Understanding Way Discipline, following Prime Discipline and then practicing Occult Discipline is the good way for one to go.


Nowadays there're so many different religions, cultivation methods; and to fully awaking and reaching the way's peak.

There gonna be thousands of different roads for you to go. But also because of that, there come more than ever the number of cultivating disciplines-religions that fell into darkness of degradation, they have very bad influence to many who finding the way for awakening; and even if they do have right way, many just have real affection to correct and small number, or in individual level, not able to help, to salvate in big number- in other words is it is not able to covered the whole, in Humanity scale.

Buddha said:" In Degradation Age, practitioners helping themselves is hard, not saying for other people."

And many disciplines, people only is taught about psychic abilities, etc... but left out all the Laws of Universe, Celestial Laws.

Now our discipline. which combined with Way's Discipline, Prime Discipline, and by learning those carefully, then learning Occult Discipline will be more benefit than ever, because only after that, you have understand the idea of ours, you've got your motive power for doing good with all your best self-awareness, cultivate without mind about showing off your selfish psychic abilities.

No need too many practitioners which are unorganized, bustling in this Degradation Age, no need glorify Grand Master, no need mass hype in public. What I need is learners that have a good command of the Way Discipline, follow Prime Discipline and master Occult Discipline, then call me Master. But whether be called or not is not important, because what I fear most is being sanctified, become idol, that is horrible, because the Way is within you, without paying respect to self, you can't respect any other, above respect God, beneath respect self, then respect people. How is respect self? You are a child soul, is a part of the great oneness spirit, is a star dust/ phosphorous passed through endless times of reincarnation, so now in this time, you have to shine, brighter than ever, have to reach the Way's peak faster, better than ever before, have to be a good person, follow the Celestial Way, ... now that is what Self-respect means for. Respect parent in this incarnation is also respect the World, God. But if this reincarnation parent is still in ignorant state of mind, either do know nor respect Father God, who's also their parent, then our reaction is always be keep your respect in God, then follow God's will and gradually inspire and convert them. The same to every other one.

If else that some of you just want to learn Psychic, without learn and practice Prime Discipline- I will not consider them as my learners, my students or my disciples,... because that is not how you follow my teaching, because if you want psychic abilities, then follow Man Enlightenment Love discipline (similar to Reiki), QiGong, Buddhism, Hinduism,... all also teach Psychic abilities. And moreover that, learning Psychic but use it in bad purpose is even worse. Psychic must always go along with magnanimous. New Age is coming for Humanity, Magnanimousness is building a Great Unity World, not saying, preaching, saying blessing or benediction, not luxurious worshipping, knowing without doing, without using for good, that useless for Mankind,... It's a waste of life, not saying it's useless for family, for others, for anyone.

Beside that, our Discipline is for Great Holiness in next millions of years, no need to rush in this Degradation Age. If Buddha or Jesus reborn now, there will be an enormous number of people that try to kill them just like what was happened before, but in more cruel and caddish hundred times.

Later, when Prime Discipline is opened to public in larger scale, is respected by the people, and you want to worship me then just raise our Celestial Ritual, which means you have followed the Celestial path and now being respected by everybody. Do not worship me, worship our Father High Almighty God. Forever like that.

So the most essential virtue of the One who follow Celestial Discipline is: Love the people, real love to others is real justice. Love hard laboring classes, those who still in suffering; give up on craving for money, but also not despise material wealth, go for unite the Way with Life, hard working for a prosperous, wealthy and peaceful life, cultivate at home, the Way's path always inside of you, make kindness is the foreground element of the Way, perform salvation, giving bless to everyone by Prime Discipline, not by simple expelling evil spirits or curing disease; Do not following the Way of asceticism, repressing desires but to live in harmonically with nature, rules and laws of Universe. That is the Way Home for Human to return in Great Holiness Age.

Say no to superstition, because we have genuine spiritual science leading the way; Say no to Extremism, to Conservative mind, because there is light of Father High Almighty God showing the path; We don't crave for fame, or for reputation,, because the real Way of a discipline never afraid of being loneliness, of running out of vitality; we must not also stay away from life, keep the line from others, no meaningless eulogizing, because Celestial Discipline, by Father, is within everyone, and everyone have your own God within your soul, pray for the Way's path, is also for your path to go, for respecting yourselves, all living being, after that is the respect toward Father God; following our Discipline, but waging wars, fleecing people, killing living life, all is Dark Disciplines, dark and evil dye, or is borrowing God's image for rise force. Anybody is child of Father God, Mother Goddess, there is no God especially for any single individual one. All fighting, struggling, must be based on Humanitarian purpose, use words, reasoning, argument for persuading first, only and only after that, using violence is allowed, but that has to be the violence of the good, of kindness, just over a bit, extreme a bit, definitely becomes evil, crimes, darkness, it would become extremely disaster. What I afraid most is ignorance.

When cultivate Occult Discipline, needed most is sincere attitude, desire to be enlightened, to reach to Way's peak, not to show off your talent, your psychic abilities. Want to achieve Psychic? Go and learn others Human Energy Disciplines, kinds of Dowsing, Pagan, Occult...etc...

When understanding the Way's Discipline, Prime Discipline, immediately you have mixed up with thought of God, of Universe, understand how mother nature sense, after that cultivation with be in best shape than ever, will be in harmony between natural selfness and natural of Universe- means you and Universe are One.

I wrote books, 9 basic ones are done, then I got noble eye awakened by Father, only after that, I then cultivate for healing; For salvating evil spirits, before Eye awakening 12 days, Father taught me 32 Occult skills, just right after Third Eye Activated, I go do  my job right away...

As such, I fully understand the Celestials Law first, master Occult Discipline later; now in my learner turn, will be the same. But learner now has a luck, is that you have a real man to show the way how it's done directly, all of my experience,  differ to me when learn occult discipline, is meditate first, occulting after, next is Noble eye, but mine is opposite.

Why things have to be like that, because my fate is got prepared and protected, not afraid of being harmed by evil, but with you, without learning from root, it gonna be a disaster.

Open chakras- combined with meditating in every final action, all occulting exercise will gain power; Third Eye Awakening go along side with study Occult Discipline will able to let get to superior levels, and more will come when your Divine Eye activated, like High Noble Cultivation, Cosmic Cultivation, Nine Dragon Occult Cultivation, Occultism,... until an ultimate Telepath. Reached Salvation-master level, with top awakening level, understood the theoretical section of Discipline, study my Discipline by Psychic abilities; and using the Way of Great Unity; All is achieved, your mission is use all the energy you have to teach others, cultivate right at home, no need kinds of temples, far away mountains, stay away all principles of modern life but to improve it, under good realisticism

Way Discipline and Occult Discipline are very general compared to many other Cultivation Disciplines, because for all purpose, human still only have one Governing Vessel, 12 main meridians, 7 Chakras, one Third Eye- one type of place is lower realm and one home which is in higher realm.

One  who always as the Universe centre and gave us life is Father God.

All disciplines from the very past to now also target around those subjects, the difference is just about the way or the purpose of doing so, and by that, different Disciplines, Religions are created. Now, Celestial Discipline was born, also the top, the most inherited Humane legacy discipline, cannot  any otherwise, consist of best in synthesizing and  rationality, follow rules based on Celestial Laws; In terms of content, can cover all others. Wanting to unite Humanity, I repeat: There has to be a common, general road for everyone, consist of Way Discipline, advanced Prime Discipline -to reconstruct Earth and supreme Occult Discipline including Qi Gong- Occult Discipline and Hearted Cultivation


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  • As we have been searching for Enlightenment from the beginning of time, ever since we became consciously aware of the fact that it was possible to be Enlightened-whatever that is. We have not only been searching for Enlightenment, we have been searching as well for a definition of Enlightenment, because we can't get to that destination until we know where we are going. So the first step for most human beings has been to try to define what Enlightenment is, or what it looks like, or feels like, or tastes like, or what it is like to experience that. And then, after we have a clear picture of our destination , then we can try to figure out what would it take to get from where we are to where we want to be.

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