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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP 08-19-18: "The Fixed Stars In Astrology & Role In The Horoscope." List Of Celebrities Included; Test Cases Include Helter Skelter, O.J. Simpson, And Lizzie Borden.

This presentation concerns the most common fixed stars used in astrology, their definitions, and celebrities and famous people who have key placements of these stars. Enjoy!

Regulus- Robert Plant has Sun Conjunction Regulus; Trump has Regulus Conjunction Ascendant; Churchill had Regulus Conjunction Moon; Bill Gates has Regulus Conjunction his Jupiter Conjunction Pluto placement; Jimi Hendrix had Regulus Conjunction his North Node Conjunction Chiron placement

Aldebaran – John F. Kennedy had Aldebaran Conjunction Sun; Bob Marley had Aldebaran Conjunction Uranus; Edward Snowden has Aldebaran Conjunction Mercury; Charles Manson had Aldebaran Conjunction Chiron 

Antares – both Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix have Antares Conjunction Venus;  Churchill had Antares Conjunction Sun; Marie Curie had Mercury Conjunction Antares

Fomalhaut – Johnny Cash had Fomalhaut Conjunction Sun; Dane Rudhyar had Fomalhaut Conjunction Mercury; Mozart had Fomalhaut Conjunction Venus

Acrux & Alphecca – numerologist Cheiro had Acrux & Alphecca Conjunction Sun; Mark Twain had Acrux  Conjunction Ascendant; both occultist/writer Israel Regardie and astrologer Marc Edmund Jones has Acrux & Alphecca Rising; Aleister Crowley had Acrux & Alphecca Conjunction Mercury/Jupiter; Abraham Lincoln had Uranus Conjunction Acrux & Alphecca; David Icke has Acrux Conjunction Mars

Altair – Jeane Dixon had Altair Conjunction Mercury; astrologer Alan Leo had Altair Conjunction North Node; psychologist/writer Carl Jung has Altair Conjunction Ascendant 

Dubhe – Alan Leo has Dubhe Conjunction Sun;  astrologer Joan Quigley had Dubhe Conjunction Moon; Shirley Maclaine has Dubhe Conjunction South Node; Israel Regardie had Dubhe Conjunction Jupiter

Schedir – both David Icke and Rudolf Hess had Schedir Conjunction Sun; astrologer Alfred Witte had Schedir Conjunction Neptune; astrologer Barbara Birdfeather has Schedir Conjunction Descendant; Michael Moore has Midheaven Conjunction Schedir

Sirius – Dalai Lama has the Sun Conjunction Sirius; Michael Jordan has Sirius Conjunction Ascendant; Warren Buffet has Sirius Conjunction Jupiter; Marilyn Monroe had Sirius Conjunction Pluto; Hitler had Sirius Conjunction North Node

Betelgeuse – Tom Jones has Betelgeuse Conjunction Moon; Nikola Tesla had Betelgeuse Conjunction Mercury; Dean Martin had Betelgeuse Conjunction Venus; FDR had Betelgeuse Conjunction Mars; Charlie Sheen has Betelgeuse Conjunction Jupiter; Hillary Clinton has Betelgeuse Conjunction Uranus; Richard Nixon had Betelgeuse Conjunction Pluto 

Deneb Algedi – Abraham Lincoln had Ascendant Conjunction  Deneb Algedi; Justin Bieber has Mercury Conjunction Deneb Algedi; John F. Kennedy had Uranus Conjunction Deneb Algedi; Rudolf Hess had Mars Conjunction Deneb Algedi

North Scale – both Charles Manson and Leonardo DiCaprio have North Scale Conjunction their Sun Conjunction Venus placements; Gandhi had North Scale Conjunction his Venus Conjunction Mars placement (which was in opposition with Pluto); Robert Kennedy had North Scale Conjunction Saturn;  Dane Rudhyar and J. Edgar Hoover had North Scale Conjunction Uranus

Acamar – both David Icke and Saddam Hussein have Acamar Conjunction Venus; both Jimmy Carter and Winston Churchill have Acamar Conjunction Chiron; Gandi had Acamar Conjunction Neptune; Harvey Milk had Acamar Conjunction Mars

Wega – astrologer/psychic Jeane Dixon had Sun Conjunction Wega; both Joe McCarthy and Lyndon Johnson had Wega Conjunction Uranus; Johnny Depp has Wega Conjunction Moon; Brad Pitt has Wega Conjunction Mercury; Napoleon had Wega Conjunction Pluto

Rigel – Jackie Wilson and Johnny Depp have Rigel Conjunction Sun; Jim Carrey has Rigel Conjunction Moon; JFK had Rigel Conjunction Venus; Oprah Winfrey has Rigel Conjunction Jupiter; Donald Trump has Rigel Conjunction Jupiter

Spica – Eminem, Evil Knievel, and Mike Judge have Spica Conjunction Sun; Vladimir Putin has Spica Conjunction Mercury; Warren Buffet has Spica Conjunction Venus; Bill Clinton and Winston Churchill have Spica Conjunction Jupiter; Michael Moore has Spica Conjunction Neptune; Michael Jackson had Spica Conjunction North Node

Procyon – Nelson Mandella and Hunter Thompson have Procyon Conjunction Sun, JFK had Procyon Conjunction Midheaven; Donald Trump has Procyon Conjunction Venus; George W. Bush has Procyon Conjunction Saturn; Elvis Presley, Saddam Hussein, and Charles Manson had Procyon Conjunction Pluto

Atria – John Kerry and Frank Sinatra have Atria Conjunction Sun; Michael Jackson had Atria Conjunction Midheaven; Marlon Brando had Atria Conjunction Jupiter; Al Capone had Atria Conjunction Saturn; Bill Gates has Atria Conjunction North Node; Saddam Hussein had Atria Conjunction Chiron

Sadalmelik – Ted Kennedy had Sadalmelik Conjunction Sun; Jim Bakker had Sadalmelik rising; George Patton had Sadalmelik Conjunction Midheaven (in opposition with Mars); Elvis Presley had Sadalmelik Conjunction Moon; Timothy Leary had Sadalmelik Conjunction Uranus

Algol – both Liberace and Trent Reznor (9-Inch Nails) have Algol Conjunction Sun; Robert DiNero has Algol Conjunction Mars; Susan Atkins had Algol Conjunction Mercury; Johnny Depp has Algol Conjunction Venus; Donald Trump has Algol Conjunction Midheaven; Hillary Clinton has Algol Conjunction North Node; Edgar Cayce had Algol Conjunction Pluto 

Algorab – Vladimir Putin and George Zimmerman have Algorab Conjunction Sun; Josef Mengele had Algorab Conjunction Moon; Elizabeth Taylor had Algorab Conjunction Midheaven; Bill Clinton has Algorab Conjunction Venus; Hillary Clinton has Algorab Conjunction Neptune 

Scheat – Bugsy Siegal, psychics Clifford Bias and Edgar Cayce had Scheat Conjunction Sun; Marilyn Monroe had Scheat Conjunction Uranus; Karl Marx had Scheat Conjunction Pluto; Rudolf Hess had Scheat Conjunction Part of Fortune

Alkaid -  Beatles manager Brian Epstein and auto engineer Ferry Porsche had Alkaid Conjunction Sun; Tiger Woods has Alkaid Conjunction Ascendant; Elvis Presley and Brad Pitt have Alkaid Conjunction Midheaven; Paul McCartney, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris have Alkaid Conjunction Neptune; George Patton had North Node Conjunction Alkaid

Markab – Albert Einstein and Jimmy Swaggart have Markab Conjunction Sun; Hillary Clinton has Markab Conjunction Moon; Josef Mengele had Markab Conjunction Sun/Mercury; Bill Gates has Markab Conjunction Midheaven; George H.W. Bush has Markab Conjunction Uranus; Lizzie Borden had Markab Conjunction Black Moon

Polaris – Lou Gehrig, Audie Murphy, and British Field Marshall Douglas “The Butcher” Haig had Polaris Conjunction Sun; J. Edgar Hoover had Polaris Conjunction Jupiter; Rudy Giuliani has Polaris Conjunction Saturn

Pleiades – Harvey Milk, Malcolm X, and Jeffrey Dahmer had Pleiades Conjunction Sun; Montgomery Clift had Pleiades Conjunction Midheaven; Patty Hearst has Pleiades Rising; Marlon Brando had Pleiades Conjunction Venus; Andy Warhol had Pleiades Conjunction Mars

Alphard – both Bill Clinton and Napoleon have Alphard Conjunction Sun; Donald Trump has Alphard Conjunction Mars; Barack Obama has Alphard Conjunction Uranus; Ted Bundy had Alphard Rising 

Sheliak -   David Bowie had Sheliak Conjunction Sun; Joan Baez has Sheliak Conjunction her Sun Conjunction Mercury placement; Tina Turner has Sheliak Conjunction Chiron; John Wayne has Sheliak Conjunction Mars; Willie Nelson has Sheliak Conjunction Pluto

Capella – George H. W Bush and Donald Trump have Capella Conjunction Sun; Tiger Woods has Capella Conjunction Midheaven; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Martin Luther King have Capella Conjunction Mars; Bill Clinton has Capella Conjunction Uranus

Galactic Center – Keith Richards and Brad Pitt have Galactic Center Conjunction Sun; Vladimir Putin has Galactic Center Conjunction Mars; Jeane Dixon had Galactic Center Conjunction Uranus; Oprah Winfrey has Galactic Center Rising

Alula Borealis – Michael Jackson and controversial anti-Israel talk show host Michael Rivera have Alula Borealis Conjunction Sun; Hillary Clinton has Alula Borealis Conjunction Midheaven; Madonna has Alula Borealis Conjunction Mercury

-Now, let's look at a calculation exercise. The fixed stars move at a rate of 5 minutes every 6 years, and we will do a calculation exercise of key stars involving the horoscopes of O.J. Simpson (DOB 1947) and Lizzie Borden (DOB 1860). Helter Skelter was fairly recent (1969), and thus there is no real need for position calculation. Here are three cases involving the star of Markab ("stabs, cuts") with the horoscope. The first horoscope is the 1st of the two Helter Skelter murders; Markab is in conjunction with the North Node ("connections with or to form association with") while Algol ("the evil one") is 1 degree above the Ascendant and rising above the eastern horizon.  

Analysis Of Fixed Stars:

Helter Skelter And Markab ("stabs, cuts") and Algol ("the evil one")

O.J. Simpson:

Is It Markab ("stabs, cuts") Or Scheat ("break in conventional thought") = Moon ("wife; family") In The 8th House ("death")??

-what is interesting with O.J.'s chart is his Moon in the 8th House is right smack in the middle between the stars of Scheat ("break in conventional thought") and Markab ("stabs, cuts"). This leads one to suspect that O.J. may have "lost it" and stabbed his wife. The L.A.P.D. got caught trying to frame O.J., and yes, the very hard trine between O.J.'s Sun and Jupiter may have also played a role in O.J. getting away with this crime, along with the media support of O.J. demonstrated by the very hard trine between Mercury ("the media") and the Moon ("the public"). 

Lizzie Borden:

Markab ("stabs, cuts") Within 3 Degrees of Black Moon Lilith ("secretive or forbidden desires"); Black Moon Lilith Sesquiquadrate Jupiter ("getting away with evil deeds")

- In addition to Markab Conjunction Black Moon Lilith, Lizzie Borden has "death" (Mars/Saturn) = Moon ("mother; family") and Pluto in the ruling 8th House ("death") forming a Square to the Moon. The sesquiquadrate between Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter is very hard (within 18 minutes); this defines success with getting away with evil or forbidden deeds.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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