You know and I know that killing a child before it's born is considered in some peoples eyes murder, but hard the decision some women are faced with is psychological problems after the sexual act has been committed. Should they be considered mentally competent to raise a child after this immoral act has been committed  or should

A. The Embryo be aborted?

B.Giving up for adoption by birth mother and never told the truth of how he received life?

C.raise by birth mother and when he is older tell him or her the truth.

D.all of the above

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  • It is up to the mother

  • I have done this twice now. And there are more women able to do this than you may realize. It's very common. 

    As for the topic, I find it odd that this question would even be asked. How is it any of your business? Ive read the replys, I have no response other than a womans body is her own. It's her choice and her choice alone. I come from a matriarch family so I'm sure my views are different than many peoples, but I wouldn't even consider what a man thought about a pregnancy situation.

  • It is totally up to the mother what she wishes to do with the embryo, since it is a part of her body and was created by her body. As the creator of this embryo she has full jurisdiction over it and the resulting fetus's fate i.e. life or death, for as long as it remains in her body. The incarnating spirit is thus subject to the legality of the creator of the fetus as long as it is dependent on her body.

  • That's awful that is murder, that baby could have been put up for adoption later. There are plenty of women who cant have kids, and plenty of family s who would not mind having them, so if their that many weeks thats not right!!!! I Love Kids I am a uncle and now a great uncle, and I love all mine :)  that's sad :(

    • Can i add here...

      It is spiritually known:

      before any child is concieved by any mother on earth;

      they make soul *contracts* (up there)

      sometimes the child asks the parent (in the case the mother)... to carry it for a short while, (so it can get an idea of how it is to be in an earth womb)....  this may end in miscarriage or abortion... either way it is AGREED by both mother & child.

      There is no right or wrong answer to this question; however noone is judged badly just because they chose abortion.

      I have known many who have chosen abortion; its not an easy path; but they did what was right for them at the time.

      That is the main thing; to do what is in the best IN THE NOW time...

      (rather than bring a child into a unhappy relationship/home, or a drama filled one.)

      In my honest view; before awakening i felt it would have been better for my mother to abort me than bring me into the crappy home i was forced to be in.... in my opinion the divine does not judge or condemn us for having negative thoughts, or feelings, or if we abort a fetus or not... what matters is our happiness. Ultimately children are ALWAYS happy whether they are carried through in a pregnancy on earth or NOT.


  • A woman should have the right to do as she choose, a baby coming to form is a choice between mother and baby made in spiritual realms, if the conditions are not right then sometimes the baby opts out I.e. miscarriage etc, or sometimes the mother makes the changes I.e abortion, these are arrangements made by them and not our place to judge also keep in mind that a soul of a baby does not always enter the fetus form until a later time, and it is not the same for every women when the soul of baby comes, in spiritual realms the baby can see ahead of timeline and decide if conditions will be good, so it is also for the individual woman here on physical plane
  • I think any of these choices would be wise I choose all of the above.

  • A woman should definitely be allowed to do so. When you think about, it's impossible to ever really die so in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter if she decides to abort. I know that kinda sounds harsh in third dimensional human terms but it's true. Everything happens for a reason. And if a woman decides to abort, the child was not meant to be born into this world at this time. The soul of the baby never dies and therefore has the opportunity to incarnate elsewhere.
    • medically abortions have a time limit for "choice" after which it must be a medical emergency which threatens the life of the mother.  It is usually around 14 weeks for this cut off date.  The reason for this date is that before this date the fetus is just cells and not really anything more than a growth in the womb. This of course is based upon science.  If you go with any # of religions the moment of conception is life, however they are referring to soul transferrance and not life of the body.  Nassim haramein suggested that life begins when the cell ball in the womb achieves the shape of the tetrahedron, or whatever the name is of the big ball he mentions in sacred geometry discussions. 64 tetrsahedron grid or something along those lines.  Since souls cannot be measured or verified yet we must stick with what we can verify now which is the science method.

      It should be the womans choice as it is her body.  For all we know the abortion could be the plan of the life contract so that the mother gets the catalyst, and the child was an intended sacrifice so to speak only a few weeks of incarnation in th womb for the mother to have her soul lesson.

  • I think its totally upto the lady. Some women choose to keep their children after rape...

    this is one story :

    and this woman loves her child to bits!!

    so its a woman's personal decision. I commend women who choose to have the baby under such distressing circumstances.

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