1-Reserve: Temporarily reserve current methods of economy, politics, culture, education, spiritual rituals and old cultural rituals in general. Avoid hastiness and fast transformation which causes hostile and opposite reaction due to the rules of conservation and slackness of the old things. The simple forms of commune are mountain villages, hamlets, etc. which were forms of primitive society with democratic institution and simple forms of labor, family and village culture. They have very high communal features and need reserving freely in a long time before converting into long GREAT HOLINESS society. The current economics & commodity forms of capitalism today also need maintaining to ensure the order and security and economic security for human society. However, socialist forms will be encouraged; for example, the form of a small commune, the collective economic organizations, economic cooperatives, collective farms and socialist-oriented commodity economy will be encouraged because these are platforms for the GREAT HOLINESS communism.

Let us fear not poverty due to the theory of communism. We are different from other societies in righteousness, not fear hunger, no fear of lack; what need fear is only inequality and injustice. Just remove a missile; there will be enough money for ten thousands of people; that is the justice of peace and prosperity. In addition, in the laws of GREAT HOLINESS, there will be a discussion of a kind of new commodity economy without the free market but it still stimulates the growth and social development with the best direction.

The thing is: Respect the old and avoid hastiness which is not yet necessary; avoid copying mechanically. On the basis of reservation, we will revise, add, build and develop along with repair; if we do not reserve the old things temporarily to support the new development, there will be no sheet-anchor for this evolution. Therefore, the new thing must stand on the shoulders of the old thing to evolve. It is unable to smash the old one immediately else we will have to pay the very high price and be against by the old things.
Reserve and respect the old things to take advantage in order to build the new things and transform rather than to maintain eternally. The proverb for it is: To get honey, do not hurry into breaking the bees’ nest.
2-Impact: In the process of time changing, gradually transform, disseminate ideology, social beliefs, ideals and spiritual awareness. Convert by rituals, spiritual power; notice: to transform, there must be merits and deep penetration, deep understanding of cultural customs and beliefs of each people, each region; understanding of the strengths, weakness, backwardness and the impact on the primary objects.

For religions, temporarily forget about the economy, i.e socioeconomics will vary according to the nature of the transition. Particularly in the form of beliefs, gradually move to the new law of rituals by impacting slowly; choosing the heads are the dignitaries, elders, priests and monks to initiating transformation; teach Celestial Discipline at first, then Way Discipline and then build Prime Discipline gradually. When Prime Discipline have become stable, take it as the important foundation of the society to totally transform religions. In the process of transition, continuously disseminate spiritual documents, the apparatus in a spiritual séance and other scriptures of supreme beings, Father, Mother. Use our branches to gather and consolidate the whole world religions one day.
3-Convert step by step: – The ethnic minorities have village patriarch council, powwows, etc. who are important people with prestige among people. The village patriarch council should become the Communal Supervision Council. The powwows should become Ceremonial Master; condominial houses should become the Temples of God or the cultural houses.

This stage focuses on popularizing the theory of Way Discipline, Prime Discipline, Celestial Discipline. If they learn Celestial Discipline well, they will become super gurus and then become Masters for the people.
Modern co-operatives will be maintained and developed to become typical communes. After that, we can build more superior communes.
GREAT HOLINESS Village is a low-level form of low commune = communal villages form, hamlet, mountain village. We must maintain these old forms and then gradually consolidate them into Autonomous Communes. At first, these forms can be located in the communes.
Thus, later Prime Discipline, we just need to adjust a little texture in Economy, Autonomous Families, Cultural Institutions and Spiritual Ceremonies; organizations of collective labor should be combined with free family labor; we should not rush to build Commune type Chinese, Pol Pot, which will disrupts stable life of the people.

The economy may temporarily maintain commodity type with free market for a period of time, and then many countries are moving to GREAT HOLINESS Great Unity Society and orienting to GREAT HOLINESS socioeconomic type and reducing capitalist centralized economy, developing smallholder individual economy and community cooperatives and then approaching autonomous economy with self-sufficiency in areas, economic centers and self-ruling communes. Allow exchanging goods in type of commodity market but just within the autonomous region or the commune, or in a small area and avoid forming the old economic market. This ensures economic stimulus and exchange within that locality and not to occur the hunger, lack of raw materials, etc. Maintain exchange voucher instead of money with stable value within limited areas.

This is the simple form of transition to go to completely communist society. Time can be maintained in very long time and it cannot complete hastily in just a few years or even decades to eliminate immediately the capitalist economy or old free market. First of all, the GREAT HOLINESS Economy will be maintained in the simple economic areas and poor countries where the level of economy and labor are low and the areas with few population, deprivation or ethnic minorities and remote areas.

We should remember that capitalist economy sooner or later will be self-destroyed because of the nature of selfishness and lack of evolution in its relation of production. Socialization of the open economy will thwart and distort bourgeois ownership and break capitalist society by severe economic recessions; they will try to reserve in the form of economic contraction, or move the capital to places with cheap labor and raw materials. This makes the material lives in the poor countries seem to increase but that will also cause environmental destruction and cultural decadence and leads to the decadence of morality and lifestyle. When the capitalist countries reached highly developed civilization including the social contract and free public services and things might be determined as peace and prosperity but the nature of that society still has its selfishness: exploit somewhere else to protect its resources, the universality/Great Unity is not high; capitalist state there is always willing to launch war and exploit the public who go against the selfish capitalist interests. Meaning, the advantages and social enlightenment is poor. I know there are some places considered paradises on this type of society-i.e people are prosperous, society is well-organized, patronage and social services are good such as free education, health care, puericulture, beautiful country, friendly people, few social evils, good religions and spirituality. That is very precious. This makes the capitalist world seems good in comparison with poor countries which are building the socialist regime. However, the contract of an entirely beautiful world which also cares for poor countries but then stays out of the aggressive wars must be considered again and so is the nature of the state. We should remember that each of their prosperous days, there are about 300 African children died of hunger. A year of embargo on trading and other institutions can cause 12,000 North Koreans died of starvation each year … This is a world full of anxiety, violence and instability.

Therefore, I think that to have an entirely beautiful and long-lasting and light society, we have to orient to a world of peace, justice like GREAT HOLINESS Great Unity. Each country must have a stainless politics system and the economy must belong to the community. I consider the excess of material and fullness of capitalist society being as a fake shape/shadow because the purpose of the capitalists is to produce a lot of material to the society for their selfish interests by any means including degradation and wars, market exploitation and exploitation of the earth and do not really want to have a peaceful world full of happiness. Let us look at the capitalist economy of China; how it desires power and raw materials and how it damages the environment and how this neocolonialism exploits Africa. So do American and Western Europe capitalists. Russian capitalism is turning the whole world into a furnace of weapons because they enrich their country by selling weapons as the American combination of politics and economy and weapons. Pain, social evils, corruption, false, exploitation, the gap between the rich and the poor and serious inequality are presented in all nations. The world was muffled by the infighting, competing with each other and intimidation which Cabal leads and wants to and even incites world wars in order to lead and control the whole world.

About awareness, we have to understand about the essence; do not confuse that those rich country with full of material is the purpose of evolutionary civilization. Material civilization must serve people for spiritual civilization and vice versa; however for capitalism, there is no true spiritual civilization. As long as human beings need spiritual progress, the epicure lifestyle with excessive greed and fast pace, violence and struggle will never be a choice for human future.

– About land reform during the transition: gradually carry out land reform, i.e the entire unified land under the management of Autonomous Region, and then distribute to the villages, communes and then to household families and the rest are public property and are used to exploit together. Currently, this form can be basically initiated. The things which have not done yet are working general, distributing together and not paying salary but in kind to workers or the model can feed workers.

– Use our branches to gather, educate so that all the religions can be consolidated on day.

4-Building model: We must build models – i.e the standard and typical model as an example for people to learn and learn from experience. These are the low &high level of GREAT HOLINESS Commune models. Even construct small models of villages and standard transitional communes for other places to learn and avoid disorder. That is, in all its forms, there must be the standard model to follow and organize. The forms are temporary because ultimately, the whole society will evolve to the true way gradually from the lower to the higher models and forms . Therefore, do not rush eagerly by any kind.

-When cultivate Occult Discipline, there will be great impact on thinking and ideology for human to self-cultivate, train and learn how to organize society to suit the spiritual evolution necessary and sufficient for them. That means they will remove the backward ritual forms of religions and will gradually change the perception of political & economic organization for the best spiritual evolution.

– Don’t forget that our Prime Discipline will exist in a very long time and require construction and completion in a very a long time and evolve for a very long time and develop in various forms and levels for thousands of thousands of years! Therefore, do not be hasty in any kind but experience to gradually complete the social relations, state regulation and economic regimes and economic social relations.

I repeat: This doctrine complements Marx’s theory of Communism and the theory handbook of future’s humanity with no connection to the current poor modalities; and if each intellectual finds this book, please research it as a scientific study. I consider the current economic forms of the world are the rudimentary forms of evolution of the human species including simple socialist economic theory which is the low step of the evolution of human society.

Study other Teaching Book’s sections well and temporize in different stages; change the unsuitable and slow form; adjust when seeing something develops too hastily; it must be diversified like a way with a certain destination so we can use different means of transports . It is the same to other forms of religions; change gradually and avoid ethnic, politics or religious wars just because of the struggle between the old and the new; be calm, confident, sure to transform; respect for all form and content of all evolutionary stages.
5-Setting examples – To set sample models and educate gurus … these forms must be standard forms – i.e, to maintain the best state in which there must be an example in Discipline Implementing, i.e, building Prime Discipline or standard &good action. Built typical point/examples; they must be good mirrors for other people to follow and see whether it is right or not, strict or not …then other can follow.

6-Political Platform: – We must have the Supreme Spiritual Structure on earth, and then obey Father’s commands to disseminate and educate and initiate the Main Discipline. Galactic Council will go down to manage the earth after 2012 and shall have many programs to help us establish long-term Heaven.

Disseminate the teachings of the Three Dogmas Disciplines (Tam Ly Phap) to all beings to transform perceptions, thoughts and beliefs of beautiful Communism ideal.
The process of transition to build beliefs and awareness and ideological transformation will be long &necessary and thus, cannot be hasty. Human world is in need of continuing to experience to see the bad, the weaknesses of the old economic and social system in the process of their collapse to welcome new light excitedly like a patient needs a new therapy.
Subdivide the New World; execute the formal Law in order to set complete Law. According the orientation in the Five Modes (Ngu Thuc) to execute the Discipline and build lives; avoid hastiness.
7-Unifying and dispelling: – This is the inevitability of GREAT HOLINESS though how long it takes. Unifying together and dispelling all disagreements to consolidate completely. Unifying and dispelling has 3 meanings of content and evolutionary stages as follows: First is the transitional unifying and dispelling: partial execution; a step-by-step conduct process; Second is the entire global unifying and dispelling; Third is thorough/perfect unifying and dispelling.

In partial unifying and dispelling, there is continuous mutual impact between the old and the new; there are new things in old thing and vice versa; gradually steps are taken to transform form and content. It will take a very long time.
In entire global unifying and dispelling: – Building Global Government will have a lot of difficulties; First the Spiritual Hierarchy and GREAT HOLINESS Association must be organized and then the Church of Celestial Way; establish villages and communes carefully wherever the Way spreads as point 2 and 3-that is gradual impact-shift; and when we have the whole country transformed, gradual impact – shift must be still conducted. We need a transformation, a GREAT HOLINESS social revolution on a global scale in a peaceful way. We can unify whether the larger or smaller ones first rather than being kept up all countries as member, or when finish setting up the Global GREAT HOLINESS, entire global unifying and dispelling is conducted.
In thorough unifying and dispelling: It is when GREAT HOLINESS is established-i.e GREAT HOLINESS become entire standard and this will be a very long time from here when humanity evolve to a very high level after the unifying and dispelling of humanity.


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