What do you mean with dimension?

Since I have read there is no math involved (which I have difficulties to understand), what is it that is called four or five dimensional?

Why not 31/2d or 31/3d?

Do we speak of topological, metric, verctor spaces?

I didn´t get it, yesterday the post on 5d was closed in the exening to answer.

How can someone invent the term 4d or 5d if it has nothing to do with math? I find that strange misleading to those who have math understanding...

So please, what is 4d and what 5d beyond any math?

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  • I like to think that the 4th dimension is like the purification We go through and the fifth is after the purification.
  • from how i breeak it down. 3rd is a dense vibe which we call low vibes.4,5,6,7,8,to infinite are high vibes,

    so basically while the cabal in the lows we wont even no they exist anymore because we are leaving there realm or there leaving ares. i think im in 6 to 7th right now only but being mulitadimentional beings i can go back n forth if chosen to do so  . because i do not hate the cabal i dont wish them harm i no that its up to us as  co-creators we must take are godly thrones as creators and help the world and this helping are selves 10 fold love+love=love .if i wanted to go back to  3d i would have to be a cabal child basically again  you no killed someone or hated someone or hated myself or the confustion state of whats im here to do . i can go back to 3d but it make no sense to because those realms are separations of the whole. i always cryed to my father(god) when i was a chrsitian . the time is now i no need to cry im here in the now with him and we are co creating beauty together and everyone is in on it. the angels,the e.t.s. and so fourth this is a knowing incident. doubting is 3d......

    check this out his name is BASHAR he breaks down it beautifully he an gray e.t being channelled by darrly ankle a human



    • 3D

      - People are selfish. There is feeling of separation from one another.

      - We consider time as past present and future.

      - there is a time lapse from a thought to its materialization.



      - People think about themselves and others. We are all connected.

      - We know that past and future are ilusionary. Only the present exists and we start living the here and now.

      - the time lapse between a thought and its materialization gets reduced.

      - It is a preparation period for 5D. A quick transition.



      - We are all one.

      - Tere is no space and time.

      - thoughts are materialized instantaneously.

      There are about 12 dimensions. the 13th. would be God/love/creator/univers/Light/source or however one may call it


      This is what I learned through Reading some articles. Hope it ressounds you.


      Much love


  • The Sacred geometry... *~ <3 ~*. And the quantum physics...
  • Oh, all you good people,

    Peter, Einstein and others,

    thank you so much for your attempts explaining the matter in different ways, and lifting it to a level of awareness of manifold possibilities makes really sense to me. Although I still prefer my former notion of calling a breaking of other dimensions in my world rather "other dimension(s)" than "4d or nd" with n>3...

    Sunday is Pentecost remembering the good spirit of God having come to Jesus´s followers.May His spirit lead you to much joy and peace!

  • Interesting comments... without the math, it's hard to relate to, at least for myself, I tend to have an esoteric approach.  I see things through sacred geometry forms, color and harmonics.... and theosophy of course.  So, to me, the dimensions are like increasingly "simpler" forms of light/energy... I could give you a bunch of quotes or research, but I have a feeling you have been there- done that, lol.

    One thing I have always wondered though... when we do get to the higher spheres/dimensions... will we be the people we are now, with our personalities and memories intact?  Or will we evolve far past the "self" we are now, so far that we are no longer the human selves we know and love now.   The channels have said we will be our "best" selves, but right now I am not sure what that means....    

  • Hi there tertiusgardens,

    I will endeavour to metaphorize how I experience the various dimensions

    In 3d, the dimension of the physical, we have the dimension of width, length and height. 

    the 4th dimension introduces the movement of time through the 3 dimensions.

    In the 5th dimension, you can assume to have a vantage point that allows you to see all of the infinite time line potentials that exist in 3 dimensions.

    think of this way.

    imagine you are about to go for a drive in an unfamiliar place.

     3d would be akin to the static display on a gps screen of a stationary car. You only know the streets in view of the screen. as you have no idea what lies beyond your senses, you spend time speculating what exists beyond your senses. You are operating out of moment time.

    4d would be akin to the the way the road, and consequent turns and hazards. when you come to a fork in the road, you cab see the choice of the fork. But you have no idea where either goes. You are experiencing the passage of time in the moment.

    5d then would be akin to looking to an old school street map of the area. You can see all the streets and where they go. Simultaneously. Just by looking down on the map.. The streets represent potential timelines. and you experience all time happening simulatenously, right now.

    Our experience of 5d whilst on earth would be like driving along an unfamiliar road with the road unfilding in front of you, no map, no gps, no idea, and just always making the right turns to get you to the place you don't even know you want to be at. And discovering that its exactly the right place to be. You have the awareness of the map of infinite potentials. and so you trust in that which you cannot see. Your vibrational frequency is raised to a level that allows you to unconsciously discern, and take action on the signlas that say turn left, turn right, talk to that person.

    And i assume its my comment you are referring to with respect to maths.

    I didn't say say there is no math involved, 

    What I did say is that maths deals with the finite. Even an infinite number is ultimately finite.

    And 5d is not finite.

    Numbers, on the other hand, Thats potentially a different story.

    4d is the dimension of numbers.

    Anyone who has been privy to the 11 11 phenomenon is operating in 4 dimensions..

    They have raised their vibrational frequency to the point that they are becoming sensitive to the influence of numbers.

    Hope this helps. 

    And I would also add, don't take this as gospel. It is purely me describing my experience.

    However i do believe it is accurate and valid.

    • I don't think time is a dimension as it is a human construct used to mainly as a measurement.

      Your explanation of 4d is akin to 3d "cause and effect".....if you take the left exit at the fork and get lost, that's the effect of your cause/choice and the same applies if you take the right exit and get to your destination....cause and effect.

      We as humans in this existance experience the passing of time, as it is a human construct

      Anything that has Length, width and height here in 3d, will definitely have an internal volume or capacity...measured as "cc"..cubic capacity. one cannot put a 3d physical object, let's say a matchbox, which has LxBxH into a 2d piece of paper which has LxB(although paper has a thickness in the microns), unless one or the other changes it's inherent properties..eg..folding the paper to form a box to hold the matchbox gives it a dimension of height which was previously negligible....also unfolding the matchbox and assuming all the folded edges are flat, the matchbox would now have lost it's dimension of height becoming LxB..and aslo losing it's ability to hold any volume....

      • Time is a measurement.

        As is length width and height..

        In the 5th dimension, time the measurable dimensions are compressed to the point of becoming a singularity.

        All time and space is existing simultaneously, right now.

        experience of life on earth will always be one of cause and effect.

        In a 3d dimensional existence you are predisposed to making choices according to the programme as defined by your karma. Inevitably, fear compels you keep going down the roads that hurt you.

        the increase in discernment that comes with 4d allows you to recognize, and thus stop making the choices that hurt you. Your karmic programing however still compels you to avoid making the choices that fulfill you.

        3d is the state of doing.

        It is in the high end of 4d where it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. Because everything feels great. especially in comparison to 3d. Life becomes quite easy if you let it. It is understandable to feel like you've got there.

        4d is the state of being

        the step to 5d however is where you are actively resolving your darkest fears.rather than give them a wide berth. This activity sees all the potential streets become available to you. The karmic programming no longer has any influence over you. And you become empowered to make the choices that fear made off limits in 4d. choices that are no longer guided by logic. Choices that only the sensitive nature of the heart can make out of your conscious awareness.

        5d is the state of I AM that I AM.

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