8110841889?profile=original        SECRET ORDERS go this far back to Atlantis. On this beautiful island formed foreign breeds a beautiful civilization. Everyone had their own role in the whole, and worked with many other worlds and dimensions. In the temples they had connections with many empires, and the Atlanteans could travel through time and space. This all happened openly, there were no secrets but everyone knew his place. Because human consciousness was still in its infancy, we could learn a lot, especially about the shadow parts of our subconscious. A certain group of priests went slowly rebelling against the prevailing methods. They found that they went into stood above the other priests do in secret rituals and ceremonies, without the approval of the higher council. What they themselves had not only by was that they were used by "their" dark parts. Uncertainty their pride was triggered and fueled unprocessed emotions, as did the first break with the magic of the divine order and the spiritual hierarchy. With reverse symbolism they have attempted to obtain personal power, which is still used to this day. One of the two orders went into the mystery and for a long time, the competition for power.
These orders are in the course of time become a power distribution system in which you never know exactly what you do to it, because each layer has its own rules, laws and examples. There are brief, born two orders in Atlantis, the Sun and the Moon. The Illuminati and the Luna Marie. These have overcome the teeth of the time, and always determines the new phases of the human consciousness and dedicated. The one driven by the Sun by the Moon male the other female. The latter was in times of Atlantis strongest. The gifts were used and abused and dark powers were invoked through rituals. In this time the women were in power and they used sinister rituals to rid the man's strength. Many centuries later, this energy was balanced and the feminine energy hit in harmony. The native people lived in softness with the Earth, but the injuries were in the male collective intact, this led to a new struggle, from the church, with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now came the time of the Sun and the Illuminati arose at the time of male power. It is now in power, fate is determined by brute force and power, and fear as a means to suppress the people. The last open struggle between these two powers was the second world war. Hitler Moon, against the Allies, the Sun ..
This form has of course frequently updated and rewritten. The Templar Knights had besides money, other resources taken to Europe, namely knowledge. They have created the banking system wad we know now. You could pick up a copy of money at a monastery, what you had deposited elsewhere. At one point they were so powerful that they were richer than the King of France, Philip the Fair. Who according to tradition, a pact with the Pope, and the Knights Templar sentenced to the worship of gods other than God, and black magic, something secretly pass in the Vatican. On Friday the 13th of October in the year 1307, the most knights arrived at the stake. According to the mainstream media as well as the Grand Master Jacqaes de Molay. But the opposite is true. The highest core of this order has fled in secrecy and hiding in York and Edinburgh, still in secret connections with the Vatican and the old powers of Babel. Here they are still now working Scottish and York Rite developed. Later by the English kingdom would conquer the world, and would govern in secret. The basis of modern Freemasonry was laid.
Through rites and initiations, the hierarchy was determined, where you got to see at every inauguration more of the magic. The first three degrees of the Blue Lodge are called, here you have no idea where you are sitting in, and everything seems very prosperous and subservient, here you grow from apprentice to master, the 3rd grade. Often also denied of higher or deeper degrees. The Scottish Rite has 33 and the York Rite 11 (see picture). These are the presidents, judges, high commissioners and important people in important key positions. The higher degrees are for the bloodlines and come as an outsider never in between. If you are born in a particular bloodline could later get in, and you went on with the work of your ancestors. It is known that many of the important people in our history were among these orders. Isaac Newton, Bach, Mozart, but also all American presidents such as George Washington, and the Bush family. The public eye reaches the 33th grade, but from there the circle bends inward, and go about in secret, to the 360, then the circle. At the top, they are driven by the same power, the Eagle and the Serpent. Actually they work together and they are one. These orders were secretly to power in Egypt, they were present at every power- or coup and have the fate of mankind, times changed again and determined.
Why do I share this information now?
For a long time these powers were used to create a school of Earth. She looked just like a soap opera for the problems which man could learn his lessons. This is my idea from higher perspective, been their function. Of course there are many layers of truth, and you can end up in horrific layers, they also beat all. The high positions in these degrees, decide without regret or compassion, life or death. War and terrorism is only a means to achieve something, and this is often something we can not imagine us as human beings. Therefore, it is for the large crowd often contain not mean that these powers are. It does not fit in the human concept. Of course you should also take note that we are being manipulated from an early age and the world what we have been sent by the school and television. The modern movie is therefore nothing more than an elaboration of the old propaganda game of Rome, it is refined and mastered. So we are already prepared by films for certain things that they want to go forward, we have become lazy by TV, and our comprehension is stilletje determined. All pure information be beguiled articles, and big money thrown into the world, disinformation is called, and if you touch those layers in conversations, you feel the charge is over. Especially in the field of nutrition, health is still immense. Go from there but that much of what has been learned has been created to put you on the wrong track, to keep you away from your strength. Now comes a moment when the great powers wish to complete their plan of centuries. You can tell what is happening around us. From Babylon have secret powers, money, sex, science, propaganda and religion used to send humans and limit. Fear was always their greatest weapon because if you make people scared, they give their power away easily. The Senate of Rome used propaganda to send the people to war and the Vatican made people afraid of sins and God's will. These tricks are all as old as Rome and the German Philosopher Hail, this method has stopped a new look, as this is the dialectic of Hail.
You create a situation
You control the situation
You come up with a solution
This solution is often the plan in advance if it is conceived. By scaring people and put pressure will allow his bills that they would normally reject. For example, the disaster at the World Trade Center. When I woke up from what was in the media and there have been quite sick. Before I knew of secret powers, I knew of corruption and money but had no idea of the greatness of structured and that the media was in the hands of these secret powers. The Internet was full of well-argued documentaries that have uncovered that the buildings never or that way, or at all could crash because of such aircraft, and that obviously is done with controlled demolition. This was in those documentaries so clear, but never reached those TV land. From when I looked with new eyes at the news, more like: "look what they want to make us believe again, and what is the intention behind the action?". It's not that everyone is aware of doing it, most people are in a web, where they have no idea who's pulling the strings. This is a refined and well-oiled machine, which already operates thousands of years, but now slips power them from the hands. This is because a new phase of the game presents itself. That of man and the people.
An important step in transcending duality is also not condemn these powers. Then you get stuck in the victim offender piece. Realize that the politicians and those in power now, the victims were then and any anger you feel still, probably to yourself, of lives that you have abused your power, or when you leave you have to use. We are the Earth, we have the collective and we are these powers, at least people who are stuck in old structures. Something I often try to do is just naming something, as I know of no judgment, then I have the strength to rise. All the energy of struggle is pointless, then you're still in the old energy. But close your eyes no longer works, how pleasant and safe it was. It is often very easy with the word conspiracy thinker to sweep all the facts of the table, but this worked too long.
Since the latest "terrorist" attacks, there are a few new dangers surfaced. I saw it coming. A major problem of this new era, the Internet and mediums like Facebook. The news and the newspaper are easily controlled through the monetary system, but the Internet is the people. Now plans are made to check to this. The first plan was on the attack in France. Immediately came the European summit together and rolled out a proposal to remove hate messages from the Internet, this is in conflict with the constitution and liberty of expression. This was already tried for a while, even through Geert Wilders, the Dutch but modern man has a big heart, and was manipulating less than before. But now Europe has put a step.
The last action with an attack on the news will prepare for the next step. That people with radical opinion can be trapped and handled mandatory. This can also mean the so-called conspiracy theorists like I might be led to believe at this time. Removing "conspiracy" messages mop with the tap, because it is so well known to be, the next step here and there a tap turned off. But dear ones, so far does not come. It is important to face this coming, but not to be afraid. It's just the next step of the game. Just like you as a teenager rebelled against your parents, and when you become a master, you often opposes your teachers, it is now our time to set our faces against the rulers. For a long time they have a scooped space where we could learn, where we could claim our mastery, now is the time that the Earth is going to be a place of unconditional love. The leaders and senior politicians are also in a system in which they do not know who or what they actually follow. They are just like us oppressed and squeezed when the link breaks us the people, it will vibrate to all layers of the 360 ..
It is therefore important to flow not included in reports in the news. All the fear and emotions that evoke in you, you may through, that are yours, but do not feed more collective power. Which is used to sow more fear and sadness, and ultimately to ground plans. Do not step into the perpetrator - victim game which is fueled, go not condemn people or groups or designate, that will only bring more division between us. Recognize that you actually have no idea what happened behind the scenes, and that it does not matter, do not feed longer that game, but focus on love and trust.
Because we got on planet of free will life we always have the choice to kick in here or not, how crazy this sounds, manipulation is a choice. In everything that happened from these powers, is at all the lies on TV to always tell the truth, for those who want it. The symbolism used by them centuries old, the pyramid with the eye, the American one dollar bill, the eagle with two heads which stands for Rome and Babylon. With every disaster or terrorist act is to see the truth, if you dare. Errors are "deliberately" made to make you wake up, but you have to have the guts to that hot shower where you leave covered. This is the only way to build that new Earth, we have up to the bone, uncovering all. Therefore, open your eyes and see, do not be afraid, but be aware of the threat, together we can overcome.
The overarching lesson that this energy brings us acceptance. Now, when the game is to change is that feed, which input is no longer required. This year everything is no longer aligned emerge with Divine order to be liberated. All these old programs and systems will crumble, and with it the whole created power structures.
The circle is round again, this group has 360 people, we get ready for the next round ..


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  • I like civilization- hunting and gathering was hard work and their wasn't much soap and toothpaste 

    ancient toothpaste; one drachma of rock salt - a measure equal to one hundredth of an ounce - two drachmas of mint, one drachma of dried iris flower and 20 grains of pepper, all of them crushed and mixed together

    ancient soap; Records show that ancient Egyptians bathed regularly. The Ebers Papyrus, a medical document from about 1500 B.C., describes combining animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to form a soap-like material used for treating skin diseases, as well as for washing.

    As Roman civilization advanced, so did bathing. The first of the famous Roman baths, supplied with water from their aqueducts, was built about 312 B.C. The baths were luxurious, and bathing became very popular. By the second century A.D., the Greek physician, Galen, recommended soap for both medicinal and cleansing purposes.

    After the fall of Rome in 467 A.D. and the resulting decline in bathing habits, much of Europe felt the impact of filth upon public health. This lack of personal cleanliness and related unsanitary living conditions contributed heavily to the great plagues of the Middle Ages, and especially to the Black Death of the 14th century. It wasn't until the 17th century that cleanliness and bathing started to come back into fashion in much of Europe. Still there were areas of the medieval world where personal cleanliness remained important. Daily bathing was a common custom in Japan during the Middle Ages. And in Iceland, pools warmed with water from hot springs were popular gathering places on Saturday evenings.

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