Newbie here <3

Hi everyone!  I'm not sure of all of the people who posted articles from in5d, but thanks for sharing them on this forum!

My name is Gregg and I own  I just started a free online dating website for like-minded co-creators at  Like this website, my goal is to bring together as many like-minded people in as many ways as possible.  :)

We're heading into some really exciting times in the near future.  What an amazing time to be alive!



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  • Hi, Gregg, good news! Your site is great, thank you for this work, i love it and love you! Welcome!

    amazing time really, but dramatic too.)) 

  • 8114020678?profile=originalHi Greg! I love your youtube Channel!! Mine is Mistyrious1111. I am subscribed to you. :)

    I havnt been on here for so long, i cant remember how long but at least 4 months! I created my own ning network as well! I just have become uncomfortable with sites that have become very commercialized as Starseeds need to be very careful at this time. However, im not happy with the lack of activity with my members lately like on one of the other starseed networks, it there is just so much support. My site is new so i will give it some time. My URL is quite long lol. I'll check yours out as well. Maybe we can have ideas for each others sites?

    Looking forward to meetimg you and more of our Soul Family.

    Light n Love, Misty

    • *mary = misty / sarah

      sorry :)  ...and you're very welcome

    • Hi Mary :)

      In the near future, I'll be writing an article with tips on how to get your website ranked high on Alexa and search engines.  In a nutshell, the most important aspect is content.  Secondly, backlinks.  SEO will take up a lot of your time, not only with proper meta tags, but creating quality backlinks from high PR websites. YouTube videos are an awesome way of promoting your material, too. 

      in5d is ranked in the top 1/2 of 1% of all the websites on the internet, according to Alexa's rankings. To me, there isn't any competition because we're all in the same boat.  The more websites like this one and in5d, the better for all of us!!!


  • much love to all for the welcome!!  <3

  • Welcome Good Guy Greg! thanks for the website, and I've read our articles, quite long ago but they ring a bell to me.

  • Welcome and nice to (re-)meet you.

    You created some fantastic material. :)

  • Welcome Gregg to AC and btw your website is very cool ..... ;)

    In Peace, Love and Light

  • Yes Gregg ...Why don't you merge your site into Ashtar Command ....your videos and articles are very good and i posted quiet a few on this site.

    • Honestly, Ravinder, there CAN'T be anough positive websites on the internet... we're all in the same boat!

      I added a link to this website on my links at in5d:

      As a webmaster, I know the importance of how quality backlinks helps to raise other websites on Google rankings. in5d is ranked 58,392 in the world right now by Alexa, so hopefully, it'll help give Ahstar Command more exposure :)

      As infinite consciousness, it's awesome being able to bring like-minded souls together in the awakening process  <3

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