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Planting Trees In SQUARE HOLES Helps Them Grow Faster And Stronger ...Good To Know As More Trees Are Being Planted

Since this World needs a lot of trees planted to prevent it from succumbing to ecological extinction, we need to keep one tip in mind. Instead of growing trees in round holes, make square holes for they will hasten the growth and strengthen them as well.

What Happens When You Plant Trees in Round Holes?

Traditionally, trees have been planted in round holes wherein a h*** was first dug, then filled with rich compost and fertilizers, and then the sapling planted. Now, while the sapling grows tremendously initially, it soon hits a plateau. The roots of the sapling initially reach out to get minerals from the nutritious soil, but when they expand- they hit a snafu. A circular h*** would lead to the roots hitting soil which is compact and not at all useful to dredge for nutrients. Rather, a square h*** would suit better. With circular holes, the roots would snake along the edges of the pit to find nutrition.

plant growing in a square hole

Imagine a tree growing in a circular container. The container restricts the roots from seeking nutrients and they wrap around themselves in search of nutrients. The roots harden and thicken and suffocate the tree from actively receiving minerals which it so needs.

So, if you decide to dig a square h***, the chances of the healthy development of the tree would be higher. The square h*** encourages the root of the trees to go beyond the restricted nutritious soil zone and actively search for more nutrients. Also, systematic planting has provided evidence which states that most roots are unaware of corners. So, after hitting the corners of the square holes, the roots would simply branch out and catch hold of soil in the surroundings. In other words, they would conquer other territories to fund their own growth.

This also has added benefits, as the trees can withstand harsh natural disasters like droughts, all the while accelerating its growth. This modern technique of afforestation will really help governments fight against ecological crisis and global warming.

Keep in mind- any sapling that you plant needs to have its roots pruned. This will help it increase the amount of nutrients are produced. Also, when you are digging up a square h***, always make sure to fill it in with the same soil that you dug out instead of fertilizers and organic matter. This will prevent the roots from enabling the ‘container effect’ behavior to come into place.


Images: Andrew Montgomery

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