The Divine Father and Mother

purpletulip.jpg?w=300&h=239&width=246By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness, July 5, 2015 –

I wrote the following for the one hundred and fifty-fourth issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter.

Depending on which spiritual teachers you subscribe to, you’ve probably heard talk about the ‘Divine Mother’ and the ‘Divine Father’. But who exactly are these divine forces, and what do they have to do with God, creativity or enlightenment? Are they just fancy spiritual terms that were created to give us another label for God, or do they have a deeper, realer meaning?

I’m a novice when it comes to most spiritual terminology, and I can’t claim to know as much about it as someone who’s been on this path for a long time. In my eyes, however, the Divine Father and Mother are more than just labels. The Divine Mother represents love – the creative force that’s responsible for our existence – and the Divine Father represents complete emptiness, nothingness and bliss.

When we’re encouraged to return to love or center ourselves in the heart, we’re being encouraged to reconnect with the Divine Mother, who harbors all of the love and creativity we’ll ever need. If we ever doubt our creative powers, all we need to do is root ourselves in love (thereby reconnecting with the Mother) and allow our creative expression to pour out of us. It isn’t always that easy for some people, but with a solid understanding of love and the Divine Mother, it can get easier if we at least try to stay connected.

When spiritual teachers encourage us to transcend love and hate; happiness and sadness; joy and disappointment, they’re encouraging us to reconnect with the Father, to whom we’ll eventually return. They’re encouraging us to bypass even the Mother’s love so we can connect directly with the Divine Masculine, and in this silence and stillness comes an untold amount of bliss.

Everything simply is when we’re connected with the Father¸ and we learn true transcendence in this empty space. Our ability to persevere in difficult or stressful situations increases, and the same can be said for when we’re connected with the Mother. Her love pours out of us, enabling us to find strength in hard times, and combined with the Father’s stillness, we can become a mighty spiritual force.

When we’re creative, we express the Mother’s love. When we meditate or connect with the silence and stillness in any other way, we connect with the Father, who can never be known by the mind. No matter what, we’ll connect with our creator if we make an effort, and the secret is that we’re always connected – we just don’t realize it yet.

We’re constantly connected with God and our higher consciousness, but it can be easy to feel like we aren’t connected if we struggle to meditate, be creative or do anything else that requires a higher connection. There’ll be times when we don’t feel connected, but things will change if we persevere and refuse to give up when we don’t feel our best.

Our creator is here for us, and the Divine Father and Mother want to help us in our times of difficulty, frustration and perceived lack. The Mother wants to help her children through their creative and spiritual endeavors, and the Father wants to help us reconnect with him in the sacred silence that so many spiritual teachers have encouraged us to explore. We can increase our connection with them, but it requires faith, persistence and the willingness to embrace (and transcend) the obstacles that seem to impede our progress.

In my view, the best way to stay connected with the Divine Mother and Father is to regularly practice creativity and meditation (or other forms of connecting). We can connect with the Divine Mother during meditation, but I think creative expression is a much better and more potent way to keep that connection strong. It’ll strengthen more and more with all of the creative work we do, and our connection with the Father will strengthen as we continue to meditate and align with our higher consciousness.

Life would become a lot easier if we could consciously maintain our connection with the Divine Father and Mother, because we’d understand that we aren’t on this journey alone. We’re given more support and assistance than we realize, and it usually just takes opening up to this assistance to get the most out of it.

The next time you struggle with your creativity, try calling on the Divine Mother to help. The next time you feel disconnected from Source or any kind of higher consciousness, try meditating and connecting with the Divine Father in silence. Our creator will be here for us as soon as we request his/her assistance, and most of the time, all we have to do is open up and allow ourselves to receive their wisdom and guidance.

They have a lot to help us remember, so let’s maintain our connection in times of trouble. Our troubles will come to an end when we can stay connected and refuse to doubt ourselves or our creator, and the more we allow our higher consciousness into our lives, the more it can express itself through us. We’ll connect with the Divine Mother and Father through this higher consciousness, so let’s look to it when we feel distant.

Sometimes, it takes the assistance of our higher consciousness to help us realize that our connection has always been here and has always been strong. It requires a degree of openness to feel or understand, and everything will fall into place as long as we can stay open to the insight and revelations our greater awareness has to offer in every moment.

When it comes to meditation, creative expression or anything else that requires love and our greater awareness, open-mindedness will make it easier, more fun, more worthwhile and more rewarding. The same can be said for patience, which we can replace with pure presence and centeredness.

So let’s remember to open the mind when we want to connect with the Mother’s love or the Father’s empty bliss, and when we can, all of the higher vibes and creative expressions we seek will flow like water.

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