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Dirty money of the federal reserve:  These letters indicate that the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) is really nothing more than a trade organization with no regulatory power.  This means that organizations such as the Federal Reserve are free to act as they see fit, with no over site or accountability.

Read more here and spread far and wide! They are all being exposed BIG TIME!

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god let it be true I'm so tired of waiting and trying to get zombies to understand what is happening
Hang in there's all happening buddy! Send that link to everyone you know! What is about to happn is truely awesome and will AMAZE everybody around the world!

Nothing will happen to them as per usual! & Obamanation is as guilty as the rest of them!!!
einstein, it's happening NOW! Just keep your eyes and ears open.
I hear what you're saying Jayne59, but this guy is threatening that he's given details to members of congress, but who's to say that these members are not as corrupt as those in the Gov. Sure he's also given copies to wikileaks but hey wiki has 1000s upon 1000s of pages of evidence of blatant wrong-doings and transgressions by the armed forces active in the war and yet I haven't heard anything from the Hague about war crimes tribunals on any of these armed forces top brass and their minions for the transgressions. I mean the evidence so far posted by wiki would be a prosecutors dream, most if not all the evidence has been thrown out there free for him to troll through and he didn't even have to go through all the usual "red tape, classified, bad for national security" mambo jumbo!

But Aye we'll see what the future holds. The glass is half-full, but in who's favor?
I really hope....Its hard to stay hopeful when they've been in control for eons...most of us are so weary and since we've allowed ourselves to be stomped on for so long, we don't even know how to imagine a world of freedom and even to see a higher reality or way of living.



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