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Rainbow Eucalyptus: The Most Amazing And A Lot Consider It As The Most Beautiful Tree on Earth... Breathtaking

Rainbow Eucalyptus: The Most Amazing Tree on Earth

Rainbow Eucalyptus: The Most Amazing Tree on Earth

Eucalyptus deglupta is commonly known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus because the tree has a very unique way of shedding its bark, giving it the title of the most beautiful tree in the world.

Eucalyptus Tree Rainbow

Once the tree sheds his bark, it reveals stunning rainbow colors from bright green to purple and orange. And the best is you can see its beautiful colors throughout the year as the tree is not shedding all its bark at once but one by one creating the stunning effect of paint running down the trunk of the tree.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees Found Tree

The Eucalyptus deglupa is native to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea and unlike other Eucalyptus trees, it is the only species growing in rainforests. Australia is home to over 700 Eucalyptus species but the Rainbow Eucalyptus is one of the four species that does not grow in Australia.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Nz Tree

It is with no surprise that people fall immediately in love with this magnificent tree, also known as Mindanao gum or rainbow gum. No one can deny that there is something very special about the intense color and fragrance and though it is possible to grow this tree at home and young trees can be bought in pots, there are a few things you should consider before buying a Rainbow Eucalyptus for your back garden.

Eucalyptus Deglupta Rainbow Plants

The Rainbow Eucalyptus can grow up to 250 feet tall in its natural environment and though trees in California, Texas, and Florida have been reported to grow only to 100 feet it is still a very big tree. The tree also strives best in moist and warm climates and also needs regular watering and full sun.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Due to the constant shedding, the tree also needs a lot of cleaning up and can look quite messy and unfortunately, the colors vary massively and you might end up with a less colorful and bright tree. Rainbow Eucalyptus is now grown in many botanical gardens and is probably a better shout to see this beauty than attempting in growing a tree yourself.

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Nature at its best's magnificent and glorious.. wonderful to see ...super 

Would you like to hug the rainbow eucalyptus tree 

       I sure would hug a rainbow eucalyptus tree anytime and have healing energies and the eucalyptus tree also a medicine tree. 

Yes hug it daily so it becomes your good friend and so it passes on its natural healing energy 



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