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Tears Of Forgiveness - Peace Through Inner Reflection & Acceptance Of ALL THAT YOU ARE

Last night, I found myself on one of those Draconian ships. I looked around and it was just awful. I see they have this world created there where these thousands of souls just live out a hell in which they are all in constant conflict of one another. Two of them saw me and came at me with knives. I gave them every opportunity to stop the nonsense and finally turned to face them. I turned both their knives against them and drove the 1st one into his chest while looking into his eyes. What a sight..

Then the other one came at me and I looked at him the same way. I just gabbed his hand holding the knife and started to slash at his chest without completely doing him in. He became overtaken by my love and knowing the disappointment I had for him. He looked at me and what I saw was really something I'll never forget. I'm see this moment changed him eternally as this was such a surprise to him, how I just stopped and faced him, without any fear in me, loving him, yet defending myself, cleansing his soul with every slash I swung at him. I looked into him and watched as though ever tear.. or more like all the tears he had ever known, or had ever taken part in the creation of, instantly fell from his eyes all at once, in a fraction of a second however, these tears did something to him.. and in my understanding of how to translate and decode the motion of energy I see before me, I watched as those tears all feel and then absorbed directly into his chest region and soaked into his Heart Center. Instantly, he was no longer the same person that attacked me in the moment before.

Those Tears were due to his being forced to face him SELF, but the beautiful thing was that he accepted this -ALL THAT HE IS. He forgave himself, and it was as though he knew in that instant, all the pain and torment he had caused in his entire "fallen existence" This is proof to me of two things; 1st that we truly only ever judge ourselves, and 2nd that we are truly NOT our deeds, or the mistakes we make, but only the very vibrational frequencies and energetic resonance that we are in every NOW Moment. We are our WILL.. we are our INTENT and everything else is only a reflection of those things and a manifestation of whichever or whatever experience we choose.

I also realized these dark ones only have the power over us that we give to them as through our own FREE WILL. I also have found through personal experience that there is DIVINE WILL of SPIRIT and there is FREE WILL of the SOUL. Not only have the dark ones chosen to dim their Hearts and Souls, but they have chosen to disconnect from SPIRIT. And when it is our WILL that truly drives us, we have each and every one of us, those dark ones and those of us in the light, have all that FREE WILL choice to allow DIVINE WILL into our BEING. That is why we hold such a grander power over all of them and when we fully embody this light/love, their own will crumbles in comparison before us. 

"Separation" is the illusion -In all things, separation is the illusion. In Humility, that veil is lifted through asking and seeking within. And in asking, we are Graced with Absolute Truth and Abundance.


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If you are interested in learning more about how to embody DIVINE WILL into your every Now Moment, please check out my "Living Meditation" which is based on the "Living Trinity" that is within all of us, both of which are explained clearly on my website. 


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Integration is the loss of free will unless you can at the same time know you are truly separate to think individual ideas and separate from the group if you choose to do so. The problem with beings like the Draconians are that they have been totally integrated as a group and follow the will of the oligarchy. It is the game being played out in this universe and it has even been turned into a new age religion. The universe started out as a game of creation and somewhere along the line moved to a game of controlling creations and those who are creative. Implants and etheric codes are used in integration to compel unity of ideas and actions towards the will of the oligarchy and group consciousness. Sometimes you can shake people loose if only for a brief moment and they have a realization they are imbued with a group frequency that they have lost themselves in. The native state of a being is to be static at will or create something at will in harmony with others and their creations. Those who can no longer do that feel the need to integrate into a whole to get everyone to think the same and be the same. The idea of reintegration back into a whole is a false narrative being sold as a religion. We were meant to create something new and we can never go back. We can only go forward in harmony as a life static and a creative being or as a controlled being subject to the will of the group and the oligarchy.


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