Now, i'm 16, I don't know why i'm here and why i've gotten on the topic of energy. I learned though, if anything on this little journey, nothing happens for no reason, so I suppose it was meant to be... Children of my age should be listening to little wayne and watching movies and going to parties, but I suppose destiny  has led me elsewere, I suppose that was why that mushroom trips message was "Keep Feeling Fascination" because here I am. A strong message it was.. Anyways, to the point. I need help, I want to astral project and open my third eye but I have had strong feelings of fear. Which from my understanding  would lead to the manifestion of what I am fearing in the first place.... negs.... I'm basically asking, how do I raise my vibration. I'm pretty sure my first two chakras are blocked... My third one blocked off in the past before I learned about subconscious reprogramming and used isochronic tones+affirmations to open that one(before I even knew of chakras, I was just trying to build self-esteem). I have a burning passion to awaken my psychic abilities but I'd rather avoid all negs, and if it is inevitable I atleast want to be of high vibration so that it's alot less likely, I wanna learn how to move around, how to summon swords, angels, Jesus Christ, and God himself. But I feel that excess amounts of fear could possibly arise which would lead to y'know what.

I guess the most obvious form of what I am asking here is... How do I raise my vibration to an astral world where negs are unable to raise there awareness to?  How do I defend myself? How do I summon God and/or Christ and  angels? Which ones are ominiprescent, i'd hate to annoy a powerful entity lol... Does astral projection anger God or Christ.. some idiot on the internet said it was occult blah blah blah etc.... I doubt that but regardless, i'd rather stay on the side of the powerful... and loving at that. How do I defend myself?

I'm thinking chakra balancing and cold showers could be useful, however i'm very uninformed on exactly how to open a chakra. I also really need to know how long it would take to open the chakra, and how would I know if it was open so that I know when to move on in my spiritual journey. If you have any additional vibration raising methods please feel free to tell me. I thank you in advance for your answers, I know it was alot of questions ha, but I have a lot of questions, urgent ones at that.

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  • Lol, everybody stay calm wtf... 

  • Well said. :)

  • Thanks, Marianinia!

  • Guys i have a huge question how long does it take to open a chakra? I really need to knwo and when I google all it says is how logn does it take to open the third eye, which i'm interested in, but not without a strong foundation. I can already feel and work energy pretty sensitively, so how long does it take to open these chakras? First and secodn in specefic.

    • If you can channel energy , your chakras are not closed off, though some may be more open-stronger.

      Carol has free videos on each chakra at youtube ...her specialty IS chakra work .... you can ask here, or look to those who specialize in certain facets of spirituality...just my suggestion

      The 3rd eye is another matter, and no one can give you a timeline for exactly when you will see internally... though you likely already do ... and it's more a matter of allowing, being aware..... than manifesting inner vision... yet this too develops-opens at its own pace

      A strong foundation is a wise, natural approach.... before building a skyscraper ..... everyone opens at their own pace ..... it's not like a Toyota assembly line .... as we each have our own potential, ability  and inner knowledge we came in with.

      It's really much like gardening ...... one tends, feeds a plant.. and it grows-blossoms at it's own pace ..... 

      the chakras however respond very quickly if you are not doing stuff that closes them,    I also do ChiGong daily ... and that works with universal energy flow & chakras directly.... however Carol knows more about chakra's & clearing-opening techniques than most anyone I've come across on the web.

  • I only have to think about an angel, or call out with my mind once and they will show?

    • It may not happen at first...  It may take some time for you to believe that it is possible... If that is the case, keep trying until it happens... :))

  • tony you want some actualy REAL helpful advice, go through and read all these peoples comments again, look at how many different ways they all tell you is the only way.

    best advice is dont ask others for advice, read for yourself, learn for yourself, question yourself, leave these others out of it.

    look atwhat they are feeding you already, promises that you are more speical than all the other humans cause you are from another planet, they call this indigo or starseed, and then they really reel you in with promises of eternal life and other stuff to getyou off track. YOUR growth is YOURS no one elses, do whatever you want do whatever you feel, remember that key word though YOU YOU YOU, if you feel like meditating go ahead, dont meditate because someone says it takes you to god, or to another dimension or any other reason, do it because YOU feel you need or want to do it. 

    fro your own post i sense your own urgency at needing to find the truth of it all, and everyone will want you to believe their truth, just find your own, find the one that makes sense to you, and never ever tell anyone else that what you found to be true for you is THE truth, cause its not, its just what works for you

    spiritual growth doesnt happen when someone else gives you the answers

    • Jim, you cast such a dark shadow on the other posts.  I did not read a single post that claimed "This" was the only way.  What I read was people relating what worked for them.  It was their truth.  I didn't read any claims that theirs was the "only" truth.

      I understand your skepticism, and can appreciate it, but I am not sure that it applies or is relevant in this community.  What I do see is that you are spreading fear and suspicion on this web-site.  Tony asked a question, and this community responded in a very supportive way.  I am failing to see the grounds for your accusations or assumptions.

      Are you that fearful of this community? Nobody on this thread was ramming answers down Tony's throat, so I am not sure why you are dissing the rest of us.  It is off-point, not supportive, and not appreciated.

      • also my advice to him was to go within and seek for himself, isnt that what you are commanded to do? to follow your inner guidances? so i gave him the instructions you would give him but im dark because i say it and dont sign "in love and light" at the end of my comments?

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