The Vertex was discovered by astrologer Charles Jayne. It is a point on the horoscope located where the Prime Vertical crosses the Ecliptic. This is seen on the chart below, courtesy of Nick Anthony Fiorenza.8111262495?profile=original

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The Vertex is always on the right hand side of the horoscope, and is noted by the symbol "Vx" on the horoscope. I have noticed two important ways to look at the Vertex: (1) the house placement plays a big role in defining how the Vertex will be expressed in one's horoscope AND (2) Hard aspects (i.e. Conjunction, Semi-Square, Square, Sequiquadrate, Quincunx, and Opposition) tend to define a stronger definition of the role of one's Vertex via the types of planetary energies aspected with the Vertex. But take note that soft aspects (i.e. Trine, Sextile, Semi-Sextile) can also have an effect on definition with the Vertex as well, but only if these aspects are strong. And it will be from these two perspectives that we will look at the Vertex with the following enclosed horoscopes of well-known people.

The 5th House

The 5th House primarily rules entertainment and speculation. But the 5th House can define one having an "audience" in some way, and this can include a congregation. Albert Einstein had the Vertex in the 5th House forming a Square with Jupiter in the 9th House (which rules "higher education").  He reportedly speculated about being a photon traveling in time while looking at a clock in a street car, and this "speculation" would lead to his Nobel Prize winning theory on relativity. The Black Moon Lilith Quincunx Vertex placement may define the U.S. military industrial complex getting connected into Einstein's theory due to their illusions of grandeur with world control (since this relativity theory would lead to the Manhattan Project (a.k.a. creation of the first nuclear bomb)). 


The Dalai Lama also has the Vertex in the 5th House (below). The role of "an audience" seems to be well-defined with the 5th House Vertex forming a harmonious Trine with Pluto in the 1st House ("powerful and transforming impression") and "communications" with such an audience (12th House Mercury Quincunx Vertex).


Astrologer Robert Hand and NASA scientist Neil Michelson founded an astrology computer software company called Astrolabe. This company was the first to sell sophisticated and advanced software to astrologers, and astrology has not been the same ever since. Chiron Square Vertex is exact (below). This represents a huge speculation (5th House Vertex) that depended on astrologers using "advanced technology" (Chiron) for the purpose of "communicating with others" (3rd House). The speculation would pay off huge; Robert Hand became quite wealthy from Astrolabe. This "accumulation of wealth due to advanced technology" may be related to Chiron in the 3rd Conjunct the royal star of Regulus, which is associated with "wealth and financial success."


The 8th House

The 8th House Vertex can rule a variety of areas for important impacts on one's life. These areas include "s&x, death, accumulating wealth, psychology, the occult, secrets, activities of the elite, and banking." Astrologer Dane Rudhyar had a major impact on astrology with his use of eastern philosophy Taoism and Jungian psychology within the context of astrology. Venus is associated with "harmony and balance," and Taoism is also associated with harmony and balance as well. Thus, the Square between 4th House Venus ("Taoism practiced at the home") with an 8th House Vertex ("psychology encounter") may represent a breakthrough addition to Rudhyar's understanding of astrology, and which helped redefine this craft in a profound manner related to human psychology.


Elvis Presley has a grand cross of Venus, Uranus, and the Part of Fortune applying to the Vertex in the 8th House (below). The 2nd House Venus Square 5th House Uranus placement is the key; this aspect defines "revolutionary art" and "unusual friends and lovers" applying to both the 11th House Part of Fortune ("career success and aspirations") and the 8th House Vertex ("accumulation of wealth and sexual encounters"). While Elvis did accumulate great wealth with rock and roll, details about his s&x life defined very unusual encounters. Teenage friends of Elvis (during his teenage years) claimed that they were certain that Elvis had s&x with his mother (which was considered a normal practice within certain hillbilly communities). Security people of Elvis claimed that Elvis liked having s&x with teenage girls under the age of eighteen. Elvis also was reportedly interested in the occult, which definitely falls under the meaning of an 8th House Vertex. And because Elvis died of a heart attack via straining too hard to pass constipated stool (which has happened to people due to significant stimulating of the vagus nerve that regulates the heart), the close proximity of the Vertex with the 8th House midpoint of South Node / Pluto ("connection or association with the plumbing of the body (i.e. rectum)") may also play a role in the death of Elvis (due to the 8th House placement of the Vertex).


Below is the chart of David Icke. David Icke made a fortune by exposing the activities of the elite, especially involving pedophilia and the occult. The 10th House South Node is near the star of Regulus (which is associated with wealth and financial success), and along with the 4th House North Node forms a T-square "connection" to the Vertex in the 8th House. This defines David Icke accumulating wealth via exposing activities of the elite, along with important secrets affecting the planet. The Ascendant Quincunx Vertex placement may define much exposure of Icke's conspiracies and written works in the open environment for everyone to see (since the Ascendant can represent "the environment"). The 3rd House "communications" Chiron Sesquiquadrate Vertex placement may define the much use of "advanced technology" (i.e. the internet) used to spread David Icke's conspiracies and written works and elevate his status per financial gains.


JFK's horoscope below covers a wide array of definitions of an 8th House Vertex. The Trine of the Vertex with the Moon represents the harmony that JFK had with his family via his wealth accumulation and assistance with activities with the elite. The 8th House Venus Semi-Sextile Vertex represents his multiple sexual involvements. And the Mars Conjunct the Vertex can define "death by firearms" (since Mars rules firearms and weapons made of steel).


Bruce Lee's chart (below) features a Sun Conjunct Ascendant placement forming a Sesquiquadrate with the 8th House Vertex. This may represent wealth-accumulation by "the presence of the individual (the Sun) in the environment (the Ascendant)."


The 6th House

The 6th House rules "work skills, health, nutrition, sanitation, and areas subject to criticism." Below is the horoscope of Saint Bernadette, whose manual excavation of a water spring with her hands (per claimed instruction from Mary, mother of Jesus) would become a huge tourist mecca seeking better health. The fascinating 6th House placement of the Vertex of Saint Bernadette's chart reveals a significant event due to an encounter that defined possible "healing properties" (Vertex in the 6th House) as a result of "religious communications" (Mercury in the 9th House). Saint Bernadette was known as Bernadette Soubirous (7 January 1844 – 16 April 1879) and was the firstborn daughter of a poor miller from Lourdes, France. She claimed to have had visions and conversations with Mary (mother of Jesus) in various areas of Lourdes, France. St. Bernadette reportedly was told by Mary to wash herself in a muddied watered ground in Lourdes, France. Her scraping of the ground would reveal running water that turned into a small running creek (and which would then turn into a larger creek). The water from this creek would later on become subject to many claims of incredible healing properties by those who washed themselves in it (and if one wants to read about 10 people claiming that the water spring of Lourdes healed them of a permanent physical health ailment, click the site ). Saint Bernadette was also reportedly heavily criticized by religious leaders with her claims of encountering the virgin Mary (another description of the aspect of the 6th House Vertex Square 9th House Mercury). Nevertheless, the water springs of Lourdes, France attract many pilgrims each year who seek cures of health ailments via bathing and washing in these springs. Saint Bernadette would die of severe asthma and tuberculosis (which are lung based diseases; the lungs are ruled by Mercury). The 12th House Black Moon Lilith Opposition Vertex may also have played a role in her death; the 12th House rules hospitals and she was reportedly hospitalized in a convent for a long time prior to her death.


The 9th House

The 9th House rules "high level education, the law, religion, philosophy, long distance travel, and international views." Mahatma Gandhi has a 9th House Uranus Conjunct Vertex placement, and with Uranus representing "revolution, protest against authority," this placement strongly suggests an astrology interpretation of a "revolutionary philosophy" known as peaceful protest. And the Semi-Square of the Vertex with the Part of Fortune would define career success with this form of protest as well. But Uranus can also define "terrorism" as well, and Gandhi would encounter a terrorist who would kill him over "religious concerns" (9th House).


Bob Marley has a 3rd House Sun ("open expression of communications to others") in Opposition with his 9th House Vertex. Bob Marley's music concerned the expression of his Jamaican philosophy and religion, and it attracted and impacted "international views" (9th House) in a big way. But there is also an 8th House North Node ("connection with death") forming a Semi-Sextile with the 9th House Vertex ("philosophy"). This may have defined his death as a result of his philosophy; Marley's followers and fans claimed the C.I.A. killed him due to his philosophies and religious beliefs (which focused on social harmony and peace).


The 7th House

The 7th House rules "friends, lovers, one-on-one encounters with others, mediation, involvement with the law and courts, marriage, and business partnerships."  Janis Joplin's chart (below) has a 7th House Vertex forming a Sesquiquadrate with a 12th House Sun. Because the Sun on a woman's chart can represent "the men in the woman's life" (and likewise, the Moon on a man's chart can represent "the women in the man's life"), Janis Joplin would achieve breakaway international success via singing with an all-male group (who were also all friends (and some were lovers) with Janis). The group was known as Big Brother & The Holding Company, and while Janis would leave them after her success with major musical recognition, she continued to work mainly with all male musical groups. The 5th House Black Moon Lilith Sextile Vertex may indicate the forbidden types of recreation Janis was involved with, such as very heavy drinking and heroin use.


Al Capone has 4th House Neptune Square Vertex in the 7th House (below). This strongly suggests "deception and disappointment in courts of law due to activities in one's personal space or home." Al Capone was also involved in illegal liquor sales (Neptune) and prostitution (7th House), and this may also play a role with the Neptune Square Vertex placement.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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