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Morpheus: "Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?"

~The mythology of our modern, high-tech culture teaches us that the last frontier for humanity is outer space. Somehow, according to this emerging mythos, the fragile human body is supposed to be able to survive the rigors of travel in outer space over vast distances. The writers of science fiction and Star Trek-style television shows would have us believe that human beings can somehow endure through every kind of radiation and danger to successfully colonize other planets and solar systems.

…As this age ends and the next age begins humanity will lose its interest in conquering space. The last 6000 years have been spent conquering the space around us.

The last frontier of humanity is not the conquering of outer space, of other planets and solar systems. As we approach the end of this era we will realize that the last frontier is time.

Space is defined by the three dimensional reality that surrounds us. It is height, width and depth. We humans possess the most spectacular array of physical and mental abilities ever devised in creation to navigate these three dimensions. These abilities have enabled us to conquer our three-dimensional world….

This final mystery is The Mystery of Time.

Let’s take a look at our perception of time. Much of the way we experience the present moment depends on our experience of time past. The events of the past are distilled and repainted in our memories until their very reality loses its solidity. If we let them cook long enough, images of past events take on a dream like quality. Through this process, our remembrances frequently slide into a fantasy disconnected from anything tangible.

How often have we encountered someone who remembers an incident in a completely opposite manner from the way we remember it? Our minds appear to be constantly rewriting history to make it more agreeable to our present day wishes. Incidents in the past that are disturbing or frightening are frequently glossed over in our memory until they disappear only to be replaced by a memory that is more easily digested by consciousness.

Our view of the future works in a similar but opposite texture. Whereas the past begins to become a dream within our memories, the future is the dream that has not yet arrived. When someone is successful in the material world we like to say that they have “lived their dreams”. This cliché reveals an intrinsic understanding that present and future reality is created from the dream state of the past.


This idea dovetails with the central belief of the Aborigines of Australia. The essential teaching from that tradition is that everything in our world begins in the Dreamtime. From their ancient perspective, every thought, every action emerges from a larger metaphysical landscape that surrounds and pervades our material world. They call this larger reality the Dreamtime. According to this tradition, each living thing first begins in the Dreamtime. After it has become fully developed in the Dreamtime it then concretizes and becomes a part of our three dimensional reality.

This process is recursive in that our future dreams are frequently constructed from the archetypes of ancient dreams. So the past and the future, the material world and the dream world work together to create not only everything that we see, feel and hear but all that we have manifested as human beings. If one looks beyond the veil of linear time, one can easily see that there is a certain control mechanism over this peculiar process. Because reality is so dependent on the dream world, it is possible to shift reality by simply shifting the dream.

Motivational speakers, politicians, television script writers, preachers and many others understand this fundamental concept and use it to re-script reality in their favor. The last thing that they want you to discover is that you have the innate ability to take control of your dreams. They much prefer that you dream their dream, live in their past and help build their future…

Through the constant barrage of images projected by the media, through the manipulation of food, and the polluting of the atmosphere, much of humanity has become lulled into a hypnotic state and their Dreamtime is occupied with nightmares. This has led us to today, to the present moment, in which our planet and our species are in a state of crisis. To transmute this crisis, this very critical situation in time, we must learn to step outside of linear time and enter the Dreamtime, that subtle realm in which everything becomes possible.

As the word Dreamtime aptly describes, there is little difference between the dream and the time. This very moment will become a dream soon in your memory. Also you are creating the future that is racing towards you – right now.

The dream world, time and four-dimensional space are all the same thing. The fourth dimensional world, often referred to as ‘time’ by physicists, surrounds and permeates our three dimensional reality. Everything that we are is shaped and formed within this topological manifold that flows into and out of our existence. As the stream of time passes we have the ability to alter it’s course. Each moment of our lives offers us the chance to change the course of our dreams and the dreams of those we love.

Understanding this landscape, the ragged mountains and mossy valleys of the wilderness of time, is the frontier that awaits us. When we finally colonize this land and understand its many intricacies and nuances, we will realize that any future is possible. We will no longer need to be slaves to systems that require us to live in someone else’s dream. The powers of the dark sorcerers that rule our world will be overthrown and a new Dreamtime will be created. When we discover how to navigate the river of time, when the topological map of time is finally understood by us, all of the certain dangers that await us will vanish in the blink of an eye during REM sleep.

We are at the crossroads now. There is a choice. One road leads to a mechanistic, toxic, polluted, fascist nightmare from which we may never recover. The other road leads to a revitalized world where we live our dreams in freedom, prosperity and love…

The way to stop this recurring cycle is to find our way towards a detachment from the heated beliefs and ego-inspired histories and cultures that we were born into. This is not to say that we should reject our traditions. Only that true liberation of ourselves can only begin when we detach ourselves from ingrained spiritual and cultural habits.

Right now we are trapped by time. And this means that we are trapped in a Dreamtime from which escape is nearly impossible. But as long as there is a chance, as long as the odds are not one hundred percent against us – and they are not – we should attempt to make this leap.

If we change the dream we can change the world and ourselves.

The spiritual emergence that is happening right now across the world is the realization that there is only one kind of time. There is no past and there is no future.

There is only NOW.

And we can change the NOW at any time that we like.



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  • “When you begin to question the dream' you won't be far from waking up From it.” —Nisargadatta Maharaj.
    Its amazing to me that so many of us are actually questioning It, even suspecting it may not be absolutely real. Of course, there is a “nobility” being intelligent and not jumping into traffic if we don't want to feel pain. We very well can't discuss our views so well in a Hospital with broken bones But in hindsight we can “look back” at all the similes and metaphors and see how funny it all was. The more I inquire, the more the dream lifts, the more the dream lifts the more I realize I was neither negatively effected by the dream nor stand at some type of “spiritual pinnacle” above the dreamers.
  • Wow, what timing (lol), Stick.  This morning I was having a cup of coffee and thinking about dreams.  I was pondering a thesis I dug up when I was researching my ancestral roots of the Dene of North America.  In the area where I was born there is one of the last of ancient tribal crosses that the natives would raise by chopping down trees and lashing them into a cross which they would use in their "dreamtime" as navigation tools to give them a sense of direction while in a trance in the dream-land.  They  used them to hunt game, especially during the winter season.  A shaman would enter the dreamtime and find the cross and use it a marker while he looked around for animals or tracks.  Upon awakening he would tell the hunters where to go.  It's a lost art, there are only two crosses still around... I was wondering if I could find those crosses myself and what it would feel like.  

    This article gives me some good ideas, thanks very much for posting.  I totally agree, there is a lot about this in the ancient texts that confirm what science is stating.  Very interesting, and meditation can help reach these states of consciousness, highly recommend on some sort of regime to encourage lucid dreaming and self programming.  

    • ~Synchronicity is a powerful extension of the Dreamtime... thanks for checking out the post & sharing your experience, dear Kelly. Sounds like researching your ancestral roots is revealing some Alchemical Gold ;-) The realm of Dreams is endlessly fascinating... on my path, I have found many of the techniques employed in Toltec 'Active Dreaming' to be incredibly meaningful. As we navigate through this experience we call Life, it can be truly liberating to explore realms that are far too often taken for granted. It's ALL happening right Now... & the glory of our Multidimensional-Selves are always ready to be assessed... for those willing to see. ~InLight555 


      Reaching the Edge 

      by Paul Levy

      The psyche is multidimensional and nonlocal;it is not limited nor constrained by either time or space. It can express itself via inner thoughts, feelings, intuitions, dreams, and body symptoms as well as through seemingly external synchronistic events, whereby an inner situation gets mirrored through an outer event. This should come as no surprise considering that our waking life is indeed a dream, as all the great enlightened teachers continually remind us. For in a dream there is a totally fluid boundary between the inner and the outer; our inner process gets projected out and “dreamed up” into materialization into, as and through the seemingly outer dreamscape. It is as if something within the psyche extends itself out into the world and synchronistically configures events in our lives so as to express and reveal itself.

      When we reach an edge in our process and are about to have a potential breakthrough, the psyche will oftentimes express itself in synchronistic phenomena. This is a sign that we have touched the archetypal dimension of our being, a deeper part of ourselves which transcends our limited personal process. We can then discover that we are merely playing a role in a deeper cosmic play, a “divine drama of Incarnation.” Having fallen through the rabbit hole, we find ourselves in a parallel universe where everything becomes symbolic, which is the language of dreams. It is as if the world is an oracle and events in our lives are divinely choreographed so as to reveal something to us beyond our habitual everyday perceptions. Enveloped by a world that is synchronistically expressing and revealing the psyche, we can realize that the psyche is not only in us, but also that we are within the psyche. To know this is to realize the dreamlike nature of reality.

      Edge phenomena show the potential of the psyche to split-off and disassociate. If we don’t get distracted by these edge phenomena, but rather stay with the deeper process that is trying to unfold, we can experience a genuine breakthrough. If our alchemical container is strong enough to hold the pressure when these edge phenomena are reached, we then become quantum meta-physicists. We continually re-associate, till we re-member, and re-assimilate long lost parts of ourselves. This is true soul retrieval. To split is a postponement and distraction; it is to miss the opportunity of full incarnation, which is what life is all about…

      The psyche is continually expressing itself synchronistically through both inner and outer phenomena. The only question is do we have eyes to see, which is what Christ alludes to in the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas, when he says ” the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it.” Are we able to decode the clues in our waking dream and read our life symbolically, which is to see it as a dream? If the great enlightened teachers of humanity are correct when they say that our life is a dream, if we start to view it as a dream, our life has no choice but to shape-shift and manifest in a more dreamlike way. And if you tell me I am just dreaming that this is so, I will heave a huge sigh of relief, as you will have finally understood.

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