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The Hollow Earth Science Is Real, Let's Go Through All The Evidence

The Hollow Earth Science Is Real, Let's Go Through All The Evidence

Many ancient cultures left us a record of their view of planet earth. They believed Earth is hollow. This presentation will review those records. Then, get ready to see and hear how the latest cosmic, geological, oceanographic, and core physics data as compiled and explained by Dr. Brooks Agnew.
He is the leader of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition and one of the most recognised voices in the world today. This stunning presentation will open your eyes to how planets really form. If you love Discovery Channel, you are going to be blown away by this presentation.

Brooks Agnew is a multi-patented engineer and a six-time Amazon best-selling author of nine books. Widely featured in numerous scientific documentaries, he is an internationally acclaimed lecturer on energy, manufacturing, and quality improvement while working with numerous Fortune 100 companies. He has been the host of X-Squared Radio for 13 years and currently serves as the CEO of an electric truck manufacturing company in North Carolina.



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