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Humanity has been plagued by a history of Battles.

Opposing and negative forces have locked horns and battled to the death.

Continuously - since the beginning of the recent recorded history....

The iron age of quarrel and hippocracy has been scared and ravaged by continous slaying all in the name of some abstract justice.

To What has freewill lead us ?

Lead to negativity

opposition and destruction at last and perpetually

just like seasonal changes.

Conflict has caused extreme stress.

And stress is the cause of physical illness.

A sick self destructive society is not a good way to forge ahead into a future of uncertainty.

What is the divine will for mankind?

What is the divine plan?


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Sorry, but I prefer being able to think for myself than being controlled by some self-righteous being.


I am also sorry... But I make no mention of a divine being....

let alone a self righteous divine being...

and that is where the negativity and the opposition begins.

It really is a personal problem that your having with some being...

but here I am talking about a divine plan...

why do you think that some being is involved with this?

this divine being always brings pain and never in history anything good came out of it

Thats the way life is in the 3d

always brings pain.. but you can accept pain so others do not have to suffer,

and that way the pain can be used as a transformative healing...

You use the word Namaste---

I honor the divine place in you... so you do accept divinity.....

you just dont want be subserviant to some person..

Its an egotistical rejection.You dont want to acknowledge that a person is behind the universe.

Hey, so hybrid you have a higher self right, well above that is some other levels and at the top is your god self, well what I belief Eddie is saying is fulfilling your divine potential, we are all one with god sentient yes unique yes but part and made from god, all it is simply carrying out your own divine aspect.

There is no divine being in my belief telling you what to do just greater versions of yourself!

The divine being has no material needs--RCR-- thus no need to tell anyone what to do...
but still there is a need for love-- just like all beings have a need for love...
because without this emotion there would be only stagnation...
and stagnation is a kinda death.

He wants love ???

he enjoys seeing us in pain.

release your pain release your trauma

there is a purpose to pain..

it instills compassion....

and without compassion there could be no love...

we all deal with pain.. there are ways to develop spiritual resiliance...

...I think that you are missing the point entirely...all the best to you though

Thank you for your best wishes.......

I invite you to share what you think is "the POINT"

Surrendering to Divine Will is still Free Will. It just suggests that you make your decisions from your Higher Self as through your connection to SPIRIT, my friend rather than within an illusory state of fear-based thinking. This is what ascension is all about. ;) PEACE <3 Jacob



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