1. Strength

2. Determination


If you lack any of these 2 things, you will not go or ascend anywhere, be it 5th or 500th dimension... Most New Agers will not ascend.. However that doesn't mean they shouldn't keep hoping for a better tomorrow.. Spread goodness and love throughout the planet whoever you might be :0

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            • Also remember that Dark means something different, to everyone. Dark can mean one thing to one person. You can also use Dark Arts, for creativity energies, and speak to those that have been working on there paths. Dark Arts out there today, doesn't mean that it is so, or that it is like how it looks. You can take a scary movie out there in the 3D, and say it is dark and will lower your vibrations, but if you are learning something from that movie, and the way things are out there. Then is it really Dark, or are we learning something from these visions. We can say Dark Dark Dark, but really what does it mean to another person, and from there own visions. Creativity, that is something that artist, musicians, actors, exct have been using today, to let some of the Dark energies turn into something positive. 

              For me Dark, is when you take another life of a human being, then i would say that was Dark. Not when someone though, is trying to reach there messages out there, because if that person who is sending out messages, is a good person, Then it will show through. I don't think you can always say that Dark Energies are going to lower our vibrations. Middle man, can be a help in this area of our lives, not when we know though someone is out to hurt someone. 

              I like what you have to say, but just thinking outside of the box on this one

              Bless the Nite,'


              • You call it thinking outside the box and I wish you luck with that one April I really do. I know what I know and that shall do for me.
            • Hey Louise, I want to share with something, on playing the middle man in things when it comes to law of attractions. Sometimes in life you can't always play the middle man. Especially in the world we are living in today. I mean you can, but there will come a time in your life, when you have to stand up, and ask yourself what the right thing to do is. Sure you can please your friends, and what they are doing around you, but if you know that your friends are hurting someone that, is truly innocent, or someone that won't have any control, over what your friends will be doing. Then it isn't going to be so nice, when you have to play the middle man. However I like what you say, when you say that you will attract what you are putting out there.

              However when it comes to certain things in life, you will have no choice over what is happening with you in the 3D. You can do these things for yourself, and these things should happen to you, but in the real world, there will come a time, when something in your life happens, that you have no control over. Even though you are working on yourself, and only attracting what you have put out there. Playing middle grounds, is nice, but sometimes there is a moral thing that steps in life, and you will have to ask yourself, did I do the right thing by playing the middle man.

              Was there something in this matter, that I could of done to help out in this situation, or did I just let these things happen to those, that could of used my help. I know that I'm getting a bit carried away on some of these things, but when you work on your inner self, yes you can attract good things towards. The world though we are living in today, how many of us out there in the 3D are going to always have this control kind of control in our lives? There have been many already in the 3D, that have seen so many things out there, even though they are attracting goodthings in there lives, and they have lived to tell the experiences of it. Well at least some of them have.

              Would you feel good though, about playing the middle man. If you saw your friends taking another persons life, and then looking back at it, would you ask yourself if there was anything you could of done to help that person, instead of playing the middle man. This means no harm here, but when there are ppl out in this world that are trying to do there job, to catch those who have been harming others in the 3D, sometimes playing the middle man, isn't going to cut it. Just some rambling thoughts on this.

              Playing the middle man though in life, isn't always easy, and I know how hard it is, when you want to stay on good terms with those that are close to you. Then you see something that speaks to your heart, or something that rings true for you. I know how hard that can be, but sometimes in life we have to stand up for who we are, and know where our moral and values come from.

              Bless the Nite,'


              • Don't quite get you April, what ever gave you the idea I play the middle man. I have stood up to many injusticies throughout my life and have since a child stood up to bullies etc... regardless of the outcome. This is why I don't quite get what you are saying as I live my life my way, my views my thoughts my morals, you always talk about 3d in most posts i have seen, but why? I get we all live it but you speak about it like there will never be anything else. Is this what you believe? 

                'However when it comes to certain things in life, you will have no choice over what is happening with you in the 3D. You can do these things for yourself, and these things should happen to you, but in the real world, there will come a time, when something in your life happens, that you have no control over.'

                As for the above paragraph you have written 2011 has already shown me this being one of the toughest, saddest years of this life and since a little girl April I have seen things that have also showed me what you have written above. I am not some naive little girl that has no life experience lol. I very much get what you are saying but what I have realized is that although these things in life can happen out of our control it is usually someone else's choices or cause and effect that made them happen. I know my morals and values and this is why what you put out you get back, my life and synchronicities show me this daily. I'm still confused to all this middle man chat do you play the middle man or are you talking in general??

        • yes then u are right Karen.. I misunderstood your comment... And yeah, Demons take on many shapes and forms.. Abuse, whether drug/alcohol, physical or mental is one of the most common forms that people can relate to..  But even the most righteous person gets tormented by them on a regular basis.   This is why in the New Testament.. Jesus, rebuked the person who addressed him as "good teacher" and told him he himself was not good, and only God was. 

          Ty for your comments Karen.. and i agree with you.. Many writings are altered but there's also much truth in alot of them... But they are still just words of people who have documented the things that occurred on their own spiritual journeys.  Your personal Truths is what needs to be discovered.. Who you are!  Your thoughts and actions and your imagination will play an important role in this.

      • Hey Darlok, you might want to check this blog out, it was something that I had wrote about a while back. You might be interested in this. Some of this was kind of, automatic writing so it was, it was written down, sort of fast, but had some insights on how to fight our inner demons, and what we make of those Demons, that we have manifested for ourselves with time.


        Hope you enjoy anyway :0) 

        Bless the Nite,


        • Thnx for sharing April.. yeah I read it....

          There is a way to fight these things.. I have already armed you by making you aware of the 2 most important traits needed for the battle with self, but i have not told you how you war with it..  However search the most important commandment/mitzvot in the Jewish/Christian scripture and u will have your answer!  Then put it to practice.

  • Well I found your post interesting Darlok.  I don't really know if I will ascend. But I trust in God to let me be where he needs me to be. I know if I die it is my time, and if I live then it is also my time. But I can't worry about it. Peace
    • Every one will have the option to ascend it only takes an eye opening exsperience every one is equal so to think you will ascend and others wont is a pesonal block that will lead no where becuase when time comes only the greedy materealistic people who would rather die and be rich and or better than others, than change and leave that all behind will not ascend but for every one who realizes we are all one and no one is better or more capable of any thing than any one else than you achive enlightenment just as crist, buddha. gandhi, john lennon and martin luthar king all said, (may they rest in peice) and that is true enlightenment (Perfection/Christhood).

      Much Love to all and of you sorry for posting twice

      • Tylen... you know.. Maybe you are right..  I don't really know.. I don't believe everyone on earth will ascend... (not from the physical earth anyway) as much as I like this to be otherwise, but if they do, not everyone will be in the same place. But maybe, just maybe the souls of earthly beings will ascend sometimes in their future while being citizens of different planets..  I don't really know... 

        There is mention of a new world.. even a new universe of light in alot of sacred texts.  New Agers talk about a 5th D Earth.. Gnostics talk about an ascended Universe,  Christianity and Judaism also.  If there's one thing that should give hope to an ordinary person from reading the bible it's the passage below:

        Isaiah 65:17+ "Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will create, for I will create Jerusalem to be a delight and its people a joy


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