we implore you, look at those as a film upon the screen that you can turn off and walk from. Know that everything that you see through your 3-D eyes are lies. Each side still trying to get your attention, each side still trying to right the wrongs that they perceive. And yet those in this room and those that read this word you are called to the higher way, the Wayshowers, the Light bearers, the Light holders, the Light workers. You are called to not sink into the level of trying to decide who is who and then be in judgment. You are called, my friends my loved ones, to hold the torch of love. To hold Saint Germain’s torch of transmutation. To hold the vision and the feeling, even more importantly, of love for all. If you read something in your media and your online, any of those things you take in on a daily basis, bless them and turn them off. You may read them but allow them to drift from you, to be turned off from you. We’re asking you to be love, we’re asking you to know love, to be free of judgment, to be free of all aspects that would divide you and to be one in love with all of those upon the planet. We love you, we bless you and we give you every day the assistance you need, the assistance you call for, the assistance that you too are called upon to give to others. And so it is my friends. Bless you. So let us sing some “oms” to shift the energy to bring in those who would speak next.

One Who Serves

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again in this way as always.  We would ask you to look within yourself now and see how you are feeling. Just in general here, how are you feeling? People say “great” people say “peaceful”anything else? “Head pains”, “universal”anything else? “Calm”, “safe” very good, very good. No one here has said, though, what at least this one James has been feeling lately in many respects and that is somewhat disconcerted or discouraged at times. For does it not seem like this is a continuing story on and on and on hearing the same things over and over and over. And yet there is nothing seemingly happening in your perception here as far as what you can experience at your three-dimensional level. Is this not what some are feeling here? (yes,yes)  If you look within yourself and you ask that question ‘what am I  feeling?’ is it not some discouragement?  (Yes, yes)  Yes, when you are honest with yourself and this is what this whole thing is about. This whole thing that you’re going through is honesty, coming up with the truth, is it not? The truth has been held back from you for so long, and yes it is part of this illusion that you are in, but it is being held back in many aspects.

But now you are coming to the truth and the truth certainly begins from within. And as you find that truth within yourself you begin then to experience those aspects that are outside of yourself as well. And then you begin to ponder and look at those things that are occurring outside of self and realize that it is not your truth!  It is not the truth that you resonate to. Do you understand what we are saying here?  (Yes, yes)  Yes the truth shall set you free and that is certainly accurate and it will and it is now even. But the truth as it comes in little dribbles here and there as you are seeing, and not coming as the tsunami that you were expecting or that many were expecting, but yet it is coming. It is here in many aspects. All you need to do is to open up your inner eyes and there will be the truth staring you right in the face. For it is here, it is coming out in many ways as in your discussion earlier. In many ways it is being revealed. But many are looking for that cascade of water, water being spirit, coming over them, flooding over them, taking them over. And this is not the way it is happening, not at this time. It is not to say that it will not be this way; it is not to say that one morning you can not awaken and you will think it is a day like any other day but you will feel the deluge, you will feel the spirit coming over you, very similar to that which occurred to the disciples when they had the spirit come over them and they felt anointed by the spirit. Very much so this is what many will experience. But until that time, be of good cheer and know that all is as it needs to be at this present moment. And in this present moment all truth is being revealed for those who would have eyes to see and ears to hear. Would you have questions now for One Who Serves and for Ashira who is standing by?

Question: I have a question about, maybe I heard it wrong, but I have trouble with the idea of feeling discouraged. I rarely feel discouraged and when I do I look back at why I feel that way. And it always comes down to two things: that I thought I could control something and that I was attached to something. So I would like to for you to talk about that because, to me, once we let things be and believe that we are creators and that we have a path and that we don’t need to control everything.  And we don’t need to believe that we have to have things a certain way to be happy then discouragement dissipates, disappears as a matter of fact. So I’d like you to talk about that discouragement may be a result of being in control or being attached, do you see that or is that something that you can comment on?

(One Who Serves): Yes what you are saying here is exactly as we have been saying for some time now. Have we not said “go with the flow” and let the current take you where it would. And when you do this there can be no attachments for how can you go with the current if you’re attached to the side of the river bank, you see? You cannot go and flow, you must let go. Let go and let the spirit of the God Source within you guide you however it would. And yes, this is what we’ve been saying but we also have what you would say “ears to the ground” here in going through those of you who we work through. And we feel there is discouragement, there is that sense of “why is this taking so long?” and “when is it going to be over?” and all of these things. We say to you many times to be in the moment, be in joy, find the joy in every moment. So yes you are completely correct, Joanna, in what you are saying here but understand that you are an aspect of your Higher Self and all others are an aspect of their Higher Self as well. They are just, in times, not quite as connected as they would like to be. So when they feel this disconnect, you might say, then there is the old way stepping back in, the old ideas and feelings of discouragement and feelings of “not happening fast enough” and all of this. And as they continue to have these kinds of feelings then yes there are those attachments and we have said many times and Sugat Gu Ra Ru has said “let go of attachments”. But is that not easier said than done? Try it, try to let go of all your attachments just say one day “all of my attachments are gone” and you will hear your ego laughing in the background saying “no they’re not…we’re still here”, you see?

Question: Yes but how about just knowing that the idea of attachments is what’s created the discouragement? You see if I have that idea it is easier for me to understand the discouragement.

(One Who Serves): Yes, certainly let go of all of the attachments. That is what the Ascension process is all about.  (Thank you so much). Are there other questions here?

Question: I was wondering if the dreams or insights I was having, if they were insights, about Egypt and Sekhmet and Hathor and if they’re coming to me now in my awakening and remembering process or if it is really just a fragment of a past life that I was remembering.

(Ashira):  I will take this. As we see this situation, this is coming forth for a couple of different reasons. One, to make you aware, to allow you to be aware of this past life and, as we have shared before even though we know you are new to this room, you are living many lives in many dimensions at the same time. And so this one is bleeding through to allow you to look at your belief systems, to allow you to see how you lived at that time, what you were involved with and how you can incorporate some of those activities in your life now because you are bringing forth those talents which you brought into this life but it is now time to awaken them more deeply. And to allow you to utilize those in ways that are going to become more and more important to you as you continue on this life path. Does that make sense to you?

Question: Yes thank you very much. I was sensing that might be the case but I wasn’t sure. I was also wondering if the solar activity helps us with Ascension by the effects on Earth?

(Ashira): Well this is the flow of the divine onto the planet. It has been happening of course for many, many millennia but at this time the energies are a different type of energies. And so it is part of the Divine Mother’s flow onto the planet as well and, yes, it does seem to interrupt some of those tools and activities upon the planet in the 3-D world but hold fast to these flows of energies because what you will see, as you noted earlier in your discussion, was that you felt that part of this was a download. And that is indeed what is happening for the entire planet - it’s part of the tsunami activity. It is part of that which is opening people more and more to having conversations about the changes, about the evolution, about changes in belief systems that have been hard-fought and hard-won and now are being loosened for all to be able to move forward on this path. This will continue, and will continue to increase, and many, many more people will be speaking of headaches and strange feelings. And you will be seeing alterations of behaviors, alterations of belief systems and you will know, each of you in this room, that these activities that you have been praying for, waiting for and living for are indeed in effect at this time. Would you have anything to share One Who Serves?

(One Who Serves): No that was very good. Other questions here?  (Thank you)

Question: , I have a very personal question. For two weeks I have been traveling around the world and one thing I have been asked to do is to become confident to what I know and to present myself in front of an audience. I just want to know is this part of any preparatory work. Is my understanding right that that’s what I’m going to do? I’ve been traveling all over and I’d like to know where I’m heading.

(Ashira):  Bless you Mahendren.  Let me say first that your travels will be well within your control so that you can be home to spend time with your lovely wife and when she gives birth to be there. These are indeed opportunities for you to dip your toe into the water. Although he has not been with this group for a while we know that Yeshua, Sananda, plans to be with you more and more and those who choose to come into the 12 of the 12 will be moving out into the world to spread the word with even more understanding and insight. So you will be able to choose when that time is there and yes this is preparatory. And you do not need to know at this moment in time of that which you will be speaking, of who you will be speaking to, nor of the actual events. But know that every opportunity that you get is giving you the chance to grow more and more to believe in yourself and to know with each experience that that which you need to say to each audience will be at the tip of your tongue. And so any fears or qualms in this moment are natural, but not necessary, because you will be blessed with the gift of presentation and presence and that is part of your road for the future.  (Thanks a lot). Bless you.

(One Who Serves):  We would add here that Mahendren you said “where am I  heading?” We would say you are heading where you are going.  (Laughter…thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have just something that I would like confirmed about the idea of preparation. And this is my observation of my life and it seems that each moment prepares you for the next but to the degree that you are aware of that is to the degree that you are aware of that. So that your awareness that you are always being prepared is based on if you’re aware or not. But ultimately in my life it could be cumulative, like years later, that I’m aware that I was being prepared. Does that make sense?

(One Who Serves): My goodness you are sounding like us now (laughter) but yes very much so. Awareness is everything. Awareness leads to understanding, awareness leads to motion. Motion in terms of moving on, moving on to who you truly are, to the aspect that you know you are but you’ve not yet quite reached it. Have you not felt this, all of you here, at some times that you had all the understanding in the world but you couldn’t quite grasp it? You know what we speak here?  (Yes yes yes) That it is just there, just outside of your fingertips and you cannot quite get to it and it is frustrating and we know this. But there will come a time where the awareness will just flood over you and you will have the answers that you have been seeking for so long. Yes there will be many, many, many answers that will come from outside of yourself in terms of announcements and all of these things but the true awareness comes from within. This is where you are all moving toward, you see?  (Yes)   Is this sufficient for you Joanna? 

Question: Yes what you just said brought to mind, do not seek to answer, seek to be aware.

(One Who Serves): Yes, yes. Awareness is everything, awareness is consciousness. And as you are becoming aware, consciousness is everything and IN everything. You are consciousness, so Be who you are, Be with a “capital B”. Be who you are.   (Thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have a question concerning what we or a lot of us are going through, whether it be people in this room or people around us, the fact that we are completely feeling the changes. My question is in terms of the Ascension - once we actually reach the Ascension, the tsunami of love is coming, is this going to allow us not to actually go through those physical pains or physical symptoms that we’re going through right now? In my personal experience I can say that physically there has been more and more pain; is this related to physical and mental awareness or is this what we call the kundalini? I am hoping that at one point through the Ascension we will be completely free of these physical 3D body pains.

(One Who Serves): Yes all of the above. All of the questions that you asked you have already answered. As you go through this Ascension process and you are all going through it, please understand that.  There is not one here, or anyone who would resonate to these words, who is not going through this Ascension. You are in it, whether you want it or not in some instances. And sometimes we know that the pains come and these aches and various ailments and you say “back it off a little bit…not so much”. And that will happen it will be backed off if you ask for it but if you can allow it to be, as the Susan is allowing it to come through her and move through her, this can be very helpful because once you are through with it is done. So to fully answer your question, when you have moved through this Ascension process all the aches and pains and all of those things that ail an individual will be gone. There will be no aspect of this whatsoever because duality, as you know it and the duality is what is causing many of the concerns here, duality will be gone in many aspects here. You see? Anything you wish to add here Ashira?

(Ashira): Well just to add that many have talked about the light chambers. Those particular tools, let us say, you have visited them in this group. You have gone to the ships and you have gone to inner earth, you have had opportunities to have those experiences within your mind, within your bodies. So at times if things seem to be especially challenging, those are tools you can use in your meditation as well for they do exist and you have had the opportunity to experience them. So that is just a tool that is still here that can be utilized and, again, once the Ascension takes place, you will be in totally different bodies and a totally different dimensions.    (Thank you, thank you, thank you).

(One Who Serves): Any other questions here? Then we are going to release to one other here who wishes to jump in here and give his two cents, you might say, he always wants to be heard this one. 

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Yes, greetings to you. (Greetings).  We know we sound just the same as the other one but trust us we’re different here. “We” being “I” in many respects here and I just want to say that we are going to be with you very much more in the times to come and certainly when you find yourself at the Advance. And we’re so, so looking forward to that because we have an open stage there that we can just let it go and have fun with you. And we hope that you will have fun with us as well because, please know, that all these things that are happening in the background are leading to something. It is not leading you into a dark quagmire or anything of this nature. It is leading you somewhere in the where that you are going is going to be phenomenal! Allow for the process to continue, go through your aches and pains and all of these things. We have all been through this, please understand, all of us that have ascended in the past have been through this that you are going through, and in many aspects, even more so. But you yourselves, please understand, you have been through this before as well. This is another time for you so even though it seems foreign to you now it is very commonplace, in terms of you have “been here, done that” and all of these things before. So allow for the process to continue and we will be with you again shortly and look to have some fun with you okay?  (Okay

Shanti.  Peace be with you. Be the One.

(Ashira): We are going to allow time for James to return to normal patterns so he can ask his question.

Question: My question has to do with when I read the Unveiled Mysteries book quite a while ago. In that book there was an accounting of someone who went down, was guided down actually, to an area down near Tucson. I’m not sure which direction from Tucson but I know it’s down there. It was an entrance to an underground area, a secret place of the brotherhood and maybe even an entrance to Agartha. And I’ve always felt drawn to that and am waiting for the right time, the opportune time, to visit this idea about actually going there and taking a group down there and hopefully being led to that area. Is there anything you can tell me on this?

(Ashira): Well if this was asked of One Who Serves they would not answer this question would they? (No they would not…laughter). And I am finding that within the sharing of information from that group to me to not give you a very direct answer either brother James. (That’s what I figured). You will know when the time is correct because you will be led and you will have your mentor, who has come to you already, but you will see him more and more. I should not say “him”, that is not the correct term; you will see that one more and more. And that one when you see them with your eyes, of eyes that see in this world, they will be the one to lead you in that direction. So it is not yet time but the time is coming as everything else unfolds.   (Very good, thank you). Bless you we know that you would wish for more. (I always want the “X marks the spot” but oh well). 

It has been my pleasure to be with you today to answer questions and to share with the life, the light, the energy that you are is a group. It is my deepest honor to be of service to you, through you and with you. I enjoy being called upon to come to you. I visit you in your dreams, I visit you during your dream times as One Who Serves as a group also does, and so many others. Lord Lanto will be with you once again at your Advance. When he made his presence known last time it was to Susan but it was made known to all who were present. We expect very strongly that this time he will actually be presenting a message to the group at that time. This is a group of spiritual warriors, spiritual scholars, spiritual Beings who have been on this path many times together before. All of those in this room, all of those who are coming from other areas, and all of those who have come to read these words and resonate with them; all of you have been called and we who serve you have come to give you light and life and energy and hope for we know that this is a difficult, difficult path that you have come to walk. And the Divine Mother gave hints about how to move forward with the presence of love always in your day ending your life. So call upon One Who Serves and upon myself, Ashira, and we shall be with you helping you along each step. We will close for this day as well. We give you so much love, so much peace and so many blessings.  Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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