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Humanity has been plagued by a history of Battles.

Opposing and negative forces have locked horns and battled to the death.

Continuously - since the beginning of the recent recorded history....

The iron age of quarrel and hippocracy has been scared and ravaged by continous slaying all in the name of some abstract justice.

To What has freewill lead us ?

Lead to negativity

opposition and destruction at last and perpetually

just like seasonal changes.

Conflict has caused extreme stress.

And stress is the cause of physical illness.

A sick self destructive society is not a good way to forge ahead into a future of uncertainty.

What is the divine will for mankind?

What is the divine plan?


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Trust your intuition.....

its your still small voice inside of you.

Most people's sense of free will has been hijacked by old programmed beliefs and limited thinking... so they dont have free will; they become part of a *system* then, unless they reprogram out of it, and choose a more abundant state of being

i noticed people seem to be upset with the idea of a "divine being" and feel like it strips away their individuality. i like to see it this way. think of the concept of "god" as an orange. if i peel that orange i can get to the slices and separate them all. now each one is all individual, yet still apart of each other, but when all is considered they are not slices, just skin, just peel, but a whole fruit. i'm sure if you could talk to a grain of sand and you told it that it was a beach the sand would reply, no, i am a piece of sand, i am here and i am individual, because of it's size the one grain would never be able to know that it makes an entire beach and it's significance on a vast scale. we are as such. because we are more complex than a grain of sand, we make up something more fantastic than just a beach. we are tiny puzzle pieces that make up the entirety that is god. 

Amazing analogy Amanda :) Thank you!

Id say its more mankind that is lost in its search for God and in some cases its ignoring of God, rather than God being lost .. God cant be lost .. only found or rather rediscovered or self realized by humanity that it never went away .. always having been here within us .. anyway, I'm not nitpicking.. lol .. 

I agree.  Let's give "Free"will a different and more accurate name - "Ego" will - the destructive pattern we chose to follow because we are brain washed immediately in our young lives that we have "Free" will - which eventually leads us to bondage. Divine will - which is what we are, Divine - makes more sense to follow once you break from the matrix.

ALL we are saying...

Is give Divine will a chance....

Transferring from a Free Will Creation to a Divine Will Creation - How To Meet Your Star Family

Mastering Duality - Our Multidimensional Nature

Humanity's Final Fairy Tale - Becoming ONE With The Higher Self

Freewill leads to moksha --liberation

but beyond liberation is a transcendant plain

the human will becomes aligned with the divine will and dovetails desire

with that divine impulse....


What if the individual is not the thinker ?Where is your free will then ?

Solar you blew my mind with that question.....



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